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Rachel Marie Kang is the author of Let There Be Art and The Matter of Little Losses. A writer of poems, prose, and other pieces, she is founder of The Fallow House and the Social Media & Guest Post Manager for (in)courage. Connect with her at rachelmariekang.com.

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  1. Beautiful words for my soul this morning. Thank you for the reminder that “he sees us for who and how we are”.

    • I’m so glad this words met you, Maura. It’s so good to be seen and loved for who and how we are. Grace to you, as you go about your day : )

  2. Thank you Rachel, for a beautiful reminder of God’s strength available to all of us. May he continue to bless you and Aaro!

  3. Rachel, your words are a balm, and your tender heart, showing itself through each word here is so rare and powerful. Thank you for this beautiful article.

    • Oh, Tash—I’m thankful for your tender heart, sister. So glad these words soothed your heart today. So much love for you.

  4. Mother’s Day will be special for you this year, and yes the word “GIFT” is God’s plan for you. Remember the women on Mother’s Day who have lost a child, or cannot bear a child, or a prodical child. Your post is inspiring, but we need to remember those women who are sad on Mother’s Day.

    • Oh, Connie—yes. We remember those women that find themselves in the tough and tense place of holding pain and loss within their motherhood journeys. I so hear your heart…and have seen this hard reality impact my own family, as well. Grace be yours, as you go about your day and this Mother’s Day weekend.

  5. Thank you for sharing in the greatness of our smallness. Praise God! Praise His Holy Name!

  6. Thank you for this beautiful image, Rachel. The thought of your tiny son holding on while he is also being held blesses my heart today. May I hang on to the Father while I remember He is also holding me today.

    • Melissa, thank you for your words. Yes—He really is holding you in the hollow of his hand. You are covered…you are cradled. Grace to you, sister.

  7. Rachel, thank you for this wonderful reminder of God’s love for us ~ His strength in our weakness.

  8. “But the gospel truth is that there is more to the story than just the way we feel and the way things seem.” I needed that truth about truth this morning Rachel – thank you.

    • Soaking up truth with you today, too, sister. So grateful to know you…thanks for letting my words slip into your heart. (Still sitting on yours, too). All my love.

  9. Thank you, Rachel. Lovely thoughts to ponder! And written for us in a refreshing way. Welcome to our mornings!

  10. Rachel, I used to hate feeling small and insignificant. Now, I finally understand, it’s in my smallness that God does His greatest work. Thank you for this reminder today. ❤️

    • I love that you shared that, Patricia. Living out of smallness requires such a delicate balancing…not puffing up or downplaying out of insecurity, but embracing it as a place and way where God can really shine through. Because he really is *that* good. Blessings, sister, as you embrace your smallness…and his greatness.

  11. Rachel thank you for such beautiful words. Your son Aaro has a beautiful name. Enjoy every moment you have with him. As they grow up far to fast. What a beautiful blessings he is from God. Psalm 127 verse 3 says “Children are a blessing and a gift from the Lord”. I say Amen to that. So they are. I don’t have kids of my own. I was Registered Childminder for 19 years. I love kids not brave enough to give birth. I enjoyed my Niece and Nephews. But I do get insecure. At my Family when with them. As they are not saved. I do pray for their Salvation. Especially when they talk amoung themselves. Especially my two sisters. Forget about me to busy talking among themselves. Then ask me if I am ok every now and then. I say yes for peace sake. They asked me to join them say for walk or go for coffee with them. They get into chat. I feel insure and say to myself what am I doing her. But I do what God has told me do say nothing as row go up. As they are not saved. They think of themselves. They don’t see they are doing what they are doing. Not including me as often as they should. When they invited me to join them. Nothing will change until they get saved God told. So God said for me just to live my life in front of them for Jesus. Pray for them which I do. I do find that hard to do at times. But I do it. I know Jesus is beside me in those moments. Being that friend to me that I need. T Which helps and then I don’t feel as insure. As I have the best friend with me Jesus. I don’t feel as lonely of left out. I love everything you spoke on Rachel. May God bless you in theses writtings for incourage and with your we family. I do pray for you all incourage. I learn so much from the reading. I greatly bless from them. Thank you for them. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little God Bless XXX N.Ireland

    • Dawn, these words you shared almost brought me to tears. Thank you for sharing, for telling your story. God sees you and loves you…and as you continue to look to him, it is his love that will shine through. Even when you feel small, know that your prayers are not. He hears every one, knows your heart, and delights in your desire to see the ones you love saved. Thank you for those kind words of blessing for my son and my family. All my love to you, all the way to North Ireland. Much love…

      • You are very welcome. I wrote what I wrote from my heart with love. Thank you for what you wrote. It made me smile. Do enjoy every day and every moment with your Son. Even his first word will be presious to you. When he get to that age his first drawing. I have ones my Nieces and Nephews have drew me when small now not babies. Keep them all. As they are treasure to remember of you son Aaro. Look back at one day. I love this song for all kids. I taught it even though I couldn’t sing a note in tune to the kids I looked after as a Registered Childminder when I was one. You get it on YouTube. It is “Jesus Loves All The Children Of The World Red And Yellow Black and White”. I thought all the kids in my care that song and to love all kids of Children no matter what skin colour they had. I told them they were all special and that Jesus Loves them. As most of them that I looked after came from none Christian family. Expect a we boy who is big now 12 years old his parents are from the Philippines. He had light brown skin. All the kids I look after loved him. He loved them to. Skin colour didn’t matter to him or the kids. His parents I are still friends today. Even though they live else were now. They called to see me. When visiting Northern Ireland. Which was lovely. So you remember You are a Daughter of the king Jesus. Your son will grow up to son of the king. That is Jesus. How wonderful that is. We are all welcome in God’s wonderful family. No matter what skin colour we are. We are loved by the king of kings. That is wonderful to know. I was so beautifully blessed by what you wrote. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little xxx

        • Amen, sister. Such truth and wisdom—thank you for sharing from the well of your heart. Such grace and such love! Sending it all back your way, too : )

  12. Simply stunning, Rachel. Your words minister truth and hope! “But the gospel truth is that there is more to the story than just the way we feel and the way things seem.” This and every line. I’m over the moon to have you here in the (in)courage living room. We need your voice!

    • That line is the one that I’m sitting on…so glad to be here to encourage…but also to be encouraged. Thankful for YOU, Becky!

  13. What a day, it’s Friday, the weekend of Mother’s Day.

    I wonder if any other female ever feels like they have not achieved all they planned since College. There are many times when our calendars do not match life and certainly don’t match God’s calendar.

    If you are a believer, you are where you are supposed to be for today. When God gets ready to change your plans, He will let you know.

    Smile and help others along their paths of life. We are community and we need one another. God created us to share in one another’s lives.

    Love is an action word! Love never stops encouraging, sharing, helping and serving.

    You are right where you are needed for today.

    Happy Mother’s Day!

    • Brenda—what truth to wrap back around to today…that I am right where I am needed for today. The same is for you, too, dear sister. May we soak up every unplanned moment. God is good…and everyday is a gift. Much love to you.

  14. Rachel I loved your post! Yes, even during those times when we may feel small and insignificant, our Creator sees us and wants to shine through us so we can share His love in the world, especially during these times. Today is my youngest son’s 51st birthday. Happy Mother’s Day to you as you begin the exciting and often challenging journey of motherhood! God will be with you every step of the way. I look forward to more posts from you!

    • Oh, Karen—I’m so thankful for your love and support in this message. It’s always encouraging hearing from moms who are a little further down the road than I am. I hope that celebrations with your son were sweet and that they sustain you until the next time you are together. So glad to be here with you : )

  15. I remember how much God loves me everyday. He gave me the assurance in the most difficult time in my life. I was young in the Lord and living in an abusive situation with 2 small children. I questioned why I was having to go through all of it but I know now it was because He took that experience and turned it for good. I have known how to pray and witness to others. He always sees our gifts to be used. I felt alone and small those 4 years but, knowing He had not left me. I am thankful for your post today. I pray everyone who replied will be blessed. Happy Mother’s Day to all. Looking forward to your next post.

    • Your honest words touched my heart and remind me that our God sees (and loves…and sustains) us in every circumstance. I’m so thankful he never leaves us…that he never left you. And that he never will. So grateful to meet you here. Until next time <33

  16. Welcome Rachel! Thank you for this! I lost my husband 1 1/2 years ago and I am trying to find my purpose and significance. Through it all, I know God is ever present.

    • Sometimes, I feel like experiencing the fellowship of God is the hardest. We can “get it” in our heads that he sees us…but when the truth translates to our hearts, and when we believe that he not only sees us but is present with us…it changes everything. Hoping that truth is a reminder for you today. That he sees you, yes. But is also so, so with you. Thank you for sharing this part of your story. All my love to you.

  17. ‘Feeling inadequate’ wants to be my middle name!!!…lol
    I’m so fortunate to be connected to the God of more than enough.

    Thank you for reminding me.

    • Oh, sister—shalom right back at you…and into all those deepest parts that wish to believe they are inadequate. Can’t wait for the day we can remind each other of this truth in person. So soon. Love you much.

  18. This was beautiful, Rachel!

    Thank you for lifting my wearied heart today! As I type, my body feels small. Not physically, but functionally. I’m feeling the long-hauler effects of COVID a year later… again.

    I know God has my back, but I needed this reminder as I manage my two kiddos with special needs and our youngest (whose activity calendar rivals the President’s) while my husband works long days and nights.

    God is definitely mighty in my smallness.

    Looking forward to more divine inspiration from you via (in)courage!

    • Thanks for welcoming these words, Allison. I’m so glad they helped to lift your head (and I hope they will help lift your head today, too). I know what it feels like to have a body that feels small, too. Broken things, here and there, rendering strength as not enough. I’m so thankful we know a God who sustains. He is so mighty in your smallness. Marvels at you and loves you. Hoping you know that to be true today : )

  19. Rachel,

    Ooh such wisdom packed here. Everyone feels small, insignificant throughout their lives. We feel inadequate to deal with the trials & circumstances of daily living. But God. “He sees us for who and how we are and shines through us with a strength we could never imagine ourselves.” Wow!! The God of the universe looks upon us with a love only a father could bestow. The creator of the universe who left Heaven to come broken Earth wants to come close to me? Hard to fathom. Praising God for His love unto me. Now I’m “holding every feeling of insignificance, insecurity, and inadequacy in faith, knowing that the holy One who once came close to save you is also the One who looks deep within and esteems you.”

    Blessings 🙂

    • Yes, yes—the God of the universe…sees us…is with us. What peace and joy that comes in believing that. Hoping that truth speaks reminders to your soul again today. Much love your way : )

  20. Rachel, this blessed me mightily today. Thank you for writing this, and I thank God for powerfully speaking to my own heart through your own words. Also, I’m so glad to have you in the (in)courage family! Yay us!

    • So, so touched to hear that these words spoke to your heart. Hoping the reminder rings true again, today. And—I’m so happy to be a part of the family, too! Thanks for the wild, wild welcome : )