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Margot Groner, designer and founder, is a morning English Breakfast tea sipper, a plant collector, a comfy clothes wearer, and an advocate of Jesus and rest. She spends her days coloring with her toddler daughter, Auden, ordering in the Starbucks drive-thru line (almond milk mocha), creating fonts and wordsearch books,...

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  1. I am learning that service helps me best in keeping my feet pointed towards Christ. Service like Jesus did helps keep the focus off of me and onto others

  2. I too am trying to start my day “unplugged.” Reading scripture before picking my phone/ipad up. Thank you for the reminder of keeping myself pointed in the right direction.

  3. I have just downloaded a Christian reading app on my phone, so I have something better to read than Facebook. This is in addition to all my favorite (in)courage writers – of course!

  4. Prayer throughout the day in any moment not just a scheduled one. A continuous spectrum.

  5. I love to get up early and open my bible first thing.. Oh the comfort this brings me. Listening to the early birds morning chorus and reading the word is a wonderful way to start the day. When I do not do this my day seems “off”. What a great idea for this book. I would love to use this book with my father who is in a nursing home.

  6. What fun!

    The one non negotiable in my day is coffee and devotional time. It’s often interrupted by my toddler, but it’s the most important part of my day.

  7. I love to start my morning in the Word. BSF Biblestudy, She Reads Truth and InCourage point me in the direction of growth. As I pray throughout the day I can feel the Lord teaching me and encouraging me in my walk with Him.

  8. I am taking time to intentionally focus on seeing, really seeing, Jesus for who He was and what He did. His life was a life of giving, loving, peace, sacrifice, kindness and goodness. Seeing Him as He really is keeps me growing in the right direction.

  9. Good Morning!
    I am truly thankful to have read your devotional today. Recently, I graduated from nursing school and passed my state boards. I’m in my early 50’s (note to self….nursing school + menopause =havoc on one’s sanity) and find myself trying to decide what type of nursing I want to dive into. It feels like I’m starting a part of my younger self over again and I’m having trouble discerning which direction the Lord would have me take. So….I’m praying, reading the Word and asking for input from all of my trusted people. Most importantly, I’m waiting. Hard to do, but in an effort to honor the Lord with my decision, I’m waiting for His sweet voice to show me where He needs me the most. He loves me and has plans for me that I cannot fathom. So, no matter where He leads, as long as He’s with me, it will be an unimaginable blessing.
    Your book sounds like so much fun and I’d be honored to dig into its pages as I am in my “holding pattern” right now. Thank you for offering this opportunity!!

    • Chrissi,

      Let me congratulate you on graduating & passing state boards. Proud & happy for you. It is hard at any age, but at 50+ it can be much harder. I know that you will make a great nurse no matter where you work. ((((((((Hugs))))))))

      Blessings 🙂

  10. I loved this devotional and the analogy of the map and being pointed in the right direction!
    I stay pointed in the right direction By starting my day with God through devotions, prayer, and worship music.
    I’ve been practicing memorizing new scripture and quoting it through the day.
    I’ve also been trying to do prayer walks and circle my prayers through the day.
    I need to unplug more from social media and become more intentional with my days.
    I’m a work in progress because every day doesn’t look this way but every day I will still get up and try To surrender That day to the Lord.

  11. What a brilliant idea for a book! So timely. To engage our minds in a meaningful and inspiring manner during a time when we mostly scroll instead of active and participatory reading.

  12. I just entering the give away. Never win. Can’t afford to many of the resources y’all offer, senior citizen on a fixed income.

  13. I love word searches! What a great idea to incorporate scripture! I start my day with the Lord, in the Word and in prayer. Online Bible studies and (In)Courage help me focus and grow. They have been especially important during this season of isolation. Connecting with sisters in the Lord, praying for each other, I feel like I know y’all.

  14. The first of my day is His and then throughout the day I try to include Him in whatever I’m doing. He loves just being with us in whatever and wherever we are. I see him in the beauty of Hus creation and it draws me to Himself

  15. I find spending a lot of time outdoors where I can focus on God’s amazing creation helps me. Each morning as I walk I praise Him and lift my prayer concerns to Him, sometimes in words, sometimes in tears, often humming a hymn to the tempo of my footsteps.

  16. How I stay pointed in the right direction is every morning before I start my day, I read the daily encouraging devotions, and pray, then I begin to start my day with Him by my side.
    I am excited to learn about this book.

  17. This book sounds wonderful 🙂 I start my day reading the Bible (with a cup of coffee), and ending it recording 5 things I am thankful for.

  18. The phone stays in the living room when I go to bed. I do check it in the morning but only to be sure my children haven’t tried to reach me. I have a morning routine. Open the shade to the porch to greet the day and praise our Creator-check the sky, listen to the birds. Stretches, yoga and/or other exercises follow. I live alone and am retired so I have the ability to take it slow. Then coffee and my readings. And then when the caffeine really kicks in, a crossword and sudoku. So, I love this idea of a spiritual word search. I am trying to be more connected to God and the Word. It is hard not to be distracted but if the fun distractions come n the form of the word search that helps me grow, then that is icing on the cake.

  19. love this… I NEED my meditation time in the morning… to be equipped to out and enjoy and face life… taking Jesus along side. Ever searching and pointing me in the right direction.. oh yes.. sometimes I veer off the track.. but like Siri.. recalculating with Jesus… and getting on the ‘right’ path again!

  20. Before I do anything else, I go in my prayer closet, spend time in the word and pray. I am shut off from an distractions and sometimes I get so lost in my time that I’m in there for an hour or two.

  21. I have learned that being an encourager points me towards Christ. I send “real” cards in the mail as well as make phone calls to family and friends that I don’t see very often. These acts not only benefit those who I am contacting, but they benefit me!

  22. Love this!!! I’ve got a group of young ladies heading off to college. What a better way to send them off for success and gift them with copies of this!!!

  23. Every morning I read a devotional/bible study. Every night, I pray. I always feel closer to God when I do these things

  24. Staying in God’s word is the best way for me! GPS=God’s Protective Scripture!

  25. Love the idea of this book, two of some of my favorite things, devotionals and word search. I try to start the day with devotions and prayer, unfortunately it doesn’t always work but I keep on trying.

  26. Thank you for these stories of encouragement. They have become part of my daily morning devotional time.

  27. I love Jesus and word searches! I need to be more intentional in my focused time with Jesus.

  28. Oh how I LOVE this!! Have the Deep conviction of how important it is pay attention to the direction in which I am growing. I came across the practice of S.O.A.P. scripture observation application and prayer. It’s been a game-changer for me for many years and I never Tire of practicing this when I dive into God’s word. I follow that practice with at least one worship song for the day and end with quiet contemplation and Thanksgiving at night. Someone once shared with me that when we starve the negative and feed what is good and right to ourselves that grows and flourishes. I have found that to be true

  29. I have had to go the extreme of naming every room in my house. Im a bit obsessive about cleanliness and it has definitely distracted me from Jesus. Now that I have named each room, I converse with Jesus about that word. I offer praise, seek clarity and ask for guidance in that area before I move along to the next. Some rooms, for example, are Service/Hospitality (kitchen), rest (bedroom), family (dining), cleansing/ purity (bathroom), etc… it helps me tremendously.

  30. I stay pointed in the right direction by regularly reading my bible in the mornings, and by devotions like these ones. I look forward to these in my email each morning as they help me start my day the right way!

  31. I love this! I start my day with coffee and devotionals and try to end my day with some journaling.

  32. Definitely His Word continues to keep me going the right direction throughout my life! This Word Search book sounds great. I did extra word searches during 2020 when I was dealing with COVID stay-at-home restrictions AND a long recovery from a broken ankle.

  33. During the school year, I teach children in BSF. That keeps me very accountable with my own Bible study since that is a requirement of leadership. I love that built-in accountability. I also use my car rides to pray. Not all of the time but when I think it is needed. I also send out cards of encouragement to pastor and his wife and to those going through various health issues in our church. That really helps me focus on others instead of myself. Accountability has been huge on this side of singlehood and it is built-in through BSF and through my ministry day job.

  34. What a timely devotional and so appropriate! I enjoy my quiet time in the morning, as it is the best way to start my day. I love to do word searches and your book sounds wonderful. Thank you for the chance to win a copy.

  35. This book sounds like something I could really use right now. My husband and I will be married 55 years on June 21, and I just did the hardest thing I have ever done in our marriage by having to put him in a small facility 6 minutes from me. Starting in May 2018, and after numerous trips to three neurological centers the only diagnosis we have is Parkinsonism. Because we have been so involved in our church for years – he as a deacon and me teaching a woman’s study for over 20 years has made it so difficult for both of us. Now I am alone in our home and I thought this word search sounds like something to help me continue to grow closer to the Lord and have fun too!

    God bless you and I really enjoy the daily devotional that comes in my email each day often sharing them with my Bible study and prayer group.

  36. Simple truth that we are so prone to complicate. Becoming rather then producing how freeing!
    Thank you for sharing!

  37. I need this so much. Sounds perfect for me. I am dealing with so much right now with my health, job and personal adjustments…so very stressed. Trying to soak up every drop of God’s goodness.

  38. At the end of my day, after all the busyness is over and I can be still in my bed, I call out to my heavenly father and ask to feel His presence. It’s then in the quietest stillness that I can be there with Him. In the earliest dawn as well, when it’s just me alone, I know I’m not alone and there my heavenly Father is along with my Savior Jesus there in the quiet stillness.

  39. As a new senior, I’m interested in keeping my brain functioning well. Each morning, before I pick up my Bible and devotional, I do a word puzzle on my phone to “jumpstart my engine.” This word search book could be a perfect addition to my morning routine!

  40. I have to ask in prayer for God to continue to lead and guide me. That helps me remember HE is my source of direction.

  41. I love spending time in God’s Word each day! I try to read my Bible in the morning or afternoon time and then read a short devotional at night.

    I would love this book ❤️

  42. It was like you were reading my mind when I read about this book. A constant struggle of feeling torn as to the direction I want to be going and the direction I feel I cave into.
    The struggle is real.
    This book sounds like exactly the guidance I really need in life.
    Thank you

  43. Alot of times I do bible reading in the evening. Often I read my emails in the morning. I do read a daily scripture from Klove I’m sent daily. Reading (in)courage helps me as well in a.m. Word search book looks good to have so I’ll enter to win. I’d do that one for sure. I liked story Margo wrote. I enjoy children’s question when on a trip. When our children were young there were no cell phones or Google maps. “Are we there yet?”

  44. Journaling helps me as I read the Word. As I journal, I find it helpful to ask questions about what the passages say, writing down both the questions and the answers. I also look for verbs, especially verbs that express what GOD is doing and what I should be doing on my path to growing more like Jesus. Writing out a prayer using what I have read in God’s Word is also a helpful practice. Having a prayer and accountability partner and sharing Scripture every day with that special friend also keeps pointing me toward Him.

  45. I think this sounds like fun and what a great way to introduce others to the love of God but with fun!

  46. I have checkpoints throughout the day that include devotionals, journaling, prayer, and bible reading to ensure that I keep my focus on God. I have them in the morning, afternoon, evening, and finally when I go to bed. Spreading them throughout the day helps me to remember what is important in my life and that I need to make the time and prioritize my faith.

  47. I truly must dig into the Word for a continuous reminder that He is faithful. I am also grateful to have friends that encourage me and remind me of my worth. BTW, LOVE the idea for this book!!!

  48. Becoming – what a beautiful word to consider. As a garden grows and develops, it becomes more of the image the gardener had in mind with each bloom, each new leaf and each fresh green bud breaking through the soil. Jesus, to be become more like you each moment, with each breath and every new day. Renewed mercy, amazing grace and hope restored.

  49. Things that are helping me stay pointed in the right direction: 1. Greeting God in the morning when I wake up. Just a hello and a few sentences. 2. Reading his word. 3. Going to church. 4. Discussing a biblical book with a friend – a book study of two. 5. Remembering God throughout the day. 6. Reminding myself of God’s truth throughout the day. 7. Spending time outside. It always let’s my mind relax and wander and rejoice in his creation.

  50. I am participating in the Choose Joy Bible study as a way point my life towards Jesus.

  51. I am trying to stay pointed in the right direction by making some intentional prayer times. I even put a couple of reminders to come up on my phone to remind me to pray.

  52. Each morning, as I open my eyes, I praise & thank the LORD for who HE is and my identity in HIM. I take time to acknowledge
    That HE has given me another day to rejoice, connect, love, obey & follow HIM wholeheartedly. No matter what happens,
    that I can do all things through CHRIST who strengthens me. HE is my source of everything. Prayer is one way for me to remain connected to the LORD.

  53. I’m another one who loves early morning scripture study, Bible memorization (plus review), and prayer–with a steaming mug of coffee. It has become my favorite time of day! And that habit over time has surely kept me pointed in Jesus’ direction more and more consistently.

  54. This is an awesome idea. I like to do something “small” before turning in for the night… one short chapter, one Suduko, one page of coloring…. but a Devotional words each is even better.

    I have an elderly coworker who just went through surgery and won’t be back until August… she could really use one of these.

    Thank you!

  55. My focus right now is Gratitude, Gratitude, Gratitude.

    I find that everything else seems to fall into place when I practice gratitude.

    Thanks for the inspiration:)

  56. My focus is on discipline and self control so I will be obedient to God and His Word.

    Thank you for inspiring me.

  57. Lets soak in His goodness and live a life to reflect His image more and more….Amen

  58. Word search for Scripture and quotes? Yes! Just the thing I need to end my day. Working on being present, whether reading or listening to a devotional, engaging with others or focusing during worship is my goal for staying pointed towards Jesus.

  59. In our daily lives in the 21st Century, this is really hard to do: The more we intentionally focus on Jesus, the more like Him we’ll become. Focus on Him as much as we would focus on any other task we deem to be important.

  60. Since I am now retired, I have to force myself to have some boundaries. Before I sit down to my computer, I do my exercises and prayers. I need a “carrot” at the end to look forward to.

  61. Margot did it again, hit the nail on the head. With her simple but powerful ways to grow in our faith and be more like Jesus. She is a great example of how the Lord works in our lives. Thank you Margot for reminding us to take the time to “become”!

  62. My desire is to grow towards the direction of the Son and become more like Him. After all He is the vine and I am a branch, apart from Him I can do nothing! Studying His Word each morning before checking my phone has been a blessing and my desire to check Facebook has decreased.

  63. I stay pointed in the right direction by keeping the main thing, the main thing…even when I struggle! ❤️❤️

  64. Reading devotionals such as this every morning and my Bible. Praying throughout day to include with each of my patients.

  65. I have always loved word searches! What a great idea! I am trying to grow to be more like Jesus by doing the incourage Courageous joy Bible study and reading several devotions daily to keep my mind in His word. I am trying to find joy in my every day while walking through a hard place.

  66. Margot,

    I love word searches of all kinds. The ways I stay focused on God is 1) Prayer throughout the day. Whenever someone comes to mind I talk to Jesus about them. 2) Listening to Gospel/Christian music all day. Love Enlighten channel on Sirius XM radio. Sometimes I sing along with the songs & others I listen intently at the words. 3) Bible reading/Bible study/Devotionals. On days off you will find me reading In Courage, devotionals, working on Bible Study. Anything I can do to keep me pointed in the right direction. One of my fervent prayers is Change my heart O Lord make me more like you. Less of me & more of you coming forth out of me.

    Blessings 🙂

  67. Each day, no matter how stressful, I find one beautiful thing to photograph..remembering that God loves us all so much ..He provides distractions of beauty to fill our hearts with joy

  68. Years ago, I started waking up before the rest of the house so that I could truly study and spend time quietly with God and in His Word, undistracted. Starting each day with Him, and a good cup of coffee, truly helps set the tone for the rest of my day. Not everyday is grand, but connecting with Him first thing helps my soul breathe a bit better.

  69. I begin my day by reading my Incourage Bible and reading a devotion. Right now I’m working through the Better Together devotions. I write down a Bible verse to reflect on and what I’m grateful for and set an intention for the day as I begin my work. I end my work day with a walk outside when I can, noticing God’s creation. Before bed, I journal about my day with a focus on God sightings. Staying grounded in my faith helps me manage the challenges of working and raising a family while battling multiple myeloma.

  70. Starting my day reading my Bible and devotions points me towards Jesus before anything tries to pull me from Him. Because day in and day out life gets crazy and we get frazzled and if I don’t start my day with Him then I can fall off track with my words and reactions to life.

  71. I love the analogy of the plant growing toward the sun. The plant doesn’t know the reason, it is the instinct to grow toward light.

  72. Love this new little book! Looks like I’ve found my new go-to fun gift for friends and family!

    Daily quiet time in the word is helping me stay pointed in the right direction. Praying post-pandemic life won’t distract me since my margin seems to shrink with each re-opening. Don’t get me wrong – I’m thrilled to return to pseudo-normal – but hoping to retain my faith time through the transition!

  73. Would love a word search book for grown ups providing spiritual guidance along the way. Amazing that you thought of something like this!!!

  74. I put off reading this for too long! The thought of assessing my location to see where I’m headed coincides with my hope when I created Rosewood Day Retreat for Women. The pulls of children, husband and career can exhaust and occupy a woman’s mind so much that she doesn’t know where she is or where she’s going! Spending time in my garden invites God to get me back on His track. That’s my prayer for weary women after my Grand Opening on August 22. How may I read the comments other women submit?