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Kaitlyn is a Virtual Assistant, book launch manager, and storyteller who writes about discovering God's goodness in the ordinary and faithfulness in the difficult. She loves good books, deep conversations, and iced vanilla lattes. Kaitlyn is the author of Even If Not: Living, Loving, and Learning in the in Between.

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  1. I absolutely agree with you, that we should use the gifts God gave us to help others!

    However, I have always given the 3rd servant (the one who buried the talent) some slack, because he says to his master that he was “a harsh man, reaping where you haven’t sown…” & the master agrees with him telling him well if you knew I was evil you should have given my money to a banker to earn interest. And even as the parable ends, the master says to everyone who has -more will be given, and he who does not – even what he has will be taken from him. This story has never sit right with me.

  2. I love this encouragement!!! I’m a bit nervous but more excited about what God will do in/with me as I bury my shovel. Thank you for burying your shovel.

  3. This was such an awesome encouragement this morning…thanks for sharing YOUR gift!

  4. I have a greeting card ministry. It is very time consuming and can be expensive. But it is what I believe I am called to do. I have joy doing it most of the time but God urges me on to keep it up when I want to give it up. I know it is appreciated by my friends at church and those whom I don’t know yet. It was particularly appreciated when we couldn’t attend worship. It keeps me connected to the congregation and that is very valuable. God is good.

    • Sheri,

      Yeah for greeting cards. People-especially the elderly- love getting cards in the mail. It sends the messages that you aren’t forgotten & you are loved. In this pandemic time we need to send more cards tell others just how much they mean to us. You never know how it impacts a person & lifts their spirits. May God continue to bless you & the ministry you have.

      Blessings 🙂

    • That is no small thing, Sheri. I used to manage/host a card exchange for over a hundred women. Over and over I heard how cards arrived at just the right time. Thank you for the thoughtful offering you create for others!

  5. One of my VERY favorite writers speaks the truth again….and brings light and life to the gifts that each of us have been given.

  6. Kaitlyn.

    God gives each of us talents/gifts. We are to use them to further His kingdom. He sees us like a lamp that is put on a stand & gives light to everyone in the house. That is what our talents are to do–shed His light & love to this sin darkened world. If we generously use our talents we just may win some converts over & enlarge His kingdom. Just do your best with the gifts God has entrusted with you & you will hear the immortal words: “Well done thou good & faithful servant. Come & share in my glory.”

    Blessings 🙂

  7. Thank you Kaitlyn. I too relate to the 3rd servant. As I grow in my faith, I also grow in my talents and my boldness is blooming. There are still days when I shiver at the thought of stepping out of my comfort zone, but God gently pushes me forward.
    YAY \0/

  8. “ while trusting He won’t keep me from something that is for my good and His glory.”

    Amen, Kaitlyn! Beautiful words. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Thank you for this beautiful and encouraging perspective, Kaitlyn. This is just what I needed to hear today. I’m also a writer and part of a local mom-blog team. I love words and writing, and I love helping others feel seen and known by vulnerably sharing my perspective. But sometimes I get caught up in how many people have read and “liked” my writing, and I feel like I’m not making enough of an impact. Your words remind me that God gave me these talents for a reason and I should continue to use them, whether I reach one persson or one thousand. Thank you.

    • It’s so easy to be distracted by numbers, isn’t it?! This article is preaching to my own heart, too. One that thing always encourages me: if ten people like your post and that feels “small” … how would you feel it all ten were in your living room? It wouldn’t be small anymore, right? 🙂 Each matters — greatly.

      • Yes! I love this and will keep this perspective going forward. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Amen! Thank you for sharing such encouraging words. Positive thoughts to embrace.

  11. Thank you Kaitlyn.

    Sharing His goodness is an act of obedience and faithfulness.

    In Christ, we are strong and talented to find His blessings of gifts.