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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. I learnt so much from you guys today. One thing I learnt is. I do what I do not for man but on too God. Man might not especially if not saved appreciate it. Might not say thank you that often. I have Dad who is not saved. I do pray for his Salvation. He can’t be told he needs Jesus. As he will not listen. He tell you to keep your thoughts to yourself. I go to my Dad’s to help him out do things for him. He is 80 years old my Dad. I love him to pieces. But at times he annoys me. When I go to help him in home. Do bits and pieces. He doesn’t seem to in my eyes at times care. As he wouldn’t care what bin things go into for recycling etc. Plus other little things. I do so much for him in love on to Jesus and for my Dad because I love him and I Love Jesus. I only have so much time in the day to get the things I do for my Dad done. As I have to too also think of my Husband. As he only gets so much time of for his brakes at work. Like lunch and afternoon brake. So when I do all I do for my Dad and then he can look at me. Says Dawn will you do this as well for me. My Dad know I only during the day have so much time to do what I do for him. You have to bite your tongue to say nothing. As you could sayDad do you not think I do enough for you. Then my Dad would say don’t bother. You know then you upset him. If you did that. He my Dad could end up saying. I not ask you again.So you just end up saying no problem. Then doing what he asked you do for him. But deep down I am mad he asked me to do this extra we job for him. Then I am end up saying to myself I do the essential things for my him that need done. To make his life easier. Why has he asked me to do this extra we bit for him. When them it something that is not that important. You say to yourself but without him hearing you. I have not the time. Then you just find the time to do it for him. Along with all the other things you do for him in love because he your Dad. Plus on to Jesus. God showed me in what you guys said. Dawn don’t grumble. He your Dad. Just be generous and do it in Love for him. What the extra is he ask you to do. You never know your Dad could see your kindness all you do for him and on to Jesus but not show it by saying thank you all the time. As God said to me your Dad one day you will not have him on earth to do things for. But you will look back Dawn and say yes I was glad even though those times were very testing not to say anything to your Dad. Especially when he wants you to extra for him. You really didn’t have the time to do it. But you did. When that day comes he your Dad is not here. You will look back and say. Yes I am glad I did all I did for my Dad even the extra he asked me to do for him in love for him and on to Jesus. Even the extra he asked you to do. You will smile say glad was able to it for my Dad. To show you loved him. God also said at times you might not get the reward of thank you for doing it. But at times you might get it. But you be glad and rejoice. You can do it for your Dad. You never know what a you do for him when alive. He could your Dad really appreciate it. But at times not say it. But I God see all you do for your Dad. If your Dad don’t reward you with saying thank you as often as you like. Smile and be glad you did it for your Dad. So that makes me thank full. That I am doing all I do for my Dad even at times the extra he asked me to do. I say Amen. It now make me not get annoyed. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little xx

  2. I think it comes back to remembering where what I have comes from. No matter what I have, it all comes from Him. I can’t claim it as mine or that I caused it to a blessing of my own accord. My husband reminds me that we are blessed to bless others. So keeping that in mind, I want to have that heart to bless others in whatever way God wants me to. I pray He guides me and my heart is open and ready to be generous with my influence.

  3. Friendship is way more than favors, it’s life together. Wow. That is such a powerful statement. I wrote it down so I won’t forget it.