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  1. In Courage,

    I remember that day well. I was working at university when the first plane hit. I thought huh? Lets get back to work. When the second plane hit we all ran for the TV & then they shut the university down & sent everyone home. I watched it some on tv. It was & still is heart breaking. We question where God is in our chaos. He is in the midst of it with us. His heart breaking along with ours. Nothing that happens to us surprises Him. He walks before us & is omnipotent. Even this pandemic didn’t shock Him. So today & everyday I stop to ask God to comfort those who lost loved ones & thank Him for the courageous people.

    Blessings 🙂

  2. “He goes before us & can be trusted with every detail.” Great words to lean into every day & to share with those that don’t know Him yet. I cannot fathom life without God being our safe place for here & eternity. May He be magnified on this anniversary & every day.

  3. I too want to never forget those who have lost their lives to preserve our liberty. It has always been that someone must die for the rest to live. Christ did that for us so that we can live eternally with God the father. During the American revolution many died to secure a nation not yet born but “conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.”
    Another war was fought to secure states rights and to liberate an enslaved group of people. It was a civil war fought by the north against the south. Sometimes families were torn apart due to differing views.
    Then further down the road of history we became engaged in a war in a country most people had never heard about -Vietnam. Again division in our nation but as before, division in families.
    War and rumors of war have been resounding since the dawn of mankind. This is nothing new in the annals of history. Not to God and not to those who have studied history.
    We cannot change history, nor can we see into the future. What we can and must do is to depend on the Almighty for His grace and mercy. Then we pray for His forgiveness as a nation and as individuals.

    Let us join together as a nation united to honor our history and hope for our future and pray for those among us who may have strayed from the truth. Our God and His truth keep marching on. So let us go on Christian soldiers with the cross of Jesus going on before us.

    With the words of Sir Winston Churchill I also say “Never give in. Never give in.”

  4. I am reminded that God has one Plan A. He’s not surprised when tragedies occur. He doesn’t panic and go into, “What’s Our Plan B?” because He doesn’t have a Plan B. Everything is according to His purpose and plan. We can rest in that, even in the most chaotic, confusing, painful times. And in those times that are joyful because He is our heavenly Father. 9/11, as so many painful times in our world, are days to bring us to our knees dependent upon Him.