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Becky is an author, speaker, Bible teacher, mom of three loud boys, and the Community and Editorial Manager for (in)courage. She loves writing about anxiety, motherhood, and the kindness of God. Long naps, shady trails, and a good book make her really happy.

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  1. Amen! So hard to understand a limitless God with my limited mind but that in itself should drive me to worship. Yet how often am I one of the nine? Thanks for encouraging us to remember the Healer! Blessing to you!

  2. “The man didn’t continue on his way — even to the very task Jesus told him to do; he came back to give God glory and profess his thanks.”

    Wow. Needed that today. Praise Him. Thank you, sister.

  3. Would love copy of Courageous Kindness for the next Bible study. But don’t have the extra money for copy. I am senior citizen on a fixed income. If you can send me a copy I will be forever grateful. Gail Mattox, 2200 Kerwin Rd. #411, University Heights, OH 44118

  4. I was instantly healed of anxiety and agoraphobia in the 1960’s. Satan is strong and knows my weaknesses so occasionally I feel it returning. I have to remind myself that “greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world”. I believe God allows these times to remember what He’s done for us and draw us closer to Him. God bless you

  5. Becky thank you for sharing your heart. About your Anxiety. You are letting people know. You may look ok in the outside but have this thing call Anxiety. That makes your heart and your thinking go at what I call fast. You are still lovely no matter what. God loves you no matter what. God will help you deal with an anxiety things that come up in your life. That you can cope. You remember you are Daughter of the King and that King is Jesus. It is like me with my learning disabilities. I see the world in a different way to people who have no problems like mine. There are things I can’t cope with. That they can cope with. But God said to me. Dawn you may to a person who has not got this. Look ok in the outside. But your mind works differently to there’s. But you are special to me. You have loads of good quality. That make you you. That they don’t. Why would you want to try and change. I love you just the way you are. You are special to me. Just like you Becky with your Anxiety. So I got that but a long time ago. I could not cope with having this disability. The way I see the world different to people who say they are normal. One thing I like is things to stay the same. Like if I go into a favourite shop. Or to do my grocery shopping. I like things to stay the same. If the shops change things or do things differently. That throws me. I can’t cope with it. Until I get used to the change in the shop. If I do. If I know I not get used to it. I not shop in that shop anymore. Only when I really have too. That is how my disability affects me. You know how your Anxiety affects you and how to cope with it. With the help of God by outsides we can deal with theses things. God gives us the strength to deal wit them and cope get through them. Sure we’re would we be without God. So when people understand us and with Gods help. It make the world a whole lot nicer for us. People then don’t think odd things about us. They are more understanding and helpful towards us. As I don’t hide I have learning disabilities. I tell people to so as they understand stand me better and why different thing that don’t affect them affect me. So they know we’re I am coming from how my world works. God is healing me to not let the things in this world that I can’t cope with get to me so easily. So I am Glad to have God. Thank full to him for sending you guys across my path through the readings. Especially the way you share about your lives and the honesty about them. As this helps me too. Thank you so much. In my prayers. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little Enniskillen. Co.Fermanagh N.Ireland. Xx

      • I just spoke what was on my heart in love. You remember you are beautiful person. No matter what. Yes it did take me a long time only to know my disabilities still don’t change me as person. As I got it into people are not going to like me. Our want to know me because of it. My Salvation Army Offer said Dawn don’t worry what people think. If they are truly believe saved. They will like you no matter what disabilities you have. They will see beyond that. Love you like Jesus does. Then she my Salvation Army Offer said Dawn go on line look up the “Father’s Love Letter” on YouTube. You do the same. Type in on YouTube. The words “The Father’s Love Letter”. It will tell you what God thinks about you. That is all that matters. I did that it help me so much. Along with my Salvation Army Offer praying for me too. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little no need to reply back xx

  6. Boy, does this hit home. Recently my grown son was very sick with a heart problem. Our family was praying for him all the time. I had been praying for a problem of my own too, besides my son. I feared for my sons life and I gave up the prayer for me if God would heal my son. God did heal my son. I was and am so very thankful but my problem is still very real to me. I don’t want to go back on my word to God and ask for help for my problem. I feel like I made a deal with God, if he healed my son He needn’t be concerned with my problem. Logically I know God doesn’t make deals but it concerns me. I still feel the need to pray for myself. I feel guilty somehow but my problem is serious to me and it’s not improving. Help!

    • Oh, Linda. You’re right, God doesn’t make deals. His goodness and love are not scarce. His power is not limited. I’m so grateful to hear that He answered your prayers for your son! Praise Him! But that in no way means that God is not able or willing to hear your cries. He is concerned about you too, Linda! Confess your needs. Cry out to your loving Heavenly Father. He cares for you. Praying you feel His presence and care today.

  7. I am Bipolar so my anxiety seems to come whenever it feels like it. I have been hospitalized for it and attempted suicide in the past. Since I have multiple health problems I always seem to pray for total healing and not just one thing. The Lord has healed me of different things, but my “Thank yous” are not what they should be. There seems to be so much to pray for that the “Thank yous” get left out. I need to change that. Thank you for an awesome blog for today!

  8. Becky,

    When I feel down or depressed I make a thankful journal. Writing down everything I am thankful for from Home in Heaven down to paper clips and everything in between. Also include the times He got me out of trials/tribulations. Like the time my dad was healed from geriatric psych & given 1 more year to live. Doing that helps remind myself of God’s continuous care for me & my family. The biggest thing I/we need to remember is God’s timing isn’t our own. He will answer our prayers with a “yes” “no” or “maybe”. Just be persistent in your prayers & trusting His perfect timing.

    Blessings 🙂

  9. I am also a living witness how we forget to come back to the Healer, the great physician and say thank you. I had a shoulder pain for a long time and I almost lived with it. Saw several doctors, took different kinds of medicines etc etc. I also pleaded to my Lord and Saviour to heal me. Almost a year ago the pain was gone and I completely forgot about it, and it is no more there. I am completely healed. Sadly I didn’t return to my Healer to come back and say thank you!!! I praise my God always for His grace and mercy, for all His love and kindness BUT not for this particular shoulder pain of which I am completely heald. Right now I am praying for another physical healing. BUT this time when l am healed I will be like the one out of the nine who returned to thank his God. Praise be to Him for ever and ever.