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Grace P. Cho is a Korean American writer, poet, and speaker. She believes telling our stories can change the world, and desires to elevate women of color’s voices in the publishing industry. Learn more at @gracepcho and gracepcho.com.

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(in)side DaySpring:
things we love
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  1. I’m one of those whose love language is feeding people. This connection to observing Communion has given me new insight. Thank you for sharing! May all my casseroles be a bridge of nourishment to the soul not just the body. Blessings to you!

  2. I grew up in a family where food was the answer to almost everything. And there was comfort food- pastina (tiny baby star shaped pasta) and butter. I never thought of communion as that but it makes perfect sense. What better way to comfort our souls.

  3. This resonates with me, having eaten jook growing up too. Feeding people is also one of my love languages, so thank you for sharing your story and also making me feel seen and known.

  4. I recognize the way food can make us feel better. We don’t have Jook but my family does have a comfort food that always makes us feel better. We call it ABC soup – It’s Lipton’s chicken soup with ABC pasta added to make a tasty thick soup. It warms the soul – I had it as a child and now I make it for my grandkids….Jesus also feeds the soul…thank you for your inspiration.

  5. Very eloquently put Grace!
    Thank you for writing & sharing this great message so beautifully!

  6. This makes me want to cry and yet I feel cared for all at once. Have you eaten? Not an indictment but an invitation. Yes. And I suddenly had the memory of my mom making me split pea soup on nights when I was too tired or too overwhelmed to know what I wanted or needed. She would tear bits of munster cheese and let it melt on top of the hot soup. A simple grilled cheese sandwhich on the side. Comfort and nourishment reaching my stomach and soul. Yes, feeding is the way of Jesus. Thank you, freind, for this reminder.

  7. I resonated so deeply with your story as my mom often made Chinese rice porridge (congee, which is similar to jook) when I was sick. It brought so much warmth and comfort. Thank you for connecting this wonderful aspect of your cultural heritage to help deepen my understanding of true communion with Christ.

  8. Made me think of Corn Meal Mush my Mom would make on cold mornings. These warm comforting foods.

    God bless you for this wonderful post. Let me in tears.

  9. Dear friend, thank you so much for this reminder to do the practical thing n just offer a meal to my rebellious 18 year old. My heart is frequently hardened towards her by refusing to just cook in love something she appreciates. Thank you n may God bless you

  10. Grace,

    Food is my love language. I enjoy cooking & helping people out. When I hear of medical issues for you or family my immediate response is to gather together some food. I made homemade chicken pot pie & bread for my pastor & his wife when they were about to move her mom to TN from WV (5 hr. drive one way). Its my way of expressing love & encouragement to you. You’ve given me a new perspective on communion. You’ve given me a new perspective on communion. Never thought about it as God’s expression of love for us. Him asking us “have you eaten”? Going to love on a co-worker/friend this coming week. She is dealing with possibly losing her brother & dad at same time. Breaks my heart.

    Blessings 🙂