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  1. Hello Ladies it’s me Dawn from the other side of the world. In a we place called Enniskillen Co.Fermanagh N.Ireland. Thanks again for sharing your hearts on kindness. One thing that comes to mind to me in all the stories you shared. Was that when we do acts of kindness. We are not only showing kindness to the person we are being kind to. But really we are showing it to Jesus as well and doing the kindness on to Jesus as well. That is so good to know. Jesus I believe smiles down at us doing the act of kindness we do. No matter what it is. As I share this story. There is a young Lady. Who I know that sometimes get it into her head only some people like her. She is saved. People also don’t want to talk her or even know her. One day she had been to the shop for her Mum. She called my name as that day our paths crossed. I was walking my Dad’s dog. When she was going back to her Mum with some shopping she had done for her Mum. I said Hello to her and chatted her for a brief few minutes. Not that long. As had to get the dog back to my Dad’s. As I had tiding to do for my Dad. To help him. My Dad is 80. Not saved. But very good for his age. I pray for my Dad’s salvation. So this young lady. Was so pleased I stopped and chatted to her even if was not that long. Because I had to get my Dad’s do by to my Dad’s and start the tidying for him. As not many people would chat to her or give her the time. It pleased her I gave her the time. Didn’t make her feel how she feels other make her feel. Not want to talk to her or give her the time of day. I done what Jesus would want me to do that is show kindness to her. I was also showing her the love of Jesus. I know God will bless me for chatting to her and giving her time. When you get to know her she is just lovely. I told her I keep her in my prayers. Which I do. She not have many friends. If any. But I was a friend to her that by showing her kindness. Not making her feel I am like everyone or mostly everyone. Then walk away from her. Not want to talk to her. It reminds me of kids song I learnt at Sunday School. It is “Jesus hands were kind hands doing good to all” So me doing what I did and chatted the young lady that thinks no one likes her. I was being the hands and feet of Jesus to the young lady that day. Showing her that I don’t have anything against her. Making her feel needed. I know Jesus was smiling down on me for doing that. When the rest of the world might not want to know her and just walked away saved or not saved. I told her Jesus loves her and it doesn’t matter what people think. Only things that matters is what Jesus thinks or says about her. How true that is for all of us. Thank you for again sharing your heart and thoughts as you did today. Love it so much. Keeping you all incourage in my prayers. Love Dawn xx

    • Dawn, yes, isn’t it amazing how just seeing the person in front of us and sharing the kindness of our attention and a little bit of time can be so meaningful to someone who is lonely and hurting? Thanks so much for reading today and sharing your story with us.

  2. In Courage,

    My dad was living in assisted living from 2014-2017. Back in 2015 my aging dad’s dementia got worse. It went all the way to geriatric psych with him putting his fist to my face-just touching it no actual punches. I remember yelling for an RN to come help me. They gave him some meds & we put him on hospice. Shortly after that he was moved to Alzheimer’s unit (lockdown). The next day he went “nuts” & we took him to hospital. They ended up putting him in gero psych unit. I was scared & nervous. My church people were there to pray with me. God healed him after 1 month & we found a new assisted living closer to my house. Two years later he “loses” it again-I think he had a mini stroke. Back to gero psych we go. This time though he died in the hospital. Again my church family & some workers from new assisted living were there for me. They comforted me. My pastor saw the look on my face one Sunday & gave me a big hug.

    Women of Courageous kindness just do things for others. It doesn’t matter what the task-they just show up & say here I am use me. My pastor’s wife comes to mind as a courageously kind woman. She makes sour dough bread for anniversaries & birthdays. She & her husband volunteer 5 nights a week at Loaves & Fishes food bank. For years she volunteered with Relay for Life (cancer)–she herself had breast cancer. I try to emulate her. When I heard a co-worker was dealing with her dad’s cancer & her brother’s Covid pneumonia I went to work cooking for her. Had food for lunch one day & then got more food & made a loaf of bread. I would do anything for people just to show I care & make God’s light visible in this world.

    Blessings 🙂