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Mary is a writer and speaker who lives for good books, spicy queso, and television marathons – but lives because of God’s grace. She writes about giving up on perfect and finding truth in unexpected places at MaryCarver.com. Mary and her husband live in Kansas City with their two daughters.

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  1. Thank you. With all going on in this world, I often can’t define my emotional reactions. Am I angry or deeply sad. Knowing I’m not the only one helps. Blessings

  2. I am so appreciative of this thoughtful post. I have been overwhelmed and anguished by an angry and divided world that swirls around me. I am often overcome by what I see as callous indifference and raw injustice. So what does one do? I have noticed as well that my anger has turned into a deep grief that I have been experiencing for several years. My emotions flare with anger, and then turn into heavy sadness. I love that you used Psalm 34:18 and inserted not only “broken-hearted” but also an array of human emotions. You reminded me that He is with me in all things, at all times, in every situation. I am created to by a loving God who knows how I feel, and who abides in me even in my anger and sadness. I know that I can turn to Him as He guides me toward wisdom, gentleness, constructive actions, and peace in my heart.

  3. Thank you for your post. Anger is the result of hurts buried deep and unexpressed grief from losses we sometimes can’t even put a finger on. And it is very isolating when you are the only one who admits to seeing the elephant in the room. It is difficult to have strong feels that are so different than the norm. But I do believe God places those feelings in our hearts and we have to be brave and strong to put them into positive action. Thank you for being brave and strong.

  4. I get it. I think at least for me, on top of it all, is this feeling of exhaustion when yet another incident, another injustice happens. There is so much going on in my brain and HEART after reading this. When will we remember we are ALL God’s children and deserved to be treated as such no matter what.

  5. Happy Friday Mary. Your message was so right on. With all that is happening in our country, it’s so easy to feel overwhelmed, but God calls us to be a light in a dark world, and the wisdom to respond when we see injustice and to speak the truth in love.
    God bless you. (FYI: I to live in KC. Go CHIEF’S

  6. Thank you for this message. I feel like I am always angry and I just don’t want to feel that way no more. No one around me even realizes why I am angry and yet I remain angry. I just want to feel at peace and not overwhelm myself with things I can’t control. I am so easily sensitive to everything and feel I am not able to communicate that out publicly so my anger jumps in. I need to let it go and work on me and finding what brings me joy.

    • It’s hard. I’ve been really mad for a long time. I hope you find some encouragement remembering that God created us (these humans with our human emotions!) and is with us, no matter how we feel.

    • Maylee- anger is there to tells us something. Try sitting with your anger, the next time you start to feel angry take a few breaths and think about what is triggering that anger. We should never stuff our emotions as they are there to help us learn and grow. While we should not mindlessly react to our anger we should try to take action to understand it better. Give yourself a bit of encouragement and explore your feelings, God put them there for a reason.

  7. Mary why do people be racist. It does get to me. I think of people in Hospital. If not we’ll. They don’t care what colour skin the Doctor or Nurse
    is as as long as they make them well. So why would such people be racist. To other people say the nasty things they do some of them. Things like this and words can hurt. We are all God Children saved or not saved. Especially if saved we should all know how to be like Jesus. Like the song I was taught at School School when small It sticks in my head. It is “Jesus Loves All The Children Of The World Red And Yellow Black And White.” How true that is we are to do the same. But the unsaved world don’t care some of them. They are only out to please themselves. They as God showed me. Will not change until they get saved. Some are kind even if not saved. But those that are not. Don’t care what they say with their words. They focus on doing what pleases them. But as another kids song says it is so True too. It is “Be careful little eyes what you see then it go on in other verses of the song to say be careful little mouth then ears what you hear and hands what you do. As there is Father up above who is watching.” How true both those songs are. You get them on YouTube both songs. God see everything we do and if saved we are to love people of walks of life. No matter what skin colour they have. As they are all Loved my God. Things like this get to me. When you hear on the news people being nasty to them that have a different sink colour to them. Some even get their cars burnt out. Other a brick through their window. With a note on it. That not nice. They are only trying to live their lives in peace. We don’t know if not born in out country were we live. Why they left the country they were born. So we should stop and think I could be like them and want out of the country they were born. For a better life for themselves and their families. As we probably don’t know that half of all that is going one in their country they were born in to make them want out. We should thank God it not us living in the country they wanted out from. From the things that going on their to make them want a better life for themselves and their families. If we were them we probably want out to. Like Afghanistan we over here as followers of Jesus in Northern Ireland have been praying for them. It would break your heart all that goes on there. They are just wanting to live a life were there is peace and have a job to put food on the table for their family. Care for them. Not live scared. Wondering if they will be ok. That is not nice. They must be scared. Wouldn’t we be if we were in their shoes. It sad. Jesus walked on earth and showed love to all people and Children. Plus went to Cross and died to show he cared. Why do people have to racis or horrible. They are human being with feeling. Words do hurt. The things that people do. That don’t care. So we have to be especially if saved pray to God for the eyed of people that are not nice like this will see what they are doing is not nice. Plus pray for the people they are hurting. Being not nice too. That God will change them. Make them repent for their wrong. Would they like a member of their own family treated like this. I know they say no. They be cross if it even happened to them. So we have to Pray God will make them see what they are doing is not nice. For them to change. I pray this way. One day we have ice cream shop. In Enniskillen were I live one day it was a Saturday. My two sisters asked me to join. For coffee. You can get coffee at this ice cream shop. Then when we were sitting outside. I saw this most lovely family. Mother Daughter and her Son. Getting ice cream. From this ice cream shop. They had brown skin. They were beautiful. I said quitely to myself and to God. As my Sister’s not saved. Thank you for them they are just beautiful. You could see the love the Mother had for her kids and kids for their Mum. They were treated so kindly in the ice cream shop. They seemed so happy to living in Enniskillen. I didn’t know them. I was not talking to them. I remember quitely saying God thank you for them and the love that Mother has for her kids. That they can live safely in Enniskillen. Why can’t everyone be like that be nice to people no matter what skin colour they have. That they can feel safe no matter what part of the world they live in. I know in my heart God heard me. As it is just as easy if not earlier to be kind to people of all walks of life no matter what skin colour they have or we have. That the way God meant the world to be. Thank you Mary for what you shared thank you. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little Enniskillen Co.Fermanagh N.Ireland xx

  8. So sorry I should have said skin colour not sink please please please forgive my typing error. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little xx

  9. Mary,

    I, too, am a sensitive person & get upset easily. Lately I’ve felt like life isn’t worth living anymore. Probably a combination of work stressors for both me & hubby (both work in hospitals for same chain) & lack of sleep. Add to that my hubby dislikes his job a lot(CT). Can’t stand to go in & out of ER for 12 hrs. straight. My belief is that I’m tired of all the disunity & unGodly stuff going on in our world today. Want to go back to a simpler, more Christian way of life.

    Blessings 🙂

    • Hey Beth. I am so sorry to hear that you’re feeling so discouraged. It sounds like you’re carrying so much right now! While I can’t solve any of those problems for you, I am praying for you right now—asking God to make His presence felt in your life, on a daily basis, to give you strength and peace while you face these challenges. I’m asking Him to take your burdens and replace them with His love and light, to open your eyes to the good things He has for you, right here and now, even in the midst of pain. I’m asking God to show you how precious you are to Him and how much wonder and joy He still has for you here. Sending you much love, Beth. You’re not alone.

  10. Anger can be a defense against sadness and both as well as all emotions are shamed in our society. This mounts up in repression and gets explosive so we act out in rage. Stop feeling guilty for being human and having feelings.