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Grace P. Cho is a Korean American writer, poet, and speaker. She believes telling our stories can change the world, and desires to elevate women of color’s voices in the publishing industry. Learn more at @gracepcho and gracepcho.com.

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(in)side DaySpring:
things we love
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  1. Last week I was texted urgent prayer requests for a hearing over land a small church is fighting, a friend’s brother being rushed to the ER after being hit my a car, a complicated surgery to separate conjoined twins, seriously hurt feelings between brothers & sisters & then the call came that my dad-in-law was on his way to the ER after falling out of bed & spending hours trying to reach his phone for help. So many needs, way too heavy to carry on my own. BUT GOD. But God invited us/me to pray trusting the Hearer of my pleas to attend each one. It is a joy to boldly approach God for others’ & my own needs & wants. And even better knowing He will only give what is best. No good enough & it’ll do but what is best!

  2. Many times it’s the little things that the Holy Spirit drops into our hearts that bring joy— a clear starry night, a phone call from my children, and the assurance that God is always right here, holding my hand. And old gospel songs— singing about heaven and Gods faithfulness always plants joy deep in my heart!

  3. This post speaks to my heart. It’s right where I’m at. Thank you for sharing the hope and joy that is in Jesus. Seeking Him more diligently is the only way to experience joy in difficult times.
    Thank you!

  4. You know what. Joy is a beautiful word. When we in our lives face so much. Some people more than others. It could be loos of Job being told your not well. Money worries. The list goes on. It reminds of that scripture verse. I can’t remember we’re it is in the Bible. “The Joy Of The Lord Is My Strength” How true that is for all us especially if we are saved. Going through a hard time. God’s Joy is there. He gives us the strength to be able to cope. Joy and strength to go on. No matter how hard it is. What we are going through. We just need to give it to God in prayer. Try to keep smiling. Yes that can be hard. Like the kids song “I got the Joy Joy Joy of the Lord down in my heart. Where down heart down in my heart to stay” how true that kids song is for us as Adults too. You get it on YouTube. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little xx in my prayers all incourage.

  5. ” I can live life on auto-pilot, and no one would know I’m struggling — not even me.

    But laughter breaks me from the trance of survival.”

    Yes. All of this. Thank you for putting words to your tender and hard and hope-filled experience which so many of us hear echoes of our own reality in. Love you, friend. Grateful for you.

  6. Praise God he IS here in the complicated mess that is our world–with his comfort, joy, and more. I can’t imagine dealing with the mess without him!

  7. Grace,

    Thanks for writing this. Many people will benefit from your words of wisdom. These days life is harder than ever. Not only do we have to continue our busy daily routines-we must contend with a pandemic that isn’t going away soon. This makes our lives harder. Most of us are isolating at home again & perhaps not able to do church in person anymore. That makes for more stress-especially during the holidays. Some things to help alleviate stress include counting your blessings-see how God has blessed you & gotten you through trials before. Exercise of any kind & taking warm baths or showers can help also. The best & most important thing we can do is seek Jesus. Cry out to Abba Father & Him of your struggles. He knows your needs & has great plans to prosper you. During this trying time seek God with ALL your heart, mind & soul.

    Blessings 🙂

  8. Joy ! Some days I struggle to find it as like you said the last couple years have been rough. Just losing my mom end of September has left me lost . However, my God never ceases to show His love and show me hope in sometimes little doses and sometimes a big serving through out the year. For that I am grateful! The things that bring me joy is the peace of Christ , watching my grandchildren faces and their excitement about life! Sharing hope with someone who has lost a child, just being an ear ! Being ready and open to see how God can use me in the New Year to glorify His name!