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Aarti is a television personality, chef, cookbook author, news + documentary producer, third-culture kid, and chaser of the polyglot palate. She's fascinated by the fact that Jesus knew how to cook and spends way too long imagining what's going to be on the table at the heavenly feast. She's married...

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  1. I am challenged by your words this am! So content to pursue only temporary peace on the earthy plane I ignore the greater heavenly peace that lasts on the eternal plane. If we were all pursuing the Prince of Peace the earthly plane would be more peaceful in some areas & worth the battle where it isn’t peaceful at the moment. Thanks for your encouragement & challenge to me this am!

  2. Wow, this is amazing. So much to think about. I need to take stock at my behavior and see which category I fall into- maybe a little of both. I do know with certain topics of discussion I do walk away rather than engage with someone using the excuse that it is futile to get into a discussion.

  3. Amen! I think one of the big challenges is to temper those conversations with love. Thanks for a timely needed reminder! I definitely want to be a peacemaker.

    Something to be in prayer about for sure

  4. I was invited to a movie night with my Life Group. They chose the movie “The Shack.” I debated back and forth about saying how I believe that this is not a God honoring movie, because God I’d depicted by a woman. I might just have opened a “can of worms here,” but with all the new age stuff in the church, God as a woman? Thankfully, the event was canceled due to the COVID statistics. I am still unsure of how to relate on this.

  5. Peacemaking vs peacekeeping….I have never even thought of the difference! Thanks for giving me a new, EXCELLENT, perspective today!

  6. These words come at just the right time as we are navigating something difficult with one of my daughters who experienced a racist comment at school. I was just saying yesterday that she has the heart of a peaceMAKER. I love the way you highlighted this same nuance. Taking your call to courage with us today as we face another school day and meetings on this issue. Grateful for the timing of your piece.

  7. Wow! This was so very enlightening to me. I have always seen myself as a “peacemaker” when in reality, I’m a peacekeeper. Thank you for showing me the difference. This is a gamechanger. What a challenge. Thank you again.

  8. Wow. This is so relevant and so pertinent. The Biblical truth paired with your insight is a beautiful reminder that it’s not okay for us to idly stand by. I often feel like when we are supposed to choose love, we often mistake that as silence.

    Thank you Aarti

  9. Well said. I pray that God grants me the discernment to speak up and speak out when needed. The wisdom to be quiet as a peacemaker and peacekeeper. Thank you for sharing this. My soul needed this.

  10. PREACH, my friend! Yes!! If Jesus could love fully, extend grace lavishly and speak the truth, by His power, we can too. I’m ready to trip and stumble through it with you.

  11. Thank you for the insight into the difference between peacemaking and peacekeeping. The first seems active while the second is passive and I will be pondering this and try try to be more active in bringing peace.

  12. Ugh. I talk soooooo much junk. I don’t think I’d actually stand up to anyone unless it was for my kids. I’m a “keep your head down” person through and through.

  13. This is “fresh manna” for me, insight I hadn’t seen before. Thank you! Peacemaking definitely corresponds with our calling as Soldiers of Jesus in the Eternal War against our Enemy! Soldiers fight to ultimately bring Peace.

  14. Just love this! Praying the grace and mercy of God will give us all strength to be peacemakers.

  15. Aarti, your words are always an inspiration to me. I have always loved seeing you at work, but I love it even more reading words from your heart about our Jesus. God bless and keep you dear Aarti.

  16. Excellent perspective!

    I’ve recently been terribly hurt by people that I trusted. What was yelled at me during my continuing recovery from a terrible accident, when I have needed emotional support the most, continues to steal my peace & joy.

    They are my neighbors, two doors down, who have always been supportive of me in the past. How can I continue to be friends with them or trust them when what was yelled to me spoke what I believe to be their true feelings about & view of me, & has caused me to question my value?

    I was not given a moment to defend myself & I continue to desire to do so in a strong way. However, I have chosen to act as if they never yelled those terrible things at me & to go out of my way to love them without responding in kind.

    They said that they were saying & doing those things because they love me, but it was not love. Love does not seek to completely destroy another person verbally in the name of love.

    I continue to wrestle with how to deal with this situation & pray that God will work through me in spite of the circumstances or because of the circumstances.

    • I’m sorry to hear that those who chose what they may call “tough love” did it ill advised. Sometimes people want others to get better for their benefit. They miss what was! Sometimes people want credit for that person’s recovery. So they can tell the story! I understand the loss of trust. It is hard to shake, so you must trust yourself to recover from the hurt, to BE the friend you want to be to them and others without fear of being hurt again. Blessing!

  17. Thank you for your courage to live in such a way that evidently stands out to others! You shine! I’m not sure any of us do “peacemaking” well every time, but it’s a humbling and lifelong journey of learning, sharing, forgiveness, and reconciliation.

  18. This is exactly how I feel (except some of the words were more elequint for my lingo ! Can I share this. I feel like being more bold myself. And Aarti you hit the nail on the head. I am in agreement with all of what you said. And it especially rings true in the last 2 years where I feel such divide in our belief systems in this country…. And the world. Thank you so much for this. You are a beautiful writer ❤️❤️️!!

  19. So much yes!! We must do the dang thing and speak up when we know we should…. Even if it could cost us. I feel I have done this in fits and starts, and sometimes without the hefty dose of love that was a necessary part of the equation. Finding that balance of speaking up, doing it with love, knowing what is true and showing grace to those we are entering into conflict with is going to take practice. It is a very tall order.

  20. Beautiful- we are the salt and light – being peaceful and being a peacemaker are such different things that I use to confuse . Thank you for taking time to do this .
    Shalom and L’Chaim

  21. Thank you! I needed that encouragement as I struggle with confronting real issues and being a peacemaker! Being a peacemaker not a peacekeeper is my answer!!

  22. Far too often we think it’s the mature thing to do when we “rise above” the fray, yet Jesus fought for us and we should fight for each other to know “the truth” of a thing, to correct that which will bring others closer to Jesus, to bring those we love into wholeness. We are called to correct, sometimes with a rebuke, but mostly in gentleness because we too are subject to missing the mark. We must be willing to lose a friend to gain our sister, our brother for the kingdom of God sake. One friend turns another. Your voice travels from one person to another and so on, let that voice be for the good of all!

  23. Aarti,

    Such powerful words. You give me so much to think about. I am guilty of keeping my mouth shut. Mostly because I don’t now enough about the situation. There are times I want to just open up & spew out truth. Have the hard conversations, maybe make some made, but in the end make them think & hopefully bring Jesus to them.

    Blessings 🙂