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Karina Allen is devoted to helping women live out their unique calling and building authentic community through the practical application of Scripture in an approachable, winsome manner.

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  1. Amen! May we all “show up” and support each other. Lord, remind us again and again that You never intended for us to go through this life alone and help us to always look for ways to bless our brothers and sisters in Christ. Thanks Karina for this encouragement!

  2. Very well said!!! Yes, we were created for fellowship–with each other as Christians and with God as our Father through Christ Jesus. Staying in a Bible believing church is so essential for each of us and for one another!

  3. Yet again the words you’ve shared speak to my heart in perfect timing. My Dad-in-love went to Jesus last Tues & the family is together for worship & burial today. We each cope with grief individually and one of the nephews is having a really hard time. God gave me the opportunity to be his cheerleader that it is perfectly ok that he not view the body. His response to me warmed my soul that that interaction was a God thing thru & thru.

    • Ruth,

      So sorry for your FIL’s passing. May God give you all peace & comfort for your souls. Asking God to put His loving arms around each of you & give you a tight hug.


    • Ruth, I’m so sorry for your loss. But, praise God for His grace and open doors in moments like these. Praying His supernatural love and comfort overwhelms all of you today!

      • Thanks for the prayers. Papa was a faithful servant of our Lord & lost his wife 2 years ago. He had the attitude he would serve well until his own big day. At 91 he blessed us & others for a long time. We miss him but we just can’t be sad knowing he’s with Jesus!

  4. Karina, such a wonderful message and really needed at this time. Thanks for being a cheerleader for the body of Christ.

  5. Thank you for this reminder! We are called to love and we should make the effort to go the distance for those we so claim to love/care about. I don’t mind sharing my life with others and I try my best to show up as needed. I know it scares others when I go above and beyond. Not sure why. At times they feel I must not have any friends cause I am giving of my times. We shouldn’t think like this though nor should this deter us from loving on everyone. For me I feel that if we share and are vulnerable with each other, this is the true meaning of friendship. With all this social media craze of pretending to be perfect, living your best fake lives, it’s no wonder we are scared when others show up. Let’s continue to love and show up for each other.

  6. Amen true encouragement helps out all our sisters. Phrases like I’m here for you and I believe in you matter so much. Phrases like it’s ok, buck up and smile through it say you don’t understand the pain I’m going through and hurts more. Hugs work wonders. Knowing someone is there for us.

  7. Amen and thank you for your words and sharing God’s word. Such encouragement! Such gratitude! Such mercy! Such peace!

  8. I will never forget one of my college mom’s, Mrs. W, who drove 3 hours to come to my mom’s Homegoing Service, for me. She knew I would need a mom.

  9. Very motivating and timely words!

    For me it has been a struggle to be a good cheerleader through the pandemic, but I am being intentional now in making up for lost time and moving forward determined to reach out and be there for others more effectively this year!

  10. Karina,

    I am a natural encourager. Love being there for others, cheering them on, praying or cooking for them. When my pastor’s wife’s mom was being moved down here I immediately made a chicken pot pie & cranberry orange bread for them. My way of alleviating their burdens some. A few years ago a friend & I were in the throes of aging parents. I called her one day to check on her & both her dad & step dad were in hospital. I decided to go to KFC & get some chicken for her. At same time we were getting some chicken for my neighbor who had lost a son.

    I work as a clerical in a Covid unit. We have an angel wall outside our cafeteria. I wrote a note to thank the housekeeper who would come in here with a smile on her face & clean each room-no complaining. Also thanked the men who came in & buffed our floors. My way of acknowledging good, hard work. Also wanted to make them smile!

    Blessings 🙂