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At (in)courage, we empower women to be like Jesus. Our writers share what’s going on in their life and how God’s right in the middle of it. They bring their joys & struggles so that you can feel less alone and be empowered by the hope Jesus gives.

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  1. Thank you. This is where I am today. I needed this devotional. It is human nature to grow weary but I need to focus on who Jesus is and remember he is my hope. I pray for you and thank you again.

  2. So powerful. As I ponder this perspective, I find I’m like Michele…I hope for an outcome….for a pain free life. God is working with me to see how Jesus the man was…that he truly did experience what we experience…maybe not struggles with a teen, or stress of a technology driven “need it now” world…but he truly did suffer…he was tempted. Scripture says God even had to turn his back on his Son, at the time he was in the greatest need, suffering more pain than I can imagine on the cross. He Knows. He Knows.

  3. Michele thank you for this excellent reading. I find if wanting something from God. I prayed for it. I don’t get the answers. Like to healing need. Or for a person or family member not well. I can get annoyed. Why is God not answering that prayer for me. Especially if I see God’s heal someone else. Even if God used the Doctors or Hospital treatment to heal that person. I not been healed or that person I was praying for. I say God were are you. Why have you healed them not me or the person who I am praying for. Then I get in my head. Dawn in my perfect timing. I will do my way. Should it be through me directly or a Doctor’s or Hospital treatment. Or God takes them home to be with him. The person I was praying for healing. I can ask all sorts of questions. Why God did you not heal them. Or use the Doctors or Hospital treatment to heal them. I then have heard from God Holy Spirit. Say to me Dawn it was best I took them home to be with me. When I get over being annoyed. I can see why God didn’t heal them took them home to be with him. Or didn’t heal me. God is saying to me. You have to know I know best what is right for you. Plus the person you were praying for that I took home to be with me. Why I didn’t heal them and you. As it teaches you know. That person you were praying for. You might not have them on this earth anymore. But you not lost all. You will see them again one day in glory. When you go. Plus for yourself. It teaches you to trust me to help you trust me all the more to help you cope and get through the day. Ask for that in prayer. As if I heald you though the Doctors or me directly. You at the time might say thank you. But then forget what I did for you. Not relay on me as much. Oh I healed now I don’t need God as much. I found that would have been so true. I look at it for the other person God did not heal but took home. It has taught me. To not say why did you not heal them through you or the Doctors or Hospital treatment. I say now God knew best to take them home with him. I will see them when my time up on earth. Mine is not to question. Why God heal them. Trust God knows best for everything. Keep praying and trusting him for everything. I do that now. Thank him for every day he wakes me up to enjoy another day in his beautiful world. Give me the strength to enjoy it. In my prayers all of you at incourage. Dawn Ferguson-Little xx

  4. I’ve been trying to name the character of God that would most minister in a particular need. For example the Great Physician for an illness, the Comforter for the grieving, the Stronghold for the scared… I will now be praying too for the presence of God foremost rather than outcomes. Thanks Michele for tweaking my perspective! Blessings!

  5. Our 24 yr old son was diagnosed with Stage 4 melanoma in 2007. They told us there was.a 3-5% chance it could return and it is now metastic Stage 4 melanoma. It is inoperable and feels hopeless.
    I have found your article puts into words what I have been pondering the last few weeks. It is a struggle to concede that physical healing is not the plan, it IS the plan in my heart. Selfishly I want our son not to suffer and to be with us. My hope is in Jesus. I know the end of the story is in heaven with Him. He wins! I find it hard to hope for that when hope means our son suffers. Being in this, the right now of it, is tormenting. If the cost of God being glorified is our son’s life, I will concede with a broken heart.

  6. Michele,

    What a testimony you have!! This world is full of trials & tribulations. Like Jesus said “Take heart for He has over come this world.” We can’t put our hope in answers to prayers. We must hope in the person of Jesus. For He alone can give us a hope that surpasses all understanding. I have personally witnesses a lot of geriatric suffering with my parents. Tears were shed & prayers sent upward. Finally God answered my prayers & took the home with Him to end their suffering. Easter isn’t simply about Jesus’s resurrection. It begins with Maundy Thursday when He was on trial, Good Friday is the day He hung on cross for us & Saturday He spent in Hell. Then after His trials were over & He accomplished what only He could do for us did Resurrection happen & His glory restored.

    Blessings 🙂

  7. Hello
    This Testimony was so touching.
    Thank you for it.
    It touched my Heart for sure!
    We know not what we will face
    In this life…