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Rachel Marie Kang is a mixed woman of African American, Native American (Ramapough Lenape Nation), Irish, and Dutch descent. A writer, editor, artist, and creative coach, she is the founder of Fallow Ink. Her book, Let There Be Art, releases October 2022.

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  1. How beautiful thank you! I so needed this. So often we are discouraged from dreaming and that is very sad. You have a beautiful way with words. I am going to “dream my heart out” today!! Sharon

  2. This spoke to my heart. Thank you for the wisdom and encouragement of your words. As a widow my dreams have changed, like they do in any stage of life. It has been a gift to continue to dream, to have those dreams continue to draw me to God.

  3. Wow, when you ask God a question be prepared for an answer! The other day I asked God what the point of having an imagination was. Then the very next day I read in Ann Voskamp’s WayMaker that “The way not to lose hope is not to lose a holy imagination in the ways of God.” And here I read, “I didn’t know I was exercising hope. I was practicing my ability to think beyond what I could see, to believe in something better.
    …we forget that imagination is the foundation to our faith.” A friend asked me yesterday how she could pray for me and I answered honestly that I needed help to have/keep an eternal perspective. Then I read, “Might it be that these visions help you see your life and our world with an eternal perspective?” Bless you, Rachel, for sharing life-giving words I needed to hear. It means a lot.

  4. “May your dreaming be like breathing, and may you always remember that your breath is the very exhale of your praise and prayers to our very present and powerful God.” Amen. Just beautiful, friend. Thank you. I’m already breathing easier, ready to let my dreams wander, linger, and grow.

  5. I wonder, if we read the book of Psalms through the filter of hope, what dreams might we find? I think we’d be surprised how many there are. By putting our imaginations to work and fleshing out these dreams, we’re sure to increase our faith and encourage our spirits. Thank you for your inspiring post, Rachel!

  6. Rachel,

    Children play make believe & dream big wild dreams. Somewhere between childhood & adulthood we stop dreaming. Life happens & we get stuck in the mundane routine of living. We need to go back to dreaming. Let’s put our imaginations to work & see what God can do with them.

    Blessings 🙂

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