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Now graduated from her role as a homeschooling mom of 8, Dawn Camp devotes her time and love of stories to writing her first novel. She enjoys movie nights, cups of Earl Grey, and cheering on the Braves. She and her husband navigate an ever-emptying nest in the Atlanta suburbs.

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  1. This is such a true encouragement! Why do we tend to forget this & need reminding? We’re in a season of my husband being extremely busy with his career & extra church responsibilities that are like another 80 hour full time job. Not seeing him as much I am striving to make our home the respite he needs & not add anything else to his plate. However I’ve been dealing with a pinched nerve in my neck (they think from coughing!) so am hurting 24/7. He expresses because I am in pain so is he. We aren’t always so in sync but remembering to work toward that is a big help. Knowing it is God who enables us is key! Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Such a great message. Especially in today’s culture where men are told to follow women. Thanks for the message.

  3. Dawn thank you for your words of wisdom to do with Marriage and all you said. It speaks to me brilliantly. As sometimes my Husband annoys me with the things he doesn’t do. My Husband says back to me. But you expect me to say this way or say that way not to forget it’s not just sorry. What are you sorry for. When I tell him for not doing it right or thinking of me. It’s not that my Husband doesn’t care it just that he does not think at times. Goes to see to his needs first at times. I get annoyed especially I know I am wrong to get annoyed so easily. Especially if I seem to be doing everything. But I do have to my Husband his due. He does the hoovering of the house and puts on washes for us two and put them out. He so good and even I do get annoyed with him for thinking of himself at times first. He always says joking your the boss not me. But I wouldn’t change you never I love you to much. Your saying at the start of this reading were you say Marriage is a partnership. Not a competition. How true that is. As it says in the Bible somewhere. I can’t remember the exact words. That when you get Married you both become one flesh. Not to different people with to different fleshs. How true that is. So it a Partnership. With both working together. Helping either. Me learning not to get so easily annoyed with my Husband. Because he just doesn’t think. Thinks of himself first. He means no harm by it. God has said to me through this reading today. To not let it get to me as easily. Then take it out on my Husband. I am to realise he is human. It not that he does not care about me he does he not perfect. He will never be. He can’t remember everything. So God said go a bit easier on him and love him mistakes and all. As none of us are perfect never will be. So stop giving of to him as much. So I have to work on that with God’s help. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little xx

  4. Thank you for this story. It hit a nerve in me. I agree with marriage needs to be a partnership, yet as I read your story, and don’t know all the details, why didn’t he offer you the seat, or if he couldn’t why would he leave you to sit by yourself? I am glad all worked out for you, but for some of us, that would really hurt. However, I live with a narcissist and that’s what they would do. I believe God wants a harmonious, unselfish an serving each other relationship, to be kind, considerate, loving and thoughful. I pray for marriages all over the world, to include God in every step.

    • Hello, BC (my husband is a BC too!). He didn’t have a choice about the seats. We flew standby and were fortunate to get two on the same flight; we didn’t expect to sit together. We boarded at the last possible moment, no time to discuss or rearrange. He didn’t know where they were taking him. My husband always puts me (or our children) first, but he got the perks this time. 🙂

  5. What a wonderful trip!
    Sometimes we get God’s blessings. Sometimes we get to eat humble-chips in coach!
    Either way, God knows what will draw us closer to him in the moment.
    Great story! Love you, friend.

  6. You showed a great deal of maturity, Dawn, to let go of your resentment over your husband’s seat in first class! Thank you for the wise reminders you included in this post. This tendency toward competition is another one of those rough spots that the sandpaper of marriage works to remove! And God has provided the way in those verses of 1 Corinthians 13 that you quoted. Thank you, Dawn!

  7. Actually, although I’m sorry that you were left with your bucket seat, doesn’t God just have a sense of humor?

    Boys will be Boys!!!

  8. Dawn,

    You hit the nail on the head with this post. It is so easy to get upset over stuff. My hubby & I both work full time in stressful medical jobs. We come home tired & worn out. Often times I am the one to get annoyed when he hasn’t done what I expected or asked of him. It comes down to being tired & needing help around the house. Thankfully we don’t stay mad long. We usually sit down & discuss the day/week we had. Always ask for forgiveness which is freely given.

    One writer put it this way “do you expect of or for your husband?” I’ve been trying my best to expect for him. Asking God to bless him & his work. Even sent him a nice text telling him how much I appreciate all he does for us. After all marriage is a team effort.

    Blessings 🙂