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Anna works full-time for DaySpring from Minnesota, where she lives with her husband and four kids. Anna is the author of A Moment of Christmas and Pumpkin Spice for Your Soul, and she shares the good stuff of the regular, encouraging you to see the ordinary glory in your everyday.

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  1. Oh, Anna. That quote. And the image of Jairus’ daughter with scars. And coming back to life. And the flowers pushing through the ground. I feel this. Thankful for your perspective today, friend.

  2. Thank you for this uplifting message! I so connect with the beautiful way you’ve described the good, sacred pain of coming back to life.

  3. This is so wonderful to read. It feels like a breath of fresh air.

    (And, FYI, about 10 days ago we had 18 inches of snow and this morning woke up to snow again.)

  4. We here in Thunder Bay Canada are ‘enjoying’ a cold, grey, wet spring similar to Minnesota. Walking the other day seeing. Riot of colour – red and yellow tulips. Lily of the valley, crocuses, violets. Hope – from darkness to light. So healing!

  5. Never having grown plants until last year I have found myself in awe of my hostas and coralbells as I described them to a friend as my “resurrection” flowers. As I read your description of your own hostas coming out I said out loud “Me too!” Thank you for reminding me of how good our Jesus is! Beautiful way to start my morning.

  6. Oh Anna, this is so beautifully written. My heart holds weight for so many right now who have suffered great loss both in my own little world, and those across our nation. These words hold hope, and some insight, that life will breath again, but it may start slow and stiff. This seems timely for today…and tomorrow. A life principle. Encouragement to keep moving forward, and a charge to find the good in the present.

  7. I love the way you describe the Minnesota seasons! And I just happen to be reading A Wrinkle in Time for the very first time and it delights me to no end. All the ways God reaches our hearts is such a gift!

  8. Thank you so much for the story and the lesson, Anna. Today, I will live again, thanks to the Lord!

  9. Thank you for this; I needed it this morning. Yesterday my husband passed away after 9 1/2 months of battling pancreatic cancer. I am walking through the early stages of grief but have guidelines. My first husband passed away in 2011 and my mind, body and soul remember.

    As a family we were gifted; we were given that extra time to be together and take the time to really intentionally spend that time and not take it for granted.

    The cancer was discovered early following a hit-and-run, t-bone, full rollover accident in mid-August. It was something of a miracle that we both survived; our car was totalled. The tumor showed up on the ER scans…

    Blessings to you today:)


    • Marjorie,

      Oh sweet sister praying for peace comfort that only God can give. May you feel God’s love showering down on you. Know that You are loved, blessed, prayed for, & cherished. Thanking God for the time you all had together. “You’re loved more than you know You’re braver than you even imagine.” Sending Hugs from Watauga, TN (Upper E. TN near NC & VA borders).


  10. “We too can harbor old pain, wounds, and fears, but Jesus breathes new life, right into our very bones.” Oh, yes…breathing in a deep soul breath of Jesus. Years ago, a popular worship song became my mantra with the phrase, “I am breathing in His grace and breathing out His praise.” Choosing to remember to allow Jesus to breathe life and grace into me today.

  11. This hit home for me today… needed this breath of hope for life, and how it hurts while we do come alive. Been going through a long season where I just don’t see life blooming, but this is a good reminder for me to look and wait and see life every day. Thank you for these beautiful and timely words for the hard work!

  12. You’ve described so well, Anna, what it’s like to gradually come back to life in fits and spurts after a season of grief or pain. But each fit of Spirit-inspired joy IS accompanied by hope that the spurts will happen closer and closer together, like the warm days of spring, until the miracle of healing/rebirth is complete. Thank you for your refreshing words, Anna!

  13. I might be a day late reading this but it that doesn’t make it any less beautiful & true! Blessings!

  14. Anna,

    Such poetic imagery about coming back to life. It amazes me how plants can just pop back up after a long season of being buried in snow, ice, & muddy rains. That gives us hope in long seasons of pain & grief that we too can come back to life. This reminded me of the Valley of Dry Bones in Ezekiel 37. God breathed life into those bones. Great post.

    Blessings ::)

  15. “It can hurt to be resurrected. Beauty from ashes hurt because fire first burns. We can harbor old pain, wounds, and fears, but Jesus breathes new life, right into our very bones.”

    this is SOOO true and exactly what i needed to read today! thank you for sharing!

  16. After 50 yrs in MN I moved away 4 yrs ago. I’m still homesick. Except in March, April and May. Indiana spring is beautiful. I used to dread the season of mud and floods. Not any more.