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  1. So true – what we say can be a help or be harmful to others/ourselves. Your journal looks fun – thanks for the chance to win a copy 🙂

  2. This stopped me in my tracks: “I was seeking affirmation from the words of people, rather than going to the source that would be able to satisfy every longing I had.” Need some time with God..

  3. I would love a copy of your journal! I was hospitalized last week and now recuperating at home.

  4. this sounds simply wonderful. I have done a chronological Bible read through that has been awesome. Always willing to learn more from The Word, God’s love letter to us and using tools/methods/helps for it to come alive and FILL my soul and life! Thank you Allyson. God bless you!

  5. Morning! Hi my name is Linda Wagner from Winder Ga….I just got finished reading the “Words Are Golden” article from Allyson Golden- Enjoyed reading her article. One of the things she wrote/typed- [ Jesus, help me to have a deeper desire to know you and to be hungry for your Word. This is my desire also! I have that desire, but I want to be “hungry” for God’s Word. and I would like to get the journal book. setting my calendar for 12 noon Weds. July 13th! Thank you all for your time. God has truly blessed Allyson Golden

  6. So true what you shared Allyson. Yes the Lord word the Bible is Golden. But I being honest when I say this for myself too. There are days if you let the Devil will make you so busy I said this often. That you have not time to read the word of God or you get tired. You say to yourself for a one of God understands. I will do with out reading it today and I get the rest I need. Because it has been a busy day all go. Now I to tired to do spend time in God’s word reading it then you don’t. Then this trap can unfold into another day were it busy too and you get too tired to read God word again. It gets that you find yourself doing this quite often. Then the old Devil has good laugh and says I kept you so busy you are now to tired to read the word of God your Bible. That is what the old Devil wants. The old Devil will do anything to stop you reading the word of God your Bible. So you have prioritise your Day that you have time for God and his word and not fill it up being so busy that you get too tired to read your Bible the word of God and here God speaking to you through it. As it say in God word he never is to tired or busy for you. So we have get we make time for God and his word the Bible. Not let your Day get so busy that you have no time for God and his word and not let the old Devil keep you busy. As it says in Psalm 34 verse 8 “O taste and see that the Lord is Good Blessed is the man who trust in him.” The only way we can do that as this verse says in by making time for God word the Bible and reading it everyday. Not letting our lives gets so busy we get tired that we do have time for it. I have in the past been guilty of this. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little xx ♥️

  7. I liked your message. Today is the first time I listened. I’m looking forward to the next message.

  8. Yes! To be HUNGRY for God’s Word! I also love that when we make any effort, “God sees it. He is constantly pursuing your heart. He is constantly chasing after you, wanting you to experience His love for you.” I’m praying this for family members right now.

    This book does sound fun. Love opportunities to experience God’s Word.

  9. Thank you for this! I feel the same way, seeking the worlds approval above His. Help me, Jesus to desire You above all else!

  10. Such challenging truth I needed to hear this morning! Thank you for sharing your, I mean my struggle! Blessings!

  11. Thank you for this. God’s word is always Golden— I need to work on making my words golden also! This book sounds like a great inspiration.

  12. This spoke to me this morning. I need to get back to reading God’s Word not just “to check off of a to-do list” but to “want to seek all of who He is” and then be able to “speak the truth over others!” Thank you so much for this article.

  13. God’s words are golden (unlike human ones that can sometimes scar ). I do struggle with reading the Bible on my own, so really appreciate the guides. Thank you!

  14. What you wrote is so true in my life. I for sure like reading scripture daily. I decided to read the Daily Bread devotions after dinner with my husband and adult daughter. We usually use the Bible I bought when I went to a Bible college in 1973. It’s on a book shelf close to dining room. It is good to keep God in my life and remember to pray more daily as I don’t always do pray without ceasing. Thanks for your encouragement.

  15. So great. I was lost and didn’t know how to study God’s word. The words were empty to me. But I found devotional books that dealt with my questions. God led me to what I needed. Now I look forward to reading and learning .

  16. Thank you Allyson for sharing your heart! I to have struggled greatly at times with allowing all the noise of the world ” social media ” ext.. to keep me from seeing God golden treasures of scripture!
    Thank you for the reminder of just how real God is !!
    I would love a copy of your Golden journal! I’ve been Journaling for years ! It very therapeutic for me!❤️
    Thanks again for sharing!

  17. Thank you, Allyson, for this reminder to seek the Word above all else. It’s so powerful but we have to take the time to know and understand it. Slowing down to read and study the Word in the midst of all the craziness is something I desire more and more.

  18. This would be so good for my soul. While grieving the loss of my mom, Gods word is the only thing that soothes my heart. Seek more of Him, and surrender. Seek Ye First..

  19. I have been in this same struggle. Thank you for reminding me to just ask God to open my heart to drawing near.

  20. What a powerful tool. I’d love this journal. Sooo good to remember to choose our words wisely & to put His word in our heart first!

  21. Thank you Allyson for this opportunity! I am in a place in my life where God has transformed me greatly by spending time in His presence and giving Him my pain and struggles. I feel like I am on the verge of getting strong enough to step out into some God has given me. However, I’ve know that I need to start but have not yet started reading scripture daily and really absorbing it into my heart and soul so that I can support others in their challenges with His words in my heart and soul. I’d be grateful to win a copy of your journal as the timing is spot on for stepping into my next level of commitment… Thank you for considering this…

    • I meant I am on the verge of getting strong enough to step out into some visions God has given me… Thank you!

  22. Allyson,

    When I was younger I didn’t read my Bible that much. Didn’t even go to church after HS for a while. Fast forward many years & now I enjoy “listening” to the Bible on Bible Gateway. I’ve read through the entire Bible many times. Love doing Bible studies. They help give you the background plus the who, what, why, where, & when of stories.

    Blessings 🙂