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Dr. Michelle Hurst is a wife, mother, and educator in Texas. She has written for Grown and Flown, Her View from Home and Grace and Grit. She loves to write about faith, illness, relationships, and middle age on her website. She is constantly looking for hope and her keys.

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  1. Michelle thank you for what you shared so true. I believe to do with Church. God looks at our heart not the outward appearance. To see if our hearts are right with his word we are living as his word says. As you can see the Churches some of them. They make you feel you must dress smartly the Man in Suit the lady in a skirt or nice smartly dress. Kids the same. But you know I look at our world. I look and think about people who don’t go Church for what ever reason they don’t go. We the true Church are the people who are meant to be saved. Being the hands and feet of Jesus to world around us. Praying helping and loving all people of all walks of life. But if you and this were I agree with you. You shouldn’t have feel you have to dress smartly to go Church or a Church were people and kids our dressed nicely they the ladies are wearing a bonnet or a hat in their heads. As if you were a person with not much money and couldn’t afford to buy anything deer or nice only your jeans and maybe they have a hole in them. Your top out of charity shop. If you needed prayer and wanted to go to a church for it or help. As the Church and the people in in especially if saved are to love people and kids of all walks of life like Jesus would. Jesus would not look at what you were wearing. He love you beyond that. You if a person like the person I just described saw a church all the people in were dressed nicely you needed help and prayer. The Church meant to a place of love like Jesus love all people of all walks of life and not what they wear. You look at that Church say I can’t go in there the way I am dressed and I being a woman don’t have a hat or bonniet to wear. You feel unloved. The Church should never make people feel like that. Even if dressed like the person I just said. They should welcome you with open arms like Jesus no matter what you wear. That is why even if you wanted to go Church that they all dress smartly and you don’t have the money to buy clothes like them. If you came that Church in your jeans with the holes and charity shop top on. They should all love you like Jesus and for how your are. Not look at what you are wearing. Look at your heart giving you the love and care you need showing it like Jesus would. That you feel right at home. Get the help and prayer you needed if they could not give it to you they know who could and tell you were to go to get it. That to me is the true Church. I can go to my Church the Salvation Army in my Jeans and a top. They accept Mr for who I am and Love me for who I am. They don’t look at me for what I am wearing. That is way all Churches should be. With the simple true love of Jesus. I say Amen. As I said God looks at the heart not like man who looks at the outward appearance. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little. Keeping you all in prayer incourge. Xx

  2. Behind in my daily readings from this site. So thankful this article is still there! Thank you for sharing this important perspective. Blessings!