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Siv writes to encourage you to have hope, seek beauty, and live joyfully. A graduate of Westmont College and Fuller Theological Seminary, she lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband, two sons, and their menagerie of pets.

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(in)side DaySpring:
things we love
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  1. Siv thank you for what you wrote today. What you said to do with our beauty and the beautiful world or Lord has given us to live in. We are all beautiful in God’s eyes us women. But Man as the saying looks at the outward appearance. God looks at the beautiful heart we have as women who are followers of his. As my Salvation Army Officer who used to work in Enniskillen Salvation Army not away to another Church 84 miles away in Belfast. Said to us at our TLC group for women. TLC stands for Tender Loving Care. We are all us women Daughter’s of the king and that king is Jesus. Jesus does not look at our outward appearance he looks at our hearts. How true that is. Jesus loves no matter what we look like even if we have any blemishes on our face. How lovely this is to know. Man says and the magazine’s say you have to look like this or this to be beautiful to the world. Women of the world some of them try to be like the women in the magazine’s. To be accepted in our world by other women. They try going on this diet and this diet or getting sergury or botox or buying this makeup to look well or this cream to look good. Spending money they don’t need to buy. To look as the world would have you look. All most of them are gimts in my eyes. The averts to try and sell there products to convince you to buy them. That they do what they are money racks in my eyes. I think to myself would God want me to buy them and spend his money on them to try and make myself more beautiful. When God made in the way I am. All that matters is what God says about me. Not the so call world. As God just loves me the way I am. This saying is so true. We should all take it on board as I feel this what God wants us to do and feel as it says. It goes “I am Me I don’t pretend to be like everyone else. I don’t want to be like everyone one else. And I have a God who loves me the way I am and for who I am. So I going to not change who I am just fit in” how true that. If we want we can look up on YouTube the Father’s Love Letter. Just type thoes word in on YouTube we will then really are how much our Heavenly Father loves us. A we are his deer Children no matter what race or skin colour. Another saying is that so true “BEAUTIFUL has nothing to with looks. It’s how you are as a person and how you make other feel and love them as God loves you. ” So true as well. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little keeping you all in prayer

  2. Enjoyed reading this lovely piece, Siv. Such a perfect reminder to take in all the beauty—big and small—that surrounds us and give special thanks to the Artist who created it all.

  3. This is a remarkable story! Thank you, Siv, for going public with it! I am grateful because I may never get to make this kind of trip.

    • Hi Caroline, thanks for reading! Last summer’s road trip was truly special in every way … & I’m so grateful we live in a town filled with beauty.

  4. Siv,

    People are watching our actions. They want to see us shining God’s light & love to this sin darkened world. We need to pay attention to our words & actions daily. We must also slow down long enough to enjoy this big beautiful world God has gifted us with. Look at the marvelous Smoky Mountains, See the exquisite sunrises & sunsets. Notice wildflowers & other plants growing & showing off their splendor. Look at the beauty surrounding you daily both in nature & other people.

    Blessings 🙂