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Grace P. Cho is a Korean American writer, poet, and speaker. She believes telling our stories can change the world, and desires to elevate women of color’s voices in the publishing industry. Learn more at @gracepcho and gracepcho.com.

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  1. How powerful. I feel that oftentimes the grief can indeed feel insurmountable as we navigate the injustices of this life while hoping for the peace that comes with the next. Certainly lamentation is necessary yet it should move us to prayerfully bold action as agents of change in this world.

  2. At times it feels like a heavy weight on my chest. Your words were so helpful. It is so hard to see how the people of this world treat each other. It has taken me a long time to finally understand and take comfort in the Psalms.

  3. This so accurately described how I have been feeling. I love the reminder from Psalms. And that lament is how we hope. Powerful and so encouraging.
    This book feels so timely. Looking forward to getting a copy.

  4. For some unknown reason I thought the definition of lament was an unhealthy wallowing in grief. I am so thankful to have learned that is not the case! Lament a grieving with an element of hope toward the future & a call to God to give action to our sorrow! Only in Him can we mourn with hope! Thank You Jesus! And thank you Grace for these beautiful words! Blessings!

  5. This is so powerful Grace. To vulnerable and lament. So much injustice going on all around us. So good to cry out to the Lord with a community of believers, lamenting to the Lord with each other for each other… and God He hears our cries, He is crying along with us. He did NOT intend for any of this for any of us for any of His children. He asks us to hold on and hold on to Him for soon He will come. Victory is His and is ours in Him. I can’t wait to read all the Laments and the healing power it will bring for me, others and all in and through HIM!! Thank you for writing this book! praying for all who read to be healed in the name of Jesus!

  6. Sometimes I feel like if I start saying all of what is shut up inside my thoughts, it will be too much for others to listen to and respond.

    Although our Society has definitely changed during the last couple of decades, not one political measure or religious group is to blame. We all take part in change and life, no matter how small a part we play.

    One day I imagine waking up smiling because my dreams the night before were not bizarre or upsetting or so questionable. But they were peaceful dreams with pleasant outcomes and I remember the dreams with a smile.

    Then my day is quiet and I praise the Lord because He is my only true source of life, contentment and joy. What a beautiful way to start one’s day. I am still in reality because my phone rings and then my errands start for the day. My mother needs her groceries and my spouse needs me to run an errand for him too.

    Being a daughter, wife, friend, mother and a God-fearing woman takes much prayer. Smile.

    Yes, I should ask for help more often but I have been slow to learn that. I am a good doctor but a poor patient.

    It’s alright to be who I truly am without apology. Thanks be to God for liberty in His Grace to grow into the person God wants me to become.


  7. For so many reasons your message this morning touched me. I have the tools in the Psalms to help me calm my soul.

  8. Grace this is so well said. Thank you for it. There is world hurting out there that needs Jesus because of all the pain hurt lives lost for no reason. When you put on the news you see something that touches you heart as saved person. You could see why God that should never have happened. No matter what it is. We have to remember it was not God’s doing only Man’s doing on to man. When I see or hear something one the news or were I hear it. I go into prayer especially if it affects a family or it to do with things like Afghanistan or Ukraine. As all touches my heart. I pray also for the families hurt and that if not saved they will see their needs to get saved hand their hurt over to Jesus. Plus I pray for the people that caused the hurt. Or to do with a person or child that has died far to young because of illness and their families. To God to make the people see life and all these things in our world are temporary even life itself. No one knows what the day is going to bring we could be here one minute and gone the next or injured because of people who do wrong. We as God’s people still have to love and pray for those that do wrong. One thing a few years before Covid that really stuck me. I was at Church my Salvation Army Officer was speaking on forgiveness. He showed at video of a true story. One family had lost a love one for no reason because of another person. Just in the wrong place the person that was killed. The family were at the court to see the person who did the killing. This really spoke to. They were Saved as you would know by what the Family said that day at court hearing. We will never get them back this side of earth. But we forgive for what you did. You to the person that had done wrong by killing our loved one. That humbled me. To say most of us saved could we do the same? If that happened to us. I prayed that would speak to person who done the wrong. To know the wrong they had done that the family had forgiven the person for the wrong they did. I prayed the person that did the wrong would change their lives around and find Jesus. As it says in the Bible we have to forgive no matter what. As Christ forgive us. As it says in Ephesians 4 verse 32 “And be kind to one another Tenderheart forgiving one another even as God in Christ forgave you” how true that is. But how many of us if anything like that family in the court room that forgave the person who rob the family of their love one. Could do the same? I probably find it hard. But I know with God’s help yes I could do it. Yes it would be hard. If we did if it was us. God would give us a true peace like never before. But we never forget what happened. No matter what goes on in our lives. God will give us hope to be able to pray and hand it over to him and God will give us strength to cope with what ever we go through. I say Amen to that Dawn Ferguson-Little xx

  9. I love: “Lamenting was our way of declaring, “We haven’t given up hope yet. This is how we hope.” Grace, I am envious to imagine a group of women sharing one another’s burdens and lamenting together as you describe here. But only envious in the healthy way… I’m glad such authentic fellowship is happening! Lament truly is a powerful way to keep going in faith when life feels overwhelming. I have found much solace in the words of David. God receives all my messy emotions and changes my heart when I come to Him. Sometimes “fellowship” seems too hard for introverts like me when life is hurting. But what you describe is beautiful.

  10. Oh hasten the day when we lament no more!!! Excellent word today and hope for the future.

  11. This is so beautiful! As 2020 was moving into 2021 I also was moved to lament – I didn’t really know what it meant, but as I’ve studied it more, I’ve seen the beauty and hope that it brings. Thank you for sharing your experiences and what you’ve learned. I look forward to reading this book and learning how God moves through lament.

  12. I used to think lament was just complaining until I was shown that in the Psalms and some of the prophets lament was always followed by praise of God for all he has done and will do. Now I see that releasing it especially in a safe community could be a blessing and draw me closer to God. Thank you

  13. Sometimes it is too hard to take in all the world coming at us. I try to take a break from the news and scrolling online to focus on the good around me, but then it seems our enemy prowling around decides that’s the perfect time to attack. Yet I know my cries and pleas are carried to the Lord and he sustains me.

  14. Amen \0/ I am so grateful for the women who have walked before me and beside me. They have shown me. Taught me. Reminded me to listen. Wiped tears. Pointed out my strengths and gifts, and yes we’ve “quietly squeezed each others arms”

    Thank you for this beautiful and honest message

  15. Many Blessings to our
    We need to keep on keeping on Praying & Loving!
    God tells us to. Is this Easy? No
    But that is what we have to do.
    Thank You for such a good writings!

  16. I have felt this way a lot with the world events happening. I’m ordering this book for myself and a copy for a Christmas gift. Thank you for giving us hope!

  17. Powerful piece by Grace P.Cho! What a reminder that we are not alone. Our collective grief can also be collective lament and collective HOPE. I’m grateful that God didn’t leave us to do this life alone here on Earth. Thank you for the reminder Grace to walk through my grief with others.

  18. Your words gave voice to how I’ve been feeling. Thank you Grace for sharing your experience of collective lament in community. We can find hope and healing when we carry each other’s burdens and cry out to God together. I am interested in reading more diverse perspectives represented in Voices of Lament and learning more about this topic.

  19. I am so moved by these words. The holding. Holding my breath, I know it well. The exhale hurts. My next breath is held. Goodness I needed someone to pen these words. My experience in so many ways. Thank you.

  20. Yes; there’s a lot of “Christians should only ever turn a happy face to the world!” stuff out there, but there are things that we know from the Bible that God is not happy about and that we shouldn’t just try to sweep under the rug of pretending everything is fine. The people who kept pretending they were fine were not the people Jesus reached during ministry; the people longing for the Messiah knew that things were Not Okay *but* that God would someday deal with the mess.

  21. It is often difficult to remember that in our pain- hope is what gets us through. From that hope comes strength, grace, wisdom. We use those to minister to others going through the same thing. And what I’ve often found is that through this sharing- we’ve either formed or deepened the bonds of sisterhood. Thank you Lord for the wisdom that you give and for your promise to never leave us. It is with THAT- we can move forward.

  22. I feel as if I needed to be in that group. We pack and pack and pack, yet seldom release. At some point, there is no longer room to pack any more.

  23. I am not a woman of color but my heart is heavy for my sisters of color and what they experience. Your words resonate with my soul and I desire to share that burden, stand by my sisters’ side, and do my part by bringing change. I am thankful and we do share the only Hope of this world…Jesus!

  24. Grace,

    Lament means a passionate expression of grief & sorrow. These past 2+ years have given many reasons to lament. There has so much internal turmoil in our country plus the added stress of a pandemic. It can all be to much. I understand where you are coming from as I worked as clerical in Covid units. We saw death daily-be it young or old. Now we are trying to breath & piece our lives back together. We are talking about it & not holding it in anymore. Thank you for a much needed book.

    Blessings 🙂