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  1. Robin I thank you for writing today message. It reminds me when we are not well or a member of our family not well. They don’t want to go to Doctor then it too late. The damage is done. I can remember with my late Mum wanting her to go the Doctor. But my late Mum was stubborn. Even though not saved. If she didn’t want to go even though not well she not go she sayI be ok. Then one day she rang me and asked come over I not well really am not. I went right away to her house I knew that day my Mum was really not well. I remember her saying the Doctors coming to house. The Doctor phoned Ambulance that day. Something in my head when we got to Hospital I knew my Mum was not well at all and through it all God will with me. He gave me the strength to cope with it all. But she never made it out of Hospital again. But God has helped me through it all. Given me a piece like never before. After it happened I did ask the questions if my Mum was not so stubborn and went to Doctor would she still be hear today. God told me Dawn you have to give that too me and not go over that in your head. As it will only torture you and you be saying why couldn’t I make her go to Doctor my Mum. God said you can’t make anyone do anything they don’t want. So I prayed and gave all my thoughts up to God. God gave me that piece to not have all theses things going over and over in my head. I am very thankful to God for that. I know people who are saved that go to Google before they go to the Doctor or think they this or this wrong with them. Google what they looked up makes them think they have it. When they don’t. I say to myself if I said to them why are not trusting God instead of looking up Google. Standing on his word the Bible and prayers to see what God says you should do. I have told them they still don’t listen to I said it in love to them. But no they still look up Google first then go to Doctor and then trust in God’s word the Bible last. When in everything we shouldn’t be going to other sources first if saved. We should be going to God in prayer and standing on his promises and doing what his Holy Spirit tell us to do if not well or think we something wrong with us. Not going to Google and putting it before God. As I go to God in everything and listen to what he tells me through his Holy Spirit. Sometimes God will tell me to go to the Doctor if not well. I do that and trust his promises over my life. Especially Philippines 4 verse 19 it one of my favourite verses in the Bible. It says “My God shall supply all my needs according to his riches in Christ Jesus” How true that is. My health needs my Money needs etc. God can if he want heal me if not well direct through him or the Doctors. I trust him for everything every day. To many of us are to quick to go to Doctor Google to try and find out what how to heal us if not well. Instead of going to Doctor God in prayer that is what I call God. Doing what he tell us to and standing on the promises in his word. Robin I pray you and your Husband don’t experience anything like this ever again. This will make your Husband go to Doctor quicker. But we all think I even done it I be ok as I had few health issues myself in the past. Then in the end you need to go to Doctor and trust Doctor God as well and prayer and stand on his word the Bible and the promises in it. At times like this it we panic don’t do that. So then we’re is our faith then. God is right there besides us wanting us to pray to him and trust him not panic. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little xx

  2. Today has been filled with texted prayer requests so I’ve gotten to practice the focused ministry of prayer. Health issues, mourning death & children moving out of state top the requests this am. Common thread is God’s peace to overwhelm the stresses. Thanks for your encouraging post, Robin!

    • Oh, goodness, Ruth. I cannot imagine getting through any of the things you mentioned apart from prayer! Yes! God’s peace makes the unbearable, bearable.

  3. Robin,

    Vince Lombardi said “practice makes perfect.” I believe he meant that the consistent act of doing something over & over makes it second nature. The act of praying all the time makes prayer a first priority when trials come. It isn’t out of fear but just a natural way to ask God for healing or whatever you need.

    I was working in a hospital as ICU Step down clerical when Covid hit. I immediately had a sense of peace about the whole situation. I knew God was in control. Just started praying hard for everyone. It became a natural thing to do. That brings super natural peace

    Blessings 🙂