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Anna works full-time for DaySpring from Minnesota, where she lives with her husband and four kids. Anna is the author of A Moment of Christmas and Pumpkin Spice for Your Soul, and she shares the good stuff of the regular, encouraging you to see the ordinary glory in your everyday.

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  1. Good morning! I would put a copy I. My oldest daughter’s sticking who is struggling through a divorce and her 7 year old son is experiencing a lot of problems. She definitely needs the encouragement! Thank you and Merry Christmas!

  2. Thank you, there are so many people who I would like to share a copy with, but I would probably give it to my mom. Not only would she enjoy it, but she would share with others in her assisted living home.

  3. I have so wished that the magazine was in subscription form so I could send it to my sweet niece. This would be a wonderful way for her to have an “almost” subscription. Thanks for your constant “en”couragement to women young and “seasoned”!

  4. Today’s reading was especially soothing for me. In the midst of how drained our spirits can feel…….Christmas will come to renew us.

    I would a copy to my long time friend who is raising a grandchild and needs reminding of this very special gift she is receiving and giving.

  5. For a long long time almost every prayer I pray(ed) or card I write includes the phrase “may you see God in the details”. Everyday Faith is a tool to encourage that same prayer for others. I’d share a copy of the magazine with a fellow Titus 2 Mom who is now full time care giver for her husband disappearing into dementia.

  6. Thanks for sharing this simple message we need today: Jesus. I’m sharing with article and would share Everyday Faith Magazine with my dear friend Sarah, as she tries to be the glue holding her fatigued, overwhelmed family together.

  7. Anna’s writing is always an encouragement to me, Christmas will come and we will rejoice in the birth of Jesus.
    I would give a copy to my daughter and daughter in law, both busy moms who would be encouraged by this magazine.

  8. beautifully written Anna. Jesus comes, no matter what. He is with us in the hard and in the joys. He still comes daily. May we receive Him with open arms and share The Gift, Jesus love grace and mercy with others.. thank you ! God bless you –

  9. What a amazing gift – the gift of faith in a magazine. I can’t wait to read it. Thanks for all you do.

  10. Yes, Christmas will come indeed. After a very restless and sleepless night, this is what I needed to read. So, many thanks, Anna.

    BTW, I absolutely love that magazine. I read an article per day to savor it. I am sad when I come to the last page but delighted in all I have read and learned.

  11. I would love to win a subscription to this magazine for my daughter who has 4 boys and her husband is divorcing her. She is struggling with it all and this would encourage her so much

  12. I would gift a copy to my friend, Patty! We are fairly new friends and we share a love of beautiful, calming things. I think this magazine sounds perfect for us.

  13. I will gift a copy to my sister. We both have been trying to let God into our hearts and lives more and more. Blessings to you all.

  14. I would give one to my neighbor. She lost her husband last year after holidays, and this time of year is difficult for her.

  15. I would gift the copy to one of my 7 daughters Elisa. I am sure she will share it with her sisters. I want to encourage her in her faith, Immanuel, He is always with us.
    Thank you Anna for the reminder that nothing can thwart His coming.

  16. I would certainly read it for myself as I am really struggling over a personal crisis. I would gift it to my best friend who is a single mom. We are both teachers so we need all the encouragement we can get! Thank you for the opportunity!

  17. I’m new to the Dayspring magazine and I absolutely love it. I would share a copy with mom, so she could cozy up by the fire with a hot drink and enjoy!

  18. This writing deeply moved and touched me! As I read this, I also thought of a dear young woman, a student, who has so little materially, yet has an interest in God. How I’d hope and pray this might bring her closer to true faith in Jesus and how much He loves her!

  19. Wow. Thank you for this. For stopping me in my tracks and allowing me to breathe and feel for a moment. Thank you for soothing my heart on a Tuesday in the middle of everything. God bless you!

  20. I would like to share a magazine with my former classmate, Melody Wilson. She played saxophone in our high school band and I played flute. We had many fun days marching in the band and playing Christmas Music during Concert Band.

    Melody is a good friend who loves the Lord. She is a wife, mother and grandmother. She would smile and say, “Brenda, did you send this gift to me?” And I will smile and say, “I think I did.” Friends are very special.
    I thank the Lord for the friendships He has placed in my life.

    Merry Christmas Everyone

    Your Sister in Christ

  21. This podcast is a staple in my day. Thank you all for putting it out there for us. If I were to win the giveaway, I would gift a copy to my mom. She is the one who has instilled in me the importance of love and laughter and she would enjoy the magazine just as much as I do. Merry Christmas all!

  22. I can’t imagine life without our Immanuel–God with us–every day, every moment. How do people function without his comfort, strength, peace, joy, wisdom, guidance, and everything else He provides? Praise God for Christmas–not the holiday, but the Advent of His kingdom under King Jesus! P.S. If I should win a subscription to Everyday Faith Magazine, I’d send the gift subscription to our daughter-in-law, a pastor’s wife.

  23. I would give the gift subscription to our Pastor’s wife and church secretary who does an incredible job of taking care of our church family.

  24. Anna, I always love reading the stories you share! Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season! I would most definitely gift a copy of Everyday Faith to my MOPS mamas. We could all use some everyday faith, especially for the holidays.

  25. I would gift this lovely magazine to my friend who is laid up with a herniated disc in her back. She would love to be out looking at all the beauty Christmas brings, but a beautiful magazine would lift her spirits. I just bought Anne Rendell’s book, ” A Moment of Christmas”. Can’t wait to start it on Dec 1st!

  26. I would give a copy to my friend, we live in different states, and she is going through a great deal of things, and I can’t be therefor the day to day, but maybe the magazine could!

  27. I had no idea there was a magazine! I would share with one of my best friends that lives states away. It would be a fun gift to send in the mail. We Bible study together and this would be another great way to connect!

  28. Anna,

    I work in ICU as a clerical. Everyday I stock up 28 rooms. Some families talk with me & share how patient is doing. I tell them I pray for each one & that God would bring peace & comfort to their souls. Today I spoke with a dad whose 30 something son is dying. He told me he had just spoken to palliative care (think hospice). I patted his back & asked if he needed anything & told him I’m praying for you. He said it’s alright once you know where you are going. Even in the midst of hardships like this Christmas will still come. Jesus came to save us!

    This song is my favorite Christmas song “It’s About the Cross by Go Fish. Please listen to the lyrics. It is ever so true!!

    Blessings 🙂

  29. I would love to give a copy to my dear friend Peggy, and I would thoroughly love to read my own copy!

  30. It’s a magazine to “help you know and share God’s love in fresh, true, and inspiring ways.” That’s exactly what I need, and I know someone to share it with.

  31. God continues to be faithful and yes, Christmas will come. We can lean into this truth.

    I would love to share this with my sister in law, she has been blessed with 4 children and now 3 grandchild. She works from home as a hair stylist. She blesses her customers everyday. She has a big heart for God and people
    thank you

  32. Beautifully written! If I were lucky enough to win I would give one to my daughter. We have had several rough years with sickness and family deaths but we have made it through by holding onto our Faith. This year we have been doing the Bible Recap and reading God’s word daily has been life changing. Thank you to all the incourage family!

  33. Good morning,
    I look forward to Dayspring magazine every season. I would give one to my friend who lives out of state.

  34. I would give a copy to my aunt, who has been like a mother to me, especially since I lost my mom back in 2016. She has inspired me with her steadfast faith all my adult life & despite many health struggles this past year, her mission to bring more followers/believers of Jesus has not faltered.

  35. I would like to gift the magazine to my oldest daughter. She is growing her relationship with God more everyday.

  36. I had never heard of this magazine, but is sounds wonderful. I would love this and I would like to gift this to my very Special friend, Linda Brooks, thank you!

  37. My very dear, long-time friend, Marlene, is suffering ongoing, debilitating pain and inflammation that the doctors are not finding answers for. She is discouraged and alone. I text her encouraging messages now and then, but a monthly publication would be a welcome gift. Your varied writers would bring much joy to her dismal days.

  38. Thank you for this article. I would share with my Daughters who are in the midst of building their Faith.

  39. I would share a copy with a high school friend. We have kept in touch through marriage, children, various losses to include grief. We are each other’s prayer warriors. We can count on each other for time together leaving off where ever we last saw each other – as if no time has past at all.

  40. I feel blessed and encouraged after reading this. Recently, my oldest son passed away unexpectedly. It has been a difficult time, am thankful for the encouragement.

  41. I loved this article. I wish your magazine was available here!
    I would gift the other copies to a good friend who is working and raising a child on her own and has very little time for herself. I can picture her enjoying this magazine in a quiet moment with a cup of coffee.

  42. If I won I would give the other to my best friend since High School. We have stayed connected for over 40 years and still talk when we aren’t busy with our families and jobs.

    Thank You!

  43. I have a dear, dear friend who has given of herself and her resources through the years to me and to many, many others. She is feeling very alone, depressed and isolated this Christmas because she has no family left and her husband has chosen to be elsewhere on Christmas Day because Christmas is just not that important to him. My friend is feeling abandoned and unloved by him because of his decision. They live out in the country and she does not have friends or people close by to reach out to her or for her to reach out to. She is not emotionally in a place to reach out to anyone…but me and that has only been through email and phone. I am unable to go to her and in her depressed stated she has no desire to go out. I grieve for her because she will be alone on Christmas Day. I am praying for God to send His angels or SOMEONE to be Jesus with skin on to her in her deep isolation. Please add your prayers for her to mine. Her name is Kathy.