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Lucretia is a wife, mom of three, and a TEDx and Q Ideas speaker (Charlotte, NC, 2017). As a former college professor, she designed the popular ‘beginners’ course and study guide, What LIES Between Us: Fostering First Steps Toward Racial Healing. She is the creator and director of the Brownicity.com...

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  1. Amazing life change! God guided your steps to the abundant life promised, our abundant life is a detailed plan, where healing and restoration is unlimited, praise the Lord. I am inspired today to continue on the path for my physical abundance.

  2. A 66 year old woman lives in a condo that she believes has mold. She has had a cough for 2 years now. Her dr. Is planning on taking biopsies in a couple places in her lungs. What advice can you give her? Such a blessing you are giving others through your healing.

    • Hi Amy!
      Thank you for reading.
      Has she had an environmental services/specialist test the air of her condo? Does she know if anyone else in the condo complex is having pulmonary or any other health issues? I was the only family member in our house ‘sensitive’ enough to ‘feel’ the toxins in the air. But my husband and children experienced different, more mild side effects. Also, I work from home, so I was in the toxic environment more than anyone else.

      Once her air is tested, she can determine next steps. We have active air purifiers on every floor in our house.

      May you and your friend be enthralled in abundance. Feel free to ask me more questions if you need to.

      Happy New Year!

  3. Lucretia,

    Thank you for sharing your challenging story and how the Spirit has reminded us of what healing looks like.

    Thank you for your Special Prayer
    “that you will be strengthened to endure and embrace all that healing’s work has to offer you.”

    Prayers for continued healing for you and others that are on the journey of healing.

  4. Lucretia,

    Praise God you found out the cause of your health issues. God asks us to do soul care for our bodies, mind & spirit. He wants us to tend the temple of the Holy Spirit. Healing doesn’t come easy. Science says it takes over two months to form a habit. Everyone should do some kind of intentional practice of nurturing your whole self–mind, body & soul. You will feel better for it.

    Blessings 🙂

  5. Hi Lucretia

    I absolutely loved this line:

    ‘Instead of fighting sickness, healing is intentional love and support lavished upon the burdened parts of my body that have become weak, bruised, and depleted. The daily hours, the focused care, and months of commitment taught me that healing asks for a significant investment – one that I deserve because it’s what God wants for me.’

    Thank you for your vulnerability. Your post totally resonates with me- the care our sick bodies need for the moment feels like a burden at the beginning but as you said so beautifully, it’s also that spa treatment we’ve been craving for.

    Praying healing over you.

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