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  1. What a great example of how we so subtly try to earn forgiveness with our repeated apologies even when we say we know His work on the cross has taken care of our sins. Thank You God, it is finished!
    I too hate emptying the dishwasher. Maybe I’ll be more enthusiastic about it thinking it as a reminder of God’s great work on my behalf. Blessings, Mary!

  2. I would like a copy of the book mentioned today, but don’t have funds to purchase it, I am a senior citizen on a fixed income. Gail Mattox, 2200 Kerwin Rd. #411, University Heights, OH 44118

  3. Omigoodness. You had me at the title of the post. There are so many things that go over and over in my mind…..some of which are definitely wrongdoings but others are things I didn’t do “wrong” at all.

  4. AMEN! Can I please ask for prayers? My Mama and I are going through a REALLY hard time with my dad’s care.
    Thank you!
    Amy and Linda

  5. Dearest Father surround Amy & Linda as they care for dad/husband. You know what is needed & I ask that You give them wisdom, insight & endurance on this path. Enable them to lean on each other in healthy ways as the timber of caregiving changes the dynamics of their relationships. Give them peace & comfort in the details of the trenches. Be tangible to all 3 of them. Use this time to deepen their faith roots & draw non-believers to Yourself as they witness You shining through the dark patches. Be magnified. Thank You for the gifts of relationships, prayer & Your presence in our lives. In the almighty name of the Great Physician, Redeemer & Comforter of the Downtrodden, Jesus, Amen! (((0)))

  6. I’m having a hard time forgiving my husband whose sin he committed years ago has caused brokenness in our family. Pray I can forgive even though others haven’t.

  7. Sometimes I think I’ve learned this lesson, and other times…well, this post resonates! Lol Thank you, Mary, for this beautiful reminder that we don’t have to (and can’t!) earn forgiveness but that we get to securely rest in it.

  8. This is so beautiful. I used to over apologize myself. Now I know without a doubt God truly loves me because Jesus finished it. He took all my sins away. I don’t want to ever lose my faith because it is so precious.

  9. Thank you for this reminder. It is so good to know how much God loves us, we can forget as we get wrapped up in what’s going on in the world. I love that we don’t have to beg God for anything. I get discouraged when those we care about won’t reciprocate the love we give and feel at times I am silently begging for their love. However, what’s most important that I remember the love God has always had for me forever.

  10. Mary,

    Jesus died on the cross for our sins. All we have to do is accept Him as Lord & Savior of our lives & all our sins are forgiven. That doesn’t mean we won’t mess up here & there. Life is hard down here. We must repent & ask for His forgiveness. It will be granted He loves us that much. We can’t beg, plead or earn that love. It is given freely. May we always remember that!

    Blessings 🙂