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At (in)courage, we empower women to be like Jesus. Our writers share what’s going on in their life and how God’s right in the middle of it. They bring their joys & struggles so that you can feel less alone and be empowered by the hope Jesus gives.

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. Thank you for turning our hearts towards praise this morning. With each new sunrise, God reminds me that He loves me, no matter what, and He will lead me and guide me through this life, if I will allow it. Even if I take my eyes off of Him, He never leaves me or forsakes me! That is reason enough to praise, but my Savior does so much more— each day He brings blessings and opportunities (and sometimes troubles) that prove His love and care to me and remind me of His faithfulness and to give praise!

  2. In Courage,.

    When the devil gets me down about life I make a thankful journal. Items on it range from home in Heaven, Salvation to jobs, healthy on down to simple things like sunrise, sunset. Usually I can get around 200+ items. I also try to remember ALL the trials God has gotten me through & the great things He has done for me.

    I’ve witnessed God’s faithfulness to me over the past few years. 2019 I was let go from a part time job. Two weeks later God gave me a better job as ICU Step Down clerical in a hospital with higher pay. Three years later God gave me a fulltime benefitted ICU clerical job-one written just for me. Even though I’m not fond of this position I know that God has me here for a reason. A big one is that this is something I have prayed for.

    Each day I try to see God’s goodness in everything I do & everywhere I go.

    Blessings 🙂

  3. Thank you for such an encouraging message. God melts my heart with his kind daily fingerprints. Its funny how the small things can touch me with His tenderness sometimes more than the big blessings of salvation. Unexpected finds from thrift stores is one special way He does this.

  4. When I read the verse, I immediately thought of this song by Bethel Music…
    I raise a hallelujah
    In the presence of my enemies
    I raise a hallelujah
    Louder than the unbelief
    I raise a hallelujah
    My weapon is a melody
    I raise a hallelujah
    Heaven comes to fight for me

  5. Thank You God for a beautiful week and for Your Hand of blessing and protection over us all! You are so Good and we praise You! Hallelujah. In Jesus’ Name, Amen