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  1. I need wisdom in parenting young adult children (who knew these years would be harder than the toddler years!) as they navigate ‘adulting’ for the first time.

    Also wisdom for what is ‘next’ in this season for me professionally.
    So thankful that God knows. I am expectantly waiting to see where He leads & guides.

    • I pray God will give me a heart of wisdom so I can more fully share Him & His gospel message of unconditional all forgiving Love, grace & mercy with others!

  2. Thanks always for your articles- your hearts. My teenage son is stuck in an unhealthy relationship but sees it as good. I would covet any prayers for wisdom to guide him and his heart to turn to God instead of man.

  3. I need wisdom in how to be more intentional in many areas of my life. The main three are relationships, health, and finances.

  4. God’s wisdom is a precious gift to us, and something we can pass along to others. My prayer this year is to grow in wisdom and grace and be a blessing to the international students I work with. Looking forward to reading and learning with this study!

  5. This book sounds like a very helpful resource for learning how to seek after and search for and find God’s wisdom.

  6. I need wisdom as I contemplate retiring. I want God’s will in this as well as wisdom in my interactions with family, friends, students, and fellow church members.

  7. I have been praying for help with being a better Christian woman. I need help navigating the struggles of my everyday life. Anxiety, grief, fear, worry and some sadness. I need to learn how to put more faith in God to help me, rather than continuing to try on my own.

  8. Wisdom alludes me from time to time. I use Google to find Bible verses for issues I may be going through.

  9. What a great meditation! I agree 100% and I’m concerned about it in my own life and my loved ones. May God’s wisdom, His Word, His principles be our foundation to filter all other sources of knowledge. We need to stay updated, always learning and seeking for answers to our life needs and struggles. May our hearts be ready to listen to God’s voice above any other voice.

  10. Wow I got so excited when I saw this thinking it was an online Bible study!
    I have made this verse from Ps.90 my verse to dwell on this year.
    “Teach me to number my days aright so that I may gain a heart of wisdom.” And then reading through Proverbs for my Quiet time I find it referred to again…this heart of wisdom. His wisdom.

    Thank you so much for this article. It resonates with me as I am learning to intentionally look less at my smart phone or the internet.

    Sarla , Sri Lanka

  11. I need wisdom in leading others to Christ. I believe we are in the end times and my heart aches for those unsaved. Without being a fanatical “crazy” Christian, I want to lead a life that exemplifies Christ and causes people to seek Him.

  12. Where don’t I need wisdom? In parenting a lost young man, making baby steps into my tiny art buisness, living with chronic migraine… If nothing else there are plenty of opportunities for God to show me who he is. 🙂

  13. Recently, I have felt such conviction over the things in my heart. They aren’t the big things that would ruin your life; they’re the little things that add up and show you that you need to pay attention. My heart needs wisdom. I need a guard over my heart, I need a clean heart.
    Thank you for such a wonderful devotion reminding me how powerful His wisdom is!

  14. The place where I need wisdom is, for my marriage. I don’t want to be here in this loveless place, we don’t have anything in common anymore, he’s an alcoholic and it’s getting worse every day . Please give me the wisdom to break away

  15. Right now, I am needing wisdom in family relationships and at work. Thank you for this encouraging reminder, today.

  16. I received my copy yesterday and can’t wait to get started! If I won the bundle I would love to share it with my best friend! I definitely need wisdom in navigating my marriage struggles. They have been ongoing for decades with no end in sight and I have prayed earnestly through every one of those decades. I am committing anew to dive even deeper into God’s word and claiming the verse Isaiah 43:19 and looking so earnestly for those rivers and roads in my wilderness this year and praying for miracles to come for my adult daughters who need to come back to Jesus!

  17. I need wisdom in my professional life. I live the organization I work for but am not loving the work I am doing and finding my frustration spilling out at times.

  18. I need God’s wisdom to show my husband that He so needs to be saved by the blood of Jesus. He is a good person. He is giving, caring and kind, a hard worker and a good provider. But sometimes, he depends on his own power instead of God’s. I am trying so hard to be a good light to him. I pray and long for a Christian home. I long for us to worship and praise and pray together. To attend church and be a part of God’s Kingdom, always putting God first in our lives, together, here on earth. A three fold cord that can never be broken. I pray for wisdom to bring lost souls to the glory of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Thank you, Incourage, for the guidance and encouragement that your articles inspire in seeking the wisdom of God. Blessings to every author and every reader. May we all grow and depend only on God’s wisdom, here on earth.

  19. Wisdom is needed in caring for others God has placed in our paths… some we are stumbling over, others we are walking beside and still others are lagging behind and we’re waiting for them to “catch up” …

  20. I need wisdom in responding with love but also boundaries with my children with behavioral challenges

  21. R. C. Sproul said, “The fundamental deception of Satan is the lie that obedience can NEVER bring happiness. Titus 3:1 says, And all these blessing shall come upon you and overtake you, if you obey the voice of the Lord your God. Please Lord help us to obey You. In Jesus’ name I pray, (-: Kerry

  22. I need wisdom before offering advice to my friends.I tend to rely on my emotions when responding to people. Many of the folks who I encounter are struggling with loss, health issues and/or family problems. God is always there to give us wisdom, I need only to ask.

  23. I am seeking God’s wisdom in my life as I approach my 60th birthday this summer. My husband passed away recently at 60 years of age and although I don’t admit it, I worry about walking through this year. I want God to show me how to live my best self and that includes my spiritual life, my career, financial situation, and my health. I want to live by God’s wisdom leading me in all areas of my life and not be afraid of what God has for me next.

  24. Love what I just read! Sometimes we need reminders =). I need wisdom in my family situation – my children and the division that has come in. I know God is able and He is in the midst working. It is hard in the waiting and it is hard trying to maneuver how to minister to each one separately. God I need You every second of the day!

  25. I need His wisdom how to move forward in my relationship with a dear long time friend who is going through a dark night of her soul and has asked me to “back off”.

  26. This is so true I go to Google more than God. Sometimes we need things to be said, and then pointed out and realize what we need to correct. Thank you for this message today so excited to get these books. Excited to enter this contest.

  27. I am seeking God’s Wisdom with a friends relationship right now. We have been friends a long time but I feel like she has been a toxic friend in the last year. We finally had a conversation and trying to repair what happened but it’s so hard to move forward and trust again but I’m trying to love like Jesus. ❤️

  28. I seek wisdom in gaining the knowledge to help others throughout my day and see the goodness in each other ..: I need wisdom to seek the person who is lonely and help them
    To see the possibilities the world has for them .. I seek wisdom to show as much love and compassion to fulfill the needs of others

  29. Finances are where I need wisdom, Getting paid once a month is getting more & more challenging. Should I get a part time job in addition to my full time to increase revenue stream? When I am already stretched mentally, I don’t see how that would be possible, though. Really need God’s wisdom in this area.

  30. I need wisdom in a situation that has caused our daughter to not allow us in her life & keep our granddaughters from us.

  31. So excited for this Bible study! I am praying for wisdom for the right place to give birth, whether it’s in a hospital or birth center. I’m pregnant with my first baby, and trust God will show me the way to go.

  32. Right now, and always, I need God’s hands steering me to be the best I can be, and to pray more than I already do. In this world, if we did not have Him, we would be lost. I know I need my Jesus, oh how I need Him every hour!

  33. I need wisdom in all areas of life…I need it to keep me in line with God and His ways..I need it right n0w with my son and dil…they don’t feel i’m important enough to be in the family..i guess they don’t believe i have any wisdom and i don’t know how to respond to them without getting into an argument…my dil told me she can love only my son and grandchildren..please..i need wisdom and guidance

  34. I struggle with knowing when to speak, what NOT to say, discernment while ministering to others in need and the best ways to meet the need, dealing with “sandpaper” Christians at work . . . and frustration. “Unplugging” myself from the news and plugging myself into God’s word helps provide balance and objectivity, but I always feel as if something is missing.

  35. I need wisdom in my job search right now. I’ve been in a job transition for almost a year now, and I need God’s wisdom to help me with making the right decisions about what to do.

  36. I need God to keep the wisdom in me to assist others and myself in the right way.

  37. I need wisdom in dealing with transitioning into a caregiver role many years ahead of when I thought this role would start.

  38. I have been seeking God’s wisdom about a relationship that is currently estranged. I really messed up months ago when, instead of turning to God, I turned, not to Google, but to friends and acquaintances. Instead of trusting that since God brought me to it, He would surely bring me through it, I went in search of “advice” and “counsel” from others who did not fully know the other person involved, or the circumstances. Instead of going straight to the person and communicating my concerns, I went to everyone else. Instead of thinking on “whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable” (Phil 4 8-9), I thought about the worst-case-scenario. By the time I realized what I had done, it was too late. It was too late for me, but it’s not to late for God. I’m believing for a miracle and praying for the wisdom to know when to reach out.

  39. At this time in my life I need God’s strength more than ever my mother-in-law is dying I need his wisdom and strength to help me and my husband to get through this she is not eating or drinking and we have told her God and her relatives are waiting for her. She is hanging on. Thank you.

  40. Good morning from Minnesota! I’ll be 76 in March and have been praying for God’s wisdom most of my adult life for daily grounding and survival. Thank you for the resources you provide to light my path.

  41. I am always asking God for Wisdom. The greatest area I need His wisdom in my relationship with my partner.
    I enjoyed the message for today and look forward to reading and doing the Bible Study for Create in Me a Heart of Wisdom.

  42. I pray for wisdom to do the right things even when they are the hard things. Addiction has ruled my son’s life for so long, and I have failed to do the things that would probably help him the most out of fear. I need the strength and wisdom to do what is best and let go and let God.

  43. I need wisdom in relationships with others. I have a situation where I really need wisdom. I guess several situations if I am honest. I keep on praying about it and sometimes praying about it with tears. Many times with tears! Then I give it over to God. I have been surprised twice now with this situation in the past two weeks in a good way. I have been wanting that CSB Devotional Bible for years. Thank you for providing another opportunity to win!

  44. I need wisdom with how to love my son well while still giving him the space he seems to be asking for.

  45. It’s so easy to turn into our phones, but having just read about how God’s chosen people had Aaron build them a golden calf, I know there are times when I should stop scrolling and start praying.

  46. How I need wisdom with the relationship with my 22 year old son.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  47. I need wisdom in trying to navigate this next chapter in my life. My husband decided to leave after almost 25 years of marriage and I’m trying to figure out how to do life with just me and my daughter.

  48. Could definitely use some help on the path right now….feeling the January blues like a lot of my friends and getting a little extra help is always a good thing!! ;0)

  49. This would be a wonderful Bible study for me because I think everyone needs wisdom, but most specifically biblical wisdom. I would love to be selected for this give away. I love learning from the Word of God.

  50. We have been doing a small family devotion and beed doing reading of Proverbs. “Wisdom calls out in the street, she lifts her voice in the square” I just love how wisdom is portraying as someone calls out for people to listen. I am not surprised that Salomon asked for wisdom. Maybe because I am a wife and mom, I realized now more than ever how important walking with God and His wisdom is. In decision making, in relationship, in so many aspect of our life. Thank you for sharing this and the chance to win the

  51. I need wisdom in overcoming my addictions and keep moving forward to my purpose in life, to fully live for God and not my own selfish desires. Amen!!

  52. My husband of 33 years passed away very unexpectedly August 20, 2022, so I need wisdom everyday in my decision making. I feel lost, still in a fog of disbelief that my husband is gone. I need God now more than ever before.

  53. After reading a Proverb a day for the month of January, I realized I need God’s wisdom more than ever. Especially when to speak and when to keep my mouth shut! Looking forward to this new study.

  54. Thank you for the gift you provide in your Bible studies. I could really use wisdom on how to help my elderly mom keep her faith and realize her purpose. I also need wisdom on what to do, and or say to my daughter, who has grown away from her faith. Thank you. God bless.

  55. This study line has been life changing for me as I struggle with loneliness and chronic illness I continue to Seek God’s Wisdom in how to be a Shining Light and How to still be Used by Him through this very Broken Jar of Clay

  56. In Courage,

    So often we turn to Google, phones, friends for answers first. Then we say “I tried that now all I have left is prayer”. Why don’t we pray first & seek God’s wisdom? I need wisdom for my job situation. Even though God gave me this job in Dec. 2021-it has completely changed from what I was doing. Not happy at all. Trying to find the right position for my personality & skills. Deep down I know God will take care of this for me. Also have a minor injury (trigger finger) that I need to get fixed.

    Abba Father, Send a discerning heart & mind to ALL the women here. They need it in various areas of their lives. Guide & direct their steps. Shower them with your love & grace in these trying times. In Jesus Name AMEN!

    Blessings 🙂

  57. I need God’s wisdom to help me set some much needed boundaries in a strained relationship. The idea of setting boundaries is scary to me, but I know things cannot continue the way they are going now. I pray that the love we have for each other and the love God has for both of us will help us have a healthy relationship!

  58. I need His wisdom on how to love my widowed from suicide mother better and more holy. I’m also a suicide widow so I understand . I pray that Jesus would soften her embittered heart and send her hope and reassurance that this wounding is nor the end of the story .

  59. I need wisdom in what God has for me in this next stage of life as our daughter is going to be a senior in August. She’s the baby, and I’m entering a new stage of life with the babies being all grown up. By the time she graduates I will have been a SAHM for 22 years. It’s been an amazing, wonderful, provided for journey. I’ve no idea what God will have for me next, but I trust Him and am very grateful.

  60. I need wisdom in dealing with family, namely my adult children. I thought this would get easier as they aged had children of their own. But I find myself often times struggling with boundaries, and what my role should be/look like now. Hope this book helps.

  61. I need wisdom in growing in God, seeking the kingdom, as well as parenting a teen who is soon entering adulthood and navigating a new season of life.

  62. I need the wisdom to listen to what God is telling me each and every day. The wisdom to never give in to the dark side.

  63. Thanks (In)Courage! I need wisdom all over the joint if I’m honest LOL… but if I had to pin-point a specific area I’d say in my career/job/position as we’re migrating with a newly purchased company. Migrations are difficult but also scary; as you learn new things and pray you will make the cut and that new leaders will see the value you bring to your role. I’ve been praying for grace to accept all of the newness and the ability to shine the Lord in all of these new areas to so many new people. Thanks for shining a light to those of us who tune in daily to read your encouragement.

  64. I so need the Lord’s wisdom concerning medical decisions. As I am older in years, I find it sad that so many doctors no longer have our best interest, due to being over worked and controlled by insurance and regulations. Yes, I research and then pray, but want to seek His wisdom first! Thank you for sharing these words of wisdom.

  65. Still useful? I need wisdom to find a ministry opportunity with fellowship. Feeling useless in retirement although I do pray/intercede extensively and do give to church and Christian ministries and support children in various ministries, I would love to be involved in a face to face ministry with fellowship and accountability.

  66. My son recently got married and my daughter-in-law and I are having trouble communicating. We both seem to hurt each others feelings a lot. It was a quick moving relationship – they married after only knowing each other for 8 months before getting married and I only knew her for about 4 months. She is a very sweet girl, but we always seem to say the wrong things to each other. I need help with learning how to better talk with her.

  67. Hello,
    I am truly seeking wisdom as I am helping teend and parents navigate life post covid . I work in a school and the teens particulary seniors whose high school experience has been greatly impacted are feeling very anxious about life and college. Parents aren’t the same because they feel as those their own kids are strangers.
    I need wisdom \as to how to minister to those I am in contact with on a daily basis . How to listen and advise… Only the Lord’s wisdom can help me (us) in the world and circumstances in which we live.

  68. I am in a season where I’ve felt the need for wisdom more than ever. Raising teens, health struggles, and simply just being the mom, wife, friend, servant, and woman that the Lord created me to be. This study sounds like a great tool to help with that.

  69. Right now? Have to say it’s just been difficult with being in a new season of life where things look different and am not always around people who believe in God. But slowly trying to find my way through this season of life where I’m trying to find who I really am and who God is truly at the same time.

  70. I am trying to rely on God for wisdom and answers to my questions. I am a Googler! I Google everything. And if I admit it, I do reach for Google first instead of my bible and I need and want it to be the other way around. I love Jesus and want to live for Him in all I do, say, read, think.

  71. Much needed wisdom for deep hurts, badly-brokenness as well as broken heart. I’m order, to make wiser decisions to walk in God’s fullness for His Glory, His Kingdom Come, His Will be Done.

  72. Much wisdom is needed to direct other women to God’s Word and His perspective on their difficult situations in life.

  73. I ask God for wisdom on the current season in my life, which consists of being a caretaker to my mother-in-law who suffers from Parkinson’s and also on parenting my children.

  74. I need wisdom in my work life as I lead my staff in ensuring we continue to serve those less fortunate and also in my personal life as I make decisions that are led by God.

  75. I need the wisdom of God to direct me in knowing when to act and went to stay quiet in my adult children’s lives

  76. I search for wisdom and the guidance of our God to accept my dads dementia as it progresses. Praying for patience, understanding and ways to cope as my dad slowly declines.

  77. I am looking for wisdom as I guide my daughter through her first year of high school. She is struggling with challenging friendships and peer pressure. I would be grateful for some guidance on how to help her with her struggles

  78. Thank you for providing such valuable resources for women.

    I need wisdom in the area of leaving a legacy for my kids and grandkids. How do I continue to live life well and in the process model this for those around me?

  79. I am thankful we that God is willing to share His wisdom, what an amazing gift. I need wisdom in the path I should walk and how to advance the kingdom

  80. I know this Bible study will be a great tool for my every day life and allow me to deepen my understanding of the wisdom and ways of God.

  81. The Create in Me books have been on my wishlist! Where don’t I need wisdom right now!?!? With parenting teen and preteen daughters and in finances. Also, working in a school, I hear about many of the situations that families are going through (divorce, depression, custody arguments, surgeries, illnesses, etc) and, while I am not expected to have answers to all of the problems, I need wisdom when talking to these families and being sensitive to this kiddos when they are dealing with big emotions that are too much for them to handle.

  82. I need help with relationships
    To be able to bring people to Christ
    Without being to religious or offensive,

  83. I need wisdom in seeking another job or staying where I am. I remain faithful and still until the Lord reveals what my next steps are.

  84. I need wisdom from God regarding parenting! I have three lovely children who each have their one personalities. I often have other people tell how delightful and kind my children are and I will comment back something negative about my child. It never fails. It’s like I cannot enjoy them and love them for all they are. I love them with my whole heart and often feel like I am quick to anger, inpatient and feel like I am not guiding them the way God wants me too. What warms my heart and soul is when my children tell me that they wouldn’t trade me for another mother and love having me as their mom. That comfort allows me to realize that I am doing something right.

  85. I need wisdom on how to deal with certain family relationships & also on some health issues.

  86. I am currently in need of wisdom as I navigate along side a friend who is a part of the Special Needs community. I desire to learn how to use my spiritual gifts and talents to encourage families affected by disability.

  87. I am seeking God’s wisdom as I look for a new job in a different industry than my previous one.

  88. For several months, I’ve been dealing with crippling anxiety out of nowhere. The clouds are slowly parting, and I’m starting to do some driving to at least pick up my kids from school, but I’m unable to go into stores by myself yet. I’m also have issues with my foot/calf. My husband and parents have had to support me a lot and help with the kids. I’ve been 100% healthy all my life so this has been a very lonely, scary time for me. I need God’s wisdom regarding next steps with my healing journey.

  89. Thanks for being so generous. I love Proverbs 8.

    I need wisdom with money management & budgeting. I can be impulsive. Thank you so much for your prayers. Praying for you all too!

    Praying when we speak we will have His wisdom & that faithful instruction will be on our tongues. Proverbs 31:26

    Be blessed to be a blessing,

  90. I’m needing God’s wisdom in many areas.
    Right now … my finances/possible job change …
    not sure what God is desiring for me to do, continue or not?
    As well as … need wisdom in ministry. God has defined a ministry area
    for me this year. I need his guidance & wisdom in following the steps I take.
    It will require courses of study, & a dedicated team of people.
    Blessings to all!

  91. I definitely need wisdom in understanding the words inspired by God as I journey through the Bible for the first time this year.

  92. I’m praying for deeper understanding, insight and knowledge of God’s wisdom for my life in all areas so that He may be honored and glorified as He well deserves and that His Kingdom will advance exponentially!

  93. I need wisdom in guiding my teens in God’s truths. I want to remain sharp in responding to their questions.

  94. I need wisdom as the Mother of 6 adult children (and 8 grandchildren) to know when to speak and what to say that is appropriate and encouraging as they face life’s challenges.

  95. I need the wisdom to continue to raise our son to have a love for God in his heart. The wisdom to help him through his middle and high school years. And the continued wisdom to raise him to be a great human. Thanks for the opportunity to win this package.

  96. This article encouraged my heart. I need God’s wisdom most in navigating challenging relationships right now. Thank you for being a place of faithful encouragement in my life, incourage.

    May God bless you

  97. I need wisdom from God in the leadership positions that I have accepted in my local church. I know that reliance on God will be the only path forward and I have to learn to wait on His guidance. I know he will give what is needed, when it is needed. God is good all the time. I can’t wait to learn more about this study!

  98. I need wisdom when I talk to my adult children since they are not christians. I want to gentle and knowledgable but full of God’s love also.

  99. Wisdom – Keeping God first while balancing a new job, my family, my ministries, and my health.

    Thank you.

  100. I Love God says to ask for wisdom James 1:5. Yes I google a lot but always within me I am asking God to give me His Wisdom in knowing, guiding & directing me in all areas of my life. Especially for my passion of sharing Gods Love , Hope & Peace He gives me & is for them too!

  101. Seeking wisdom on decisions my husband and I need to make for our future in our careers and where we will live.