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Liv Dooley is a speaker who loves to hike, travel with her husband, read good books, and worship Jesus. She hosts the podcast, The Best Kept Secret with Liv Dooley, and she writes about enjoying intimacy with Jesus through prayer and other spiritual practices.

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  1. You are truly WONDERFUL

  2. You are AMAZING.

  3. I love the Philippians verses..Started Beth and Melissa Moore study of Philippians last week.
    Praying for you and whatever God has planned for you. Remember to listen. That was part of the message at church yesterday: Cultivate an open mind, allocate time for listening, eliminate distractions, and cooperate with what He tells us. I needed to remind myself of these points. Maybe someone else does also.


  4. I love this reading. I don’t have kids because not brave enough to give birth never was. But I look at my Dad and the way he goes once a week to visit my other Sisters kids in there homes. They visit him at night my sister’s during the week. I often wonder why can’t he visit me more. Yes I do his house home help 6 day a week for few hours to help my elderly Dad out. I see him thoes day for about an hour as he taken out by a lady to meet his friends for coffee and shopping etc during the week. But I do get sad he can find the time to visit my sisters and their kids every Sunday. Hardly ever visit me. Looking at it now. I thank full I can go see my Dad and do his home help 6 day a week as he is 82. God said to me Dawn you see him then and he see you then. Be thank full for that. But I got over the fact my sister’s go see him so many nights a week with some if not most of their kids as some at University. So all can’t go. Then he makes the effort to see them and their kids at their homes on Sunday and not mine. I never asked him why as he just say busy seeing my Grandkids. So I let it go. Thank God for 6 days for time I see him before he go see his friends for coffee while I do his house. Thank you for this brilliant reading. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little xx

  5. I had many of those same thoughts, only God called me to singleness. While other teenagers worked part-time at other jobs, I Babysat—& loved it even into my 30s. I also loved working in our Church’s Children’s Church, & later as a Sunday School Teacher. God called me to be a Teacher, & I loved doing that job too.

    But the years kept going by, & there was never a life partner for me. Always in my mind was the thought, that “I could still get married & have children”. Then I’d have to die to that expectation, & resubmit my life to Jesus as He willed, to regain contentment.

    I really thought I was fully living in contentment, until I began going through menopause. That’s when I was confronted by the fact that I would never physically give birth to a child.

    But God showed me that even though I hadn’t given physical birth to a child, I’d had a part in mothering many children, down through the years! And I’d had a part in many children coming into God’s Kingdom. I could choose to live with a broken heart of what I’d never have, or rejoice in being a part of God’s hand extended to others!

    I chose to live fully content. This is no longer a place that the enemy can easily attack my heart. Because when he tries, I remember what God showed me, & count my Blessings of being part of children’s lives down through the years!

    • What a beautiful testimony EL! The opportunity He has given you to birth children into the Kingdom is one that I celebrate with you! Thank you for sharing.

  6. Liv,

    My problem now is about hating the job I have. Yes- I know God gave me this job. It went from being clerical type work to mostly stocking rooms. Had hopes of an interview 02/17, but they filled that position. Trying to stay positive is hard when I’m tired & just plain can’t stand being there. Asking God to help me feel His strength pulse through me. I also cling to Jeremiah 29:11.

    Blessings 🙂

    • Beth, I sympathize with you and thank you for your transparency. I trust that Jeremiah 29:11 will anchor you to the Lord until the difficulties you’re having have passed, and I look forward to hearing the praise report you enjoy on the other side of it all.