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  1. Oh the God of abundance rather than scarcity! I had just journaled my disappointment that our Tennessee Vols lost to a much smaller ( in height & school & conference) Florida Atlantic in the NCAA basketball ball tournament but that God will redeem the disappointment. Not only that but He can enable me to cheer on the Owls as they continue in the tournament. Yeah “just” a sporting event but oh the life lessons God provides if we just pay attention! Thanks for your truth telling words, Grace!

  2. Grace,
    This line speaks such truth: “one person’s success doesn’t cancel out another’s.” We are human — comparison, envy, and flat out jealousy are bound to creep in at times. Learning to celebrate others’ joy brings a special joy all its own and it totally goes against the “me first” attitude of our culture. Being able to squeal with delight over another’s success is radical joy 🙂 Thanks for spreading some here today.

  3. Your sharing is so apt in this broken world of racial and gender discrimination. Thank you for highlighting that we should share the pain and joy of those around us. There should be no barriers. We should encourage and help each other in every way possible.

    The ” I, me, my,” culture focuses on all the selfish, and self centred desires to achieve, and obtain success at the expense of others. This is precisely the opposite of what the LORD wants of us.
    As believers, the LORD has shown us the blessed way to live our lives to being HIM glory.

  4. Thank you for sharing this well needed statement and Gods truth: “one persons success doesn’t cancel out another’s”. Some of us who struggle, it’s good to be reminded that no matter what, God cares for each one of us no matter where we are in our journey. For some it is difficult to celebrate because of the pain in our lives. I am reminded how much God loves everyone of us and cares for us and knows all the intimate details. He will carry the burdens for us so we are able to rejoice with those that rejoice. Also to mourn with those who mourn.

  5. These are words I need to hear. I so often feel lacking- that I have not accomplished enough. I need to remember what is truly important.

  6. Grace,

    My husband told me last night that I am very empathetic. I feel your pain/suffering & want to do something to help out. On the flip side if you get honored I celebrate with you. hubby has a nephew that made 4th grade 9 week honor roll again. I congratulated him. Our culture doesn’t make that easy. It’s a “me first” mentality. We need to spread God’s joy around & celebrate the success of others. Be happy for them as they will be happy for you.

    Blessings 🙂