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  1. This story is one many need to hear. I’m so guilty of not accepting help. I know Alison struggles with that too, so I’d share a copy with her!

    Thanks for sharing this story and including a biblical example/perspective. Hard to argue the niceties of a story when Jesus models it too!

  2. This is such a good reminder for everyone! It is hard to ask for help but I am getting better with age. Thanks for the reminder. I would give a copy to a dear friend.

  3. I tend to push aside offers of help. But not long ago a friend told me accepting help was a gift to someone who offers that help. It allows them to love their neighbor. So, while I still may not eagerly accept offers, I do not push back as I used to. Of course, getting older and being widowed has made accepting God’s love from others much easier. It doesn’t make me weak.
    Last night I wrote a note to look when the next issue of the magazine was coming out. I was afraid I missed it. What a wonderful surprise to see it is here!

  4. Please enter me in the Everyday Faith magazine free giveaway. I would give the 2nd copy to a young couple & their 2 young daughters & after reading my copy, I would pass it along to bless someone else too! Thank you for lifting Our hearts & minds to focus on our Lord with your excellent resources! All God’s blessings, Sherry Chatham
    5703 SW Foxcroft Cir N. Topeka KS 66614-4103.

  5. I would gift a copy to my daughter. She is a 2 nd grade teacher and an introvert by nature who recently stepped outside her comfort zone to start a small group at church for the young adults. I am so proud of her.

  6. I would love to give a copy to my mom we are very similar in what we read during our quiet time and I know she would love this magazine. We’ve both been through many tough times where we have relied on our faith and relationships to get through.

  7. I would love to gift a copy to my dear Jennifer. She has helped me as I navigate a very dark season of life right now as she is also going through her own struggles.

  8. I love this! I am learning to accept help. Sometimes people offer out of politeness and are surprised when I say yes! I would give a copy to my sister!

    • Good story to read. Always a good reason to accept help from a friend who cares about me and family. Helping another friend lately with dinner when brought over a gift. Making dinner and getting her baby daughter to quit crying isn’t easy. I helped with a pan of food before it was put in the oven. Less stressful for the mom.
      Everyday magazine is good to read. I can give on to a friend of mine. I get mine at a store. I think having a subscription for it would work so I can’t always find in town.

  9. I would give a copy to my (newer) friend, Amy. God answered my prayer and it would be such a cool thing to grow in our faith together.

  10. Thanks for the opportunity to win these wonderful magazines. I already have this one, so I could give away both copies. I have several family members and coworkers that would love to read it. I’ll also pass mine along after I finish.

  11. Thanks for sharing your story. It is so easy to forget that God uses those around us to be His hands and feet in our lives.

  12. This devotion is so ME! I used to say no all.the.time. After an unexpected divorce and single parenting, I started to accept people’s help. It was good for my daughters to see the Body of Christ walking alongside us. Sometimes I think that’s God’s plan. The one offering and the one receiving are blessed.

    Today, it is much easier for me to accept an invitation for help. When I planned my daughter’s college graduation party, I was thankful for my many sisters in Christ who helped me prepare the food/desserts and pickup/delivery.

  13. Thanks so much for this giveaway! I’d live to share a copy with my friend, Katie.

  14. What a great easily overlooked point from those verses. Thanks for the encouragement, Barb!

  15. I believe I learned my sense of self sufficiency from my parents. They were of the generation that just didn’t ask others for help — no matter how much they could have used it. For a LONG time, I practiced what had been modeled to me. I soon learned that “self sufficiency” was a euphemistic way of saying “pride.” If Jesus could use the gift of angels’ help and comfort, how much more can I?! I would gift a copy of the magazines to my mom (who still hesitates to ask anyone for help).

  16. This makes me think of Miss Clara from the movie War Room when I believe she, “don’t steal my blessing” to Elizabeth when she refuses help. I’ve used that line before and it works. If I were to win the 2 copies, I know God would lay on my heart whom to share them with.

  17. I really appreciated Barb’s message, as I often find it difficult to accept offers of help.
    I would gift Every Day Faith magazine to my two sisters-in-law who are experiencing many changes in their lives, but remain models of faith.

  18. Love this idea! I would share the magazine with the leader of my women’s bible study group. She is amazing!

  19. What a timely article! Thank you! I would give one to my friend who recently lost her husband and is terrified of going through some surgery she needs this week, without him by her side.

  20. I would give a copy of the magazine to my daughter in law that I consider my daughter. Her birthday is the 15th and her husband is being deployed to another country for 9 months and she really needs support.

  21. I would give a copy to my mother.
    I think she would really enjoy receiving a copy.
    Thank you

  22. I would gift my friend, Emily, with this subscription.
    Emily and I have been best friends since 6th grade (55 years), have sustained our friendship through her countless moves to different states, and whom I consider my “soul friend”. When together we empty our hearts of pains and struggles, we fill each other with optimism for what is to come in our aging process. She walked with me through my journey of transitions over the last 7 yrs. since my husband’s death. We constantly share through email the many quotes and inspirational readings that touch our hearts and souls. This magazine would join us over the distance of miles……..each reading the same articles at the same time enabling us to discuss and share the wisdom of other’s walking this wonderful journey of life.

  23. I would give to my friend/neighbor who I walk and pray with daily. My mom. Both have Birthdays the end of March. I love Everyday Faith Magazine and look forward to it Quarterly.

  24. I have two dear friends who like me have recently lost a loved one. I’m am comforted by this article and I know your magazine would bring comfort to them as well as me.

  25. My very wise mother taught me this; when you help others, God blesses you. If you refuse help from others, you are robbing them of that same kind of blessing. Be gracious to them, you both will come away with renewed hope.

  26. Barb,

    People, especially women, have a hard time accepting help. We feel we can do or handle it all by ourselves. That is simply pride rearing its ugly head. By saying no to offers of help we are robbing others of blessings & God’s love shown to us by/through that person.

    I had some troubles last fall. Didn’t want to tell anyone. Then God got a hold of me. I began to tell some friends about my trials. They have & are still praying for me. They give me a sense of hope.

    I would gift a copy to a friend.

    Blessings 🙂

  27. I love your magazine!
    I would share a copy with my daughter in law to enjoy.
    she is in the last weeks of pregnancy with my first grandchild –
    she deserves to rest and enjoy reading your magazine

  28. I would love to give a copy to a dear friend who is grieving the loss of her husband.

  29. I would love to be able to gift this to my sister, Erica. I read your devotionals every day and they are always so encouraging. Thank you!

  30. I would gift a copy to my daughter, Carolina, who God has been working on for a while now. She gave her life to Christ & will be baptized on April 23rd!

  31. It’s always hard for me to accept help also , even though I’m always ready to help others. I would give a copy to my friend Joanie Widmer.