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Jennifer Dukes Lee is the author of several books, including Growing Slow. She and her husband live on the family farm, raising crops, pigs, and two humans. She’s a fan of dark chocolate, emojis, eighties music, bright lipstick, and Netflix binges. She wants to live life in such a way...

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  1. What a beautiful book! Jennifer I always love reading what you write but this especially stood out. My life is valuable for soma y reasons but mostly because I know God cares. He sent me the most beautiful church I have ever been apart of and so many mornings when I am hurting or troubled His voice comes through (in) courage. Thanks for your honesty and vulnerability!!

    • Sharon, Good morning, dear friend of incourage. We are so glad you are here. Thank you for your kind words, and for sharing one of your answers to the questions. YAY!

  2. Oh boy, I’ll go with question 3. The question that immediately comes to mind is “why?”. It seems that I want to know why about everything. While I have never seen this as a bad thing, my husband is helping me to understand that when I ask why, people think that I am questioning their motives or disagreeing with them. I don’t know if God views my questions that way, but I never want to question His authority in my life, so I need to learn to TRUST and walk by faith, even if I don’t know all the answers! Thanks for a chance to win this book.

    • Hi Judy! I had a friend like you. She has since passed away, but was intensely curious about so many things. I suppose some people wondered if my friend disagreed with them or was trying to contradict them, but I saw a sense of wonder and curiosity that I admire to this day. I do think that so many beautiful things happen after the beautiful curve of a question mark. Questions, indeed, can be beautiful.

  3. When I read question 2, the first thing that came to mind was the full armor of God. Yes, I know that is more than three accessories but what woman only wears three accessories??!! And we all need the full armor of God every day! Thank you for this devotion – it really hit home today!

  4. I’ll tackle #2 – what a fun question! My action figure should come with a Bible because I love to start my day with God’s Word, and markers because I do color in my Bible, and I’m a creative. I love to make cards to bless others and scrapbook memories. I’ll need those to help me remember as my memory fails. And a microphone. God blessed me with a pleasant voice but not a big voice. But I do love to sing.

  5. I love thought provoking reading like this! Thanks for your creativity in helping our minds and hearts move!

  6. #1 I know my value by His cross #2 My action heroine needs a puzzle at least, knowing He’s got all the pieces, and some glue to keep it together… and seriously #3 a real toughy Lord – why did my real mom give me up only to be placed with an alcoholic one…

  7. I have been so blessed through the years many times by what Jennifer has written. I’m afraid this might be a painful book to work through.
    Question #3 what I would ask God: after years of hearbreak and tears and prayers, how long before our son comes back to You and to us?

    • Hi mp! Thanks so much for sharing. Yes, there are parts where you go deep, but we sprinkled lots of quirky, fun questions in there, too, so it feels like a rich, broad experience for the end-user.

      As to you answer to Question #3: Pausing to pray with you on this. That’s so hard, friend.

  8. I love these questions! And such a thought provoking message. I certainly can relate.

  9. Wonderful read, Jennifer. My superhero accessories would be – a great pair of glasses or sunglasses. These represent having truth-seeking eyes. Some earbuds to not shut out the noise of the world but represent ears that hear, be still, and listen for the Lord. My last accessory would be the shield of faith. One can never have enough faith.

  10. I am a detail oriented person so I like to know all the things! I question why to God more than I probably should but as I get older I am learning to put my complete faith and trust in Him for everything, large and small. My burning question at this time would probably be, Why are my two daughters so far from the faith and foundation they were raised in? I pray for them daily and have all their lives. It so confusing and heartbreaking to see them living apart from our God who loves them so much! Thank you for a chance to win your wonderful new book!

    • Laura, that’s a question I ask about my daughter too. I pray that your daughters, and mine, find their way back to a strong faith in our loving God.

    • Oh Laura, You are not alone in this. We often hear from parents like you who are in this same struggle. There are no easy answers, but today, we join you in prayer for your two daughters. Sending my love.

  11. Option 2: If a toy manufacturer were to make an action figure of you, these are the three accessories it would come with:
    My bass guitar, my Bible and my black lab, Daisy.

  12. I have been wanting to read this since you announced you were writing it! I like the second question because it really gives insight into what makes a person who they are. I would come with a lollipop, sunglasses, and really fun and creative earrings.

    • Yay, Heidi! I am grateful for your interest. And you are absolutely right. I agree that such a goofy little question can say a lot about a person. And I am loving your accessories. To me, these accessories indicate that you are a fun-loving, spontaneous, creative, artistic, joy-seeking woman!

  13. Option 2: My action figure would have: A large blended family of action figures, a breast cancer survivor flag and gardening tools!

  14. #3: Why was my granddaughter born with a rare genetic disorder? I struggle with the “why” and admit that I share my disappointment (and anger, sometimes) with God.

  15. I have too many questions to ask God to pick just one (some are just things I would like to know, like where do fruit flies come from, and what’s their purpose ). I have been lately trying to figure out why I am might be valuable and I am thinking it might be because someone might need what I can offer faults and all.
    Jennifer, Thanks for admitting that there are times we try to hide things from God, which is so silly. I need to take a good look at myself.

  16. This is so true about giving God all your secrets. I know in my life I thought God would be so angry with me if He knew how I truly felt and did. Years ago, I believed if He really knew me, He wouldn’t love me and would reject me. As I daily turned to God and His truths, I soon found that God knew me intimately and personally because He created me. He already knew everything from the time He created me. God can handle anything and everything because He is the Creator of us and this world. NOTHING is unknown to God. He understands. He loves me and you and will never leave or forsake us. He knows yesterday, today and tomorrow and is already there. No matter what is going on in our lives, He will walk with us, always. 🙂

  17. If I were a toy, my 3 accessories would be a beach chair, a book and some chocolate!!

  18. Option 3: I would as Jesus if I am going to heaven and if so, should I be doing something to make it a better experience.

  19. A two-edged sword, a tailor made shield and some unique designer boots.

  20. Question I would ask is why all the miscarriages. Especially the latest one that occurred after heartbeat was detected.

  21. Three accessories: a chopstick for my messy bun, a calligraphy pen, sparkly ink.

  22. My life is valuable because people depend on me and our lives are all interconnected. Without me there would be ripple effects.

  23. (1) My life is valuable because God has blessed me with the ability to minister to the sick, the dying, the elderly, the grieving, the wondering. As a second career, God lead me to be a Hospital and Hospice Chaplain, and then a Pastoral Care Associate for my home parish. God has allowed me to use the ‘gifts’ He gave me to serve Him through others. I am valuable because God chose me and I accepted His call.

    (2) My action figure would have a bible, a hand-trowel, and some flowers attached to a very non-assuming aging woman.

    (3) I have always said I have a lot of questions I would like to ask God when I meet Him face to face, but one of my pastors told me years ago that “when you get to Heaven everything will be revealed, you won’t even think of questions”. But – why do babies get cancer? (just one of many I’m wondering)

    Jennifer, I just love your writing style….you are so down to earth and honest in your books. You will probably never know the number of lives you have touched in your book-writing ministry. God chose you and you answered Him.

  24. Real grace in real life requires real transparency. I can relate Jennifer to your timidity with God. Why am I often so afraid?

    So I will start with this, jumping in deep.

    If I could ask God one question it would be this: What are the names You’ve given our two babies we lost?

  25. My life is valuable because God says He has a purpose for me. I trust Him.
    My action figure barbie would come with 3 accessories- a bible, coffee mug and a tennis racket!

  26. What great questions? If I could ask God 1 ? I would ask when You knew man would turn away from You again after You washed the earth in the flood, then why do it?
    Prompt #2 is so good! I really had to think on this one. My accessories would be a Bible- can’t live w/o it, a bicycle that’s tires never need pumped, and a pen that never runs dry.

  27. This article was near to my heart. I always thought God knew what was in my heart, BUT, he wanted me to come to him in prayer. I read and reread again. What a gracious father we have. Thank you for your words.

  28. What a great article, Jennifer! I always enjoy your content, and I loved reading “Growing Slow”.

    I’ll tackle #1 here: My life is valuable because God calls me His own and also because my children are all under my care. Knowing Him more everyday and doing what He has set before me gives my life value. I am valuable to my kids simply because I am their mom, but also for how I am able to teach and mold their minds, hearts, and spirits.

    Thank you for the giveaway opportunity!

  29. If a toy manufacturer were to make an action figure of you, these are the three accessories it would come with: rolling eyes (for sarcasm), fidget spinner (for anxiety) & tiny tissues (for all my mini meltdowns). 🙂

  30. My life is valuable because I am an overcoming, bible believing, forever redeemed child of God. ♥️

  31. Jennifer,

    This sounds like something so many of us need.

    1: My life is valuable because: Jesus Christ left the splendor of Heaven, came to broken Earth & died a horrible death just.for.me. If that isn’t enough reason I don’t know what is!!

    3: If you could ask God one question what would it be? How could you bear all that pain & not say a word. Stand there quietly knowing what was to come?

    So many people think they have to be perfect to show up for Jesus. All He really wants is our obedience & a relationship with us. He is always waiting to talk with us. We just have to take the time & bear our souls to Him.

    Blessings 🙂