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Gwen Griffiths loves intentional conversation, good books, chocolate, watching God at work in the world around her, travel, and coming home. Each of these pursuits becomes even better when shared with her husband, Tim, or her three mostly-grown children.

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  1. I can identify those struggle you share. I like the idea of writing prayers and such down as they happen rather than sitting and trying to force myself to make some kind of connection. I get so easily distracted especially when I do not understand what I am reading and that happens more times than I care to admit. Lauren Daigle’s song is so powerful. I find listening to praise music in the car is a very special time in my day. I guess it is time to finally put something down in my new blank journal.

    • It’s amazing how music can speak to the soul, isn’t it? I have a playlist for when I am feeling discouraged or challenged in life–songs that speak truth into my heart.

  2. Reminders of God’s faithfulness are the paving stones of confidence in Him. I’ve never been a journaler but the fright of dementia & not remembering well is starting to motivate me to begin writing it down so I can rehearse it even if I can’t recall it on my own.

    • I love that first sentence! I have this picture in my head where God has taken hurts I have experienced–things that I once used to build a wall around my heart–and used them to create a path in a beautiful garden where I can walk with Him.

      And as my dad enters the first stages of Alzhiemers, I value written concepts and rehearsal even more. I have asked for his Bible when he is no longer using it (he gets a new one every few years) so that I can have that record of his faith.

  3. Almost speechless here. I have never left a comment on any platform like this. You are speaking exactly what I experience. The ebb and flow how it feels to spend time in scripture and worship .. and to ‘feel’ it .. and to feel nothing. Yes it’s absolutely a discipline. Whether we feel anything, or whether we ‘get’ anything, He is worthy and He is faithful, and we must trust that His word and His presence are working in us whether we feel anything or not. It’s the peace that passes understanding. I know your honesty and your own experience expressed in this devotion will make life changing differences in many hearts and minds! This is a real keeper. I’m fixing to share it w my best friend! It will go on and on! Hallelujah! Now for today I can’t wait to open my notebook! I’m going to print out your words and add this devotion to my pages. Blessings to you! Keep sharing w your honest heart and soul.

    • Thank you for your kind words! If anything, writing this cemented the need to continue to practice the discipline of faith for me, and I hope it encourages others in their walks with Christ.

  4. Love your openness! The Lord is so faithful to guide us along! I’ve been in that same spot many times and to continue coming to His feet when my mind doesn’t understand.

    • It’s all because of His faithfulness, isn’t it? I’m learning more and more that He has a purpose and a plan for everything, even when it is hard for me to see.

  5. Gwen, this piece ebbed and flowed with all the tension and truth of desert seasons — absolutely loved how you shared your story . . . and hope that helps. So glad to share your words at (in)courage, today!

    • Thank you for your kind words. I often feel like God speaks to me in pictures, and it was a pleasure to share this particular heart-image with the readers of (in)courage.

  6. Oh wow this describes what I’m going through or should I say still going through! Thank you, for the reminder keep going through, I also, like that you journal each time you get a connection with God whether it be a song, scripture… thank you something I need to try as well

    • I feel like our journal can become like the pile of rocks God had the Israelites build after they crossed the Jordan—something concrete to remind us of what God has done.

  7. “ There’s a quiet peace running under the desolation I so often feel.” these are such great words. One of my familiar and favorite parts of this faith walk. This is always true and such a rock bed comfort. Those journals are such a testimony of the Holy Spirit still meeting us in the empty places. Many a time i have looked back to see that some of those worlds were not mine alone. Your visual picture and honesty are so refreshing. What a beautiful hope.

    • Yes, and we have to keep coming back to those rock-solid truths. Our emotions are part of our make-up, but they can easily lead us astray. Keep record (journaling) helps to remind me of the truths, regardless of how I feel.

  8. This is so relatable and encouraging! I resonate with the part where you say the scripture flits across the surface of your mind without really sinking in. I have had that experience so often. I really love how you incorporate the raw and deep struggles of your heart, scriptural promises and anchor points, as well as practical, boots-on-the-ground advice. May the Lord use your honesty and experiences to encourage many.

    • Thank you for your kind words! I love when God takes a struggle and makes something worthy out of it.

  9. Gwen,

    Life gets so busy that days can go by before I even have time for Bible study or quiet time. Music is my solace. Chris Tomlin’s new song “Thank you Lord” has become a prayer for me back to God. I sing it most days on way to work, church, etc. Love thanking God for ALL He’s given me. Often times I listen to Christian music as I cook, exercise, etc. I use that as time of worship to God. Trying to sing the words back to Him. God is always waiting to hear from His children. So I do my best to pray on way to work, in shower, whenever someone comes to mind. We need to remind ourselves of God’s faithfulness in the past.

    Blessings 🙂

    • Oh man, I have had seasons where it seemed like I just couldn’t not find time for daily time with God. I am so glad you have been able to find those times of communion with Him. Keep searching for small spots of time with which to meet Christ. I love podcasts or listening listening to uplifting books in the car, and I have a friend who listens to the Bible while she is in the shower. So many ways to connect and learn about Christ!