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Karina Allen is devoted to helping women live out their unique calling and building authentic community through the practical application of Scripture in an approachable, winsome manner.

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  1. What a beautiful and uplifting post!! Thank you so much for sharing this story and giving us all good news about Gen Z. Love to read and know about hope for the future of this generation.

  2. HALLELUJAH! THANK YOU for sharing this! It is SO encouraging and I needed it, so many children especially teenagers are so lost today it’s good to hear the good stories are still there!

  3. This was beautiful to read. And so very encouraging. All generations have a particular purpose…sometimes accomplished in a different way than the generation before. But our internal and external needs remain the same …..a relationship with our Father and all those whom HE has lovingly created. Thank YOU for fostering that by being a witness and participant with the youth group AND by writing to encourage us that GOD was and IS certainly present with each new generation. Seek and you shall find.

  4. I love today reading as it so true when we are serving for the Lord it does change our perspective. More so than doing it on to man. Like this I know it a different thing all together. I do my Dad’s Home help for him Monday to Friday he is 82. He my Dad is not saved. I pray for his Salvation. I have told my Dad unless he gets saved he not get to Heaven when he leaves this world. As my Dad thinks everyone gets to Heaven when you die. He laughs at me in all I believe and has asked me how I believe all I do. I told him I believe it because it says it in the word of God the Bible. I told my Dad I pray for him along with the rest of my family my Sister’s and their Families that are not saved. He my Dad has asked me does my Husband believe what I believe I have said yes because he is saved too. I told my Dad I do his home help for him on to Love of the Lord and the Love of him my Dad. I also told my Dad I serve God in everything I do. God comes first in my life and my Husband’s we serve God first. It has changed our perspective as we may live in this world and I told my Dad this but we are not of the world. Everything we do is about Jesus and living for him. My Dad has just said good on you that you believe all that. I told my Dad I love him and that I will never stop praying for him. Especially to see his need to get saved. I don’t preach it at but now and again when the subject comes up and my Dad would ask questions like what did you do at the weekend. I tell him on Sunday went to Church read my Bible and said my prayers and you were in them. Then the subject comes up why do I pray and read my Bible why do I go to Church. But one thing my Dad was good at so was my late Mum. I don’t know if she was saved when left this world. I did pray for her salvation. They did send me and my two sisters to Sunday School and I am very thankful for that. As I learnt so much from it and the kids Bible songs are still appreciate for me today as an Adult as they were when I was child. Like Jesus loves all the Children of the world red and yellow black and white. That song is appreciate even for me as an Adult today as I am Child of Jesus today even though I am Adult. As an Adult Jesus love me no matter what skin colour I have and other Adults have. I am to do the same to Adults and kids no matter what skin colour they have. There are lots of kids song that are good for us as Adults too. So everyday I get up to go my Dad to help him to his home help I know I am serving him on to Lord and in Love on to Lord and Love on to my my Dad and that makes my perspective change when doing his house. As my Dad not the easiest man to work with as he can be contary. At times it his way or no way.You do your best for him and he expect more you can’t do more. God said to me your Dad will not change until he get saved just to say nothing know your doing it in Love on to me and your Dad. So I say nothing and do that and just do his house and keep praying for his Salvation. Love today’s reading. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little xx keeping you all incourage in my prayers.

  5. Thank you, Karinna, for sharing this story. It is not only uplifting, but it brings a sense of hope for a generation that many see as hopeless. Adults need to find more ways to encourage kids to give up (or disconnect from) their phones and electronic devices and learn how to communicate with each other in a personal way. Your team gave those kids a new life-line to God and a new perspective on being real with themselves and each other. Thank you and all the other adults who gave their time for such a worthwhile project. I’m sure you all received the blessings of time well spent.

  6. I believe God is doing something with this generation. I keep telling these young leaders I believe they are the ones God is raising up to carry the church forward.

  7. Karina,

    People think all young people care about is technology & social media. With proper guidance & God’s help they can live out Philippians 4:13. I remember painting a church downtown Tampa, FL. Now as an older adult I volunteer with Loaves & Fishes Food Bank 1 day a week doing whatever they need, plus helping raise funds, & buying needed items. Also help Recovery Soldiers program for recovering addicts. I get such pleasure assisting others. The best part is taking my eyes off me & looking at the needs of others-being the hands & feet of Jesus. It shows me how blessed I am.

    I can sense a little shift in our world. It seems more & more people are coming back to God. Testify Karina!!

    Blessings 🙂

  8. Karina, I was really encouraged by this, and I loved the individual stories that were told. I remember when you helped with the dance ministry and we both got to enjoy the MS and HS kids that came every Tuesday from 4pm-8pm. My heart was so full of joy when I would see them helping 4 yrs olds sing and dance. Thank you for sharing this .

  9. Beautiful! That step from the church leaders *was brave* and God met you! As you wrote, some traits may be right, but not all of the time and they do not define the “kids” more than any of our adults’ misbehaviors completely defines us. “Love (…) believes all things [looking for the best in each one]…” 1 Corinthians 13:7 (AMP)

  10. Hi Karina! I am in 10th grade, and I would love to start something like this for the kids at my church. Do y’all have any kind of schedule that you could share, like what games are for certain teaching? Anything would help, just like what games you used, which passages/ stories did you use for teaching the kids?