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  1. Prayers for.my 96 year old Mom for healing as she has 2 infections and 2 fractured vertebrae in her low back from a fall at the facility she lives at. Prayers of patience and compassion for the workers there, that they may do a better job of caring.

    • Denise,

      Prayers for God to send His healing touch. Asking God to send patience & compassion to the workers. Prayers for peace & comfort for you as you help out & deal with this situation.

      Blessings 🙂

    • Denise, I am asking our Lord right now to wrap His loving arms around your Mom so that she feels His peace and healing. I am praying for the staff who are assisting her. And I am asking Jesus to surround you with His peace and to take away your worries. You are loved. ❤️

    • Kristina,

      Oh sweet sister. I’m so sorry for you & your mom. May God send peace & a heap of patience as you deal with this situation. Asking God to give you a discerning heart & mind to know how to handle mom. I went through the same thing with both parents. We had good days & bad. My best advice is to not argue with her. If she sees something then say ok. I know it will be hard as time passes. Sending my love & hugs to you.


      Blessings 🙂

    • Kristina,

      I will pray for your mother as well as you and your family. My mother has dementia as well and moved to a memory care unit about a year ago. It’s a tough disease, but there are beautiful, meaningful moments to be savored along the way. Keep a good sense of humor as you will need that, and give yourself lots of grace. No one gives us a handbook for this stage of life with our parents. Hang in there, you’re not alone!

  2. Please pray for physical healing in my body. Chronic pain, torn rotator cuff, frozen shoulder, left hip pain and more continue to plague me day after day after day. Thank you so much!

  3. Please pray that I will handle a hurtful situation with God’s peace and love. I’m trying to remind myself that I’m only responsible for me not for this person’s reaction.

    • Lord please give this sweet lady Your wisdom in handling this hurtful situation. We know we live in a fallen world but this is not our home. Please soften hearts and ease pain and work this situation out for good as only You can do. In Jesus’ Name amen

  4. Please pray for my older sister who recently had some mini strokes. We’ve had to move her back home to where we’re from, she can no longer work, and she’s living with our mom that isn’t a peaceful place to be. She suffers from anxiety and PTSD. Her son is soon to be released out in a state that he has no one. I am so overwhelmed because I’m pretty much handling all her business while raising my own son with special needs. Also pray for a young lady who just lost 3 grandparents over the last 3 months.

    • Praying for your sister and her son that the Lord is with them in all these trials and helps them through. And prayers for you for peace and strength as you navigate this difficult family situation. In Jesus’s name

    • Arnesia,

      Oh sweet sister praying for you.

      Abba Father, Please give a heap of peace & patience to Arnesia. You alone know all that she is dealing with. Give her a discerning heart & mind to know how to handle everything. Send help her way to give her a rest. Heal her older sister from the mini strokes. Give mom more good days from PTSD & anxiety. Help them to live together in peace. Be with the son who is to be released in a state where he know no one. Send people his way to guide him. Send assistance to Arnesia as she is raising a special needs child. Help her not to get to worried about all she has going on. Make her life a bit more peaceful.

      Be with a friend who lost 3 grandparents. Give her peace & comfort to her weary soul. AMEN

      Blessings 🙂

  5. My prayer is for my mother to find a job. She has some health issues and needs to find a remote position and is having a lot of difficulty.

    • Tania, we pray for your mom to find that perfect job that God already has for her. Lord, please give them both Your peace and heal her mom’s body to be able to do what You have called her to do. In the mighty name of Jesus we pray, amen.

  6. Please, pray for my friend Elza, who was diagnosed with câncer.
    Please, pray also for emotional healing in my family.

    • Lord, please be with Elza, heal her body and bring Your peace to her and her family.
      Give Michele’s family the emotional healing that they need and guide them all to a closer walk with You.

    • Oh Lord, we pray that You would provide a way where there seems to be no way, and lead Nicky’s son to where You want him to live. We also pray for his complete healing, physical, emotional, and spiritual. Please send Your peace to Nicky as she waits for this.

  7. Praying for your friend Elza.
    Praying for emotional healing in your family Michele.
    May the love of the eternal Abba enfold you in His arms.
    The hands that flung stars into space are underneath you He will not let you fall dear one.

  8. Pray for my daughter may good open her heart and forgive ,also for our friend who is recovering from surgery

  9. Karen, prayers for your daughter and friend. God is able!
    I would like prayer this morning for wisdom for my husband and I, as we begin a rebuilding project we never intended on doing. Also, for my elderly parents, both physically and mentally.

  10. In Courage,

    Need prayers for Mother In Law Marvella. She is 88 & has many health issues including severe chronic back pain. Her PCP wants her to move into an Assisted Living. She just lies around most days due to pain.

    Prayers for Loaves & Fishes Food Bank. God has recently blessed us with two big grants & extra money from yard sale & cook out. They need a new building all their own with more room. We serve 200+ meals 4 days a week & give out food boxes also. Prayers for the director to get rest this weekend after our cook out yesterday.

    I’m personally praying for everyone here.
    Father there are many requests here. You alone know all the needs. Send financial blessings, your healing touch, peace & comfort. Turn hearts back to you. Shower us all with your love & mercy. AMEN

    Blessings 🙂

  11. Thankful for this website and group of women who daily remind me of His goodness! Requesting prayers for a much needed financial miracle. I am praying for everyone who posts a comment – let’s all pray for one another. God Bless!

    • Robyn, I’m praying with you that God meets you in your need, that His blessings will overflow. Amen.

  12. I’m praying for reconciliation and for God to redeem time. I lost so much last year and God has been good to sustain me, even taking me to places I never imagined. I am so thankful, for everything. At times, I lose hope, BUT GOD is faithful, and I trust his timing.

    • Angela, I am praying for reconciliation for your situation and that the time which has passed will be recreated through God’s divine hand providing the opportunities to create new memories in the very near and bright future.

  13. Please pray for my two adult sons’ hardened hearts to be healed and that understanding will come.Thank you.

    • Dear Kathleen
      I will pray for your sons, that the Lord may soften their hearts along with bringing them wisdom, understanding and compassion

    • Lord, open the hearts of Kathleen’s sons that they may come to know the peace and salvation only you can give. May Kathleen find comfort in knowing you, as the Good Shepherd, are continually searching for your lost ones. Amen.
      I’m asking for prayers my husband and myself, that we are given patience, wisdom, and strength to be good caregivers for my Mom-in-love as she descends further into dementia.

  14. Please pray for my 23 year old grandson who has suffered from ADHD, social isolation, anxiety, depression, addiction and suicidal ideas through out his entire life. Please pray for his mental health, healthy coping skills and to seek help for his mental instability.

    • Good morning Carol, as a former special education teacher I know that counseling and the teaching of social skills can help your grandson live a healthy and productive life. Join an advocacy group and find the best counseling services in your area and we will pray together that he will take advantage of these services because they really work. God Bless your family, Wanda

  15. Please help me pray for my niece Erica, who recently received Jesus as her Savior. She is struggling with her group of friends living in sin and mistreating her about salvation.

    • I am praying for strength, encouragement and courage for your niece. I pray she will find a group of friends that can help her grow her faith.

  16. I need prayers for wisdom, confidence, persistence and guidance in my business.

    Also for my 10 year old daughter who we are in the process of being evaluated for high functioning autism and possible ocd.

  17. Prayers for my 21 year old son….trying so hard to adult but not getting full understanding of making those choices.

    • Father God, we thank you for Kimmie being a strong, faith-lead momma that trusts You! We thank you that you have a plan and purpose for her son and your plan will not falter! Thank you that you go before Kimmie’s son and guide him on the path you prepared and you give him wisdom beyond any understanding. We praise and honor you, Lord, amen!!

  18. I am praying for two people close to me right now- One has throat cancer and the other ovarian. I am believing for God to step in and heal their body miraculously. I’m trusting God to put people in their path so His love and mercy outweigh all of the pain and suffering they endure.

  19. Thank You Jesus for hearing all of our prayers and being Immanuel, God with us. Amen

    Please pray that my heart be content in all situations. Please also pray that the Lord God give me peace, contentment and hope during my upcoming move. In Jesus’ Name, amen

  20. Please pray for my husband Joe in securing a full time job. He lost a very good job during covid and we have been struggling financially ever since. Joe is the most faithful man I know. Thank you.

    • Dear Father, I pray that Joe will find a wonderful steady job. Please fill them with Your peace and joy while they wait. Show them in small and big ways how You are the great Provider and care deeply about all their needs. In Jesus’s name, Amen.

  21. Prayers and much love to all as you reach out to our loving Shepherd and Heavenly Father. As we maneuver through this world and try to make sense of what is going on, He is the only answer, So many are crying out and wandering through a wilderness of pain and suffering and need to reach out to Jesus. I too have severe pain in my legs and back and the doctors just say, well you’re older! I just depend on our Lord and know He alone helps me through whatever comes each day. I pray for each of you, knowing that you are loved and held by our Father and loved.

    • Lord Jesus I ask you to comfort Linda in her constant pain; to give her hope and assurance that You are with her each step of this difficult daily struggle. Help her to know that You’re standing beside her and YOU know her crys for help. I pray Your will be done in her life. I pray for relief from her pain.

      I ask for prayers that I would be able to release the anger that is causing me to become bitter. That I would accept this impossible situation I’m living in knowing the Lord has allowed it for His purpose.

  22. I would like to ask prayer for wisdom and peace, I feel like I am in a pit of depression and I am struggling to get out of it.

  23. Dear ladies, I am praying for all of you and all your needs personally, also for family and friends. Our Lord is faithful always to be our very present Help! God’s richest blessings to you all! ❣️

  24. Lord you know all the prayer needs that on the prayers for incourage that people has ask for. We ask you Lord to answer them in your perfect timing and it your way. Help all theses people not to give up wonder where you are Lord and wonder why their prayer are not being answered as quickly as they liked or in the way they like. Help them all to know you heard them and you are close to them. You are the God that heals. Help them not to say why God are you not answering my prayers to have faith and trust that you will. It might not be in the way they want but in your way as you know what best and the best way to answer them. Let them know you are close to them and have heard all there prayer requests. I ask you also to be with our young people to day that don’t know you Lord. You will through your Holy Spirit convict them to see the worlds pleasures don’t last. The real pleasures are living for you. That you will keep them safe away from danger like drink and drugs. That it will not take over their lives that they drink to much. Or get addicted to drugs. Plus keep our young safe on the roads any that drive. As over here down south in Ireland this Summer to many young people have died in car accident. Leaving their Families sad. Help our young keep safe on our roads that drive take more care. No matter where they live in our world. Keep them safe at College or Uni leaving home for the first time and going into another year keep them Safe. Help them not be afraid to ask for help if need it when away from home make friends that will be there for them. I ask this in your precious name Lord Amen.

  25. for healing for my husband who has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer; for my mother in a nursing home in Georgia to find peace in her mind, she can no longer see or hear, or communicate coherently; for strength for my dad as he continues to care for himself and visit her (he is 98 and she 96); and for faith to trust in my heavenly Farther through Jesus Christ to hear my prayers for my loved ones and to wait on Him and remember He is my strength and His is the perfect plan always.

    • Lord, Kate and her family are dealing with many struggles. Be with her and her family and bring them Your peace and keep her faith strong.

  26. Lord, you have promised to be with us always and where two or more are gathered in Your name, You will be there also. We stand in Your promise and know this media for gathering in spirit assures
    us of Your presence. We lift these needs to You, Lord and trust that you will supply all of our needs. I ask for relief of these migraines and neck pain, Thank You Lord.

    • Lord, we lift up to you Joni’s pain and ask for healing. You knew pain and how it can impact our human and spiritual lives. Please give her peace and remove this yoke. Amen

  27. I ask prayers for increased faith, peace, and healing for my elderly mom and that my daughter will come back to a stronger faith in God.

    • Lord I lift up in prayer Jane, her mother and daughter. Please increase her faith and peace, heal her mother and bring her daughter closer to you Lord. Amen

  28. Please prayer for me and daughter. I’m going through a rough divorce and heal my daughter’s relationship with her Dad.

    • Tara, I’m praying right now for your daughter’s relationship with her father during this difficult time for both of you. Lord, please restore this relationship the way You want it to be. Help heal the wounds that have been caused by this separation and change in her life. Thank you for what You’re going to do with this. In Your Name I pray, Amen.

  29. Please pray for my family as we are adjusting to a new situation. My son, at 18, fathered a son that was basically hidden from him for 34 years. This son has found my son, his father, and wants to me him and his siblings. Only God knows how this will turn out, but I’m asking for prayer that everything goes according to His plan. I believe He is the one who directed Matt to his biological father and says he feels whole for the first time in his life. What a blessing. Thank you.

  30. Pray for continued healing in our family. May God recapture Nicks heart& come back to the Lord & our family.

    • Cindi, I pray today that our precious Heavenly Father will give you wisdom and lead you to skilled eye doctor who can treat your vision problems. I pray that our Great Physician will heal your vision. Blessings to you and your family.

  31. I am having my 6th back surgery on Friday, 9/8. It’s the largest surgery yet and the first to include fusion and hardware. It’s been almost 14 years since my last surgery and now I am 70. Prayers for my nerves and the surgeon’s wisdom and accuracy so appreciated

  32. I need prayer for my mental health. I’m at my weakest. I need help. I need professional guidance

    • Father I pray for Linda that you would draw close to her. You – Father God promise to lead us and guide us in our lives. I ask that you would divinely direct Linda in her journey to mental health. Thank you that you see her and you hear her cry for Your help. You will never leave her nor disappoint her. I speak peace to her – the peace that passes all understanding. IN JESUS NAME – AMEN

  33. Thankyou, needed this reminder! Praying for some true joy to reveal itself today as a sign of God’s presence and hope

  34. Praying for all these ladies for what they are going through including friends and family.
    Pray that my two dental implants heal soon so I can get crowns put on top of them. Hopefully I don’t have to pay alot to get the crowns. I already have to pay off my care credit card for my appointment at implants and oral surgery clinic. I’m not working anymore. I’m glad that retired 2021 so I get money from social security which helps.
    I like reading (in)courage. Not a time we can’t pray except for sleeping.

  35. Pray for my mom’s back and a blocked nerve in her head that is bringing a lot of discomfort.

  36. Please pray for my daughter’s health issues that they can’t seem to find a cause for. She’s in a lot of pain with numbness in her fingers and hands and has been to several drs with lots of tests run but no cause or remedy has been found. Please pray also for her and my other daughter to turn back to the Lord the way they were raised to follow Him.
    Thank you so much!

  37. Please pray for my 45 year old niece, Emily, who is undergoing chemotherapy for stage 4 ovarian cancer. I am asking Jesus to calm her heart, ease the side effects of the treatment and to give her hope for healthier days ahead.

    • Ellen,

      I have stage 4 breast cancer. Praying now for Emily. Dear Jesus, please calm Emily’s heart, please help her to feel your presence and give her a good support system. Please heal her mind, body and soul. I pray that she would indeed have healthier days ahead.

      I highly recommend Believe Big, a Christian cancer support group, for more encouragement and support, if she needs it.

  38. I am happy to read this, just to see how all the women coming together and praying for one another, God is saying when two or more are calling out to him, than will we see signs and wonders happening, so healing is coming to these ladies. Please pray for my Grand daughter who has been born over a week ago and still in hospital, she needs healing in the name of Jesus, also, pray for my two sons that they will learn to get along with each other, their hardened hearts and my mother, who is bed ridden after suffered a stroke.

    • Everlasting Father, I’m praying for your wisdom and your strength to help handle differences between two brothers as a family who are devided. Help them to respect each others opinions and be considerate of everyone’s feelings. We understand that we are different in many ways and we all need to compromise to maintain peace and unity. Help them to be flexible and to love each other as you loved us first. Let your love be our motivation. Amen.

      • Please pray for my brother who has been a drug addict for 30 years of his life. He’s on fentanyl and overdosed last week and was left for dead. By Gods grace, EMS was called and they worked on him and saved his life. He agreed to go to a detox hospital where he is staying currently. I’m praying he will be successful through his detox and they will allow him to move into a 6 month inpatient aftercare to help insure he can gain the necessary tools he will need to stay clean and will begin to lead a full life free of drugs.
        I know God has a great plan for his life

        • Hi Kathy,
          I am praying for healing for your brother and for peace, comfort and joy for both of you. I know the heartache of addiction and the crushing effect can have on a family. My daughter is an alcoholic who is in recovery but nowhere near out of the woods. My oldest son has smoked marijuana for years and is desperately trying to quit. His lungs are shot, his blood pressure is near stroke level, and he has other heart issues. (In fact both of them also have “heart issues” which of course is my bigger prayer for them both.
          Lord, your word says where two or more gather and ask anything in your name it will be done. I come together now with Kathy and others, asking for healing for her brother. Thank you that you love him and that you do have a plan for him. Thank you for laying your loving, healing hand upon him and making him well, so that he can be the man you created him to be and that he can carry out the work you have for him.
          In Your Son’s holy and precious name. A-men

    • Praying with you today, Carmen.

      Dear God,

      I just lift up Carmen’s family today. I pray that you would touch each of Carmen’s family in a special way. I pray that there would be healing in addictions and physical struggles. I pray that you would guide them and provide people around each of them to offer support and encouragement. Please give Carmen your peace today. I pray that your angels would guard and protect her and her family and keep them safe from all evil. I thank you for her caring heart and her love for her family.

      In Jesus Name,

  39. Please pray for me and my family. I have been in treatment for metastatic breast cancer for the past 2 years. Treatment has been working but side effects leave my legs with muscle cramps and painful joints. I go to an integrative oncologist on Sept 15 to help with this. I pray that they would indeed help. I have scans on Sept 29 and Oct 2. Please pray that the med is still working and the cancer is decreasing.

    Also, we are taking a short vacation to St. Louis, this is just a few hours from our house, from Sept 9 to the 12th for my family of 3–adult son who is high functioning autistic, my husband and I. Please pray for safety and that we can relax. Also, that God will provide for our financial needs as this is a splurge but we really need time to relax together. At home, we just keep working.

    Thank you for your prayers and this page with its encouraging writers.

  40. Please pray for my dearest friend, Theresa, to have her relationship restored with her daughter Kalah! God bless you!