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Jennifer Dukes Lee is the author of several books, including Growing Slow. She and her husband live on the family farm, raising crops, pigs, and two humans. She’s a fan of dark chocolate, emojis, eighties music, bright lipstick, and Netflix binges. She wants to live life in such a way...

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  1. Amen & Amen! I was vacillating praying between the deadline for the mountain on my desk & a friend’s heart surgery in a few hours. I was pulled to label his surgery as more important than my deadline but then I read your post. My deadline & his surgery are not any more or less important to Him or beyond His care. Thank You Lord for loving us each perfectly. Forgive us for our inaccurate assessment of You! Thank you for your perfectly timed post, Jennifer! Blessings (((0)))

  2. This really resonated with me! I also do the ‘grading’ thing and think God is not interested in my aches and pains because they are probably not serious anyway. I pray for others when I am asked to and it doesn’t matter what they ask prayer for, but when it comes to myself it’s much harder to ask anyone to pray for me, or even go to God myself.
    So thank you for the reminder that God cares for all the ‘things’ happening in my life, no matter their size or grading!

  3. Always appreciate your honesty and wisdom, Jennifer! I struggle with self-sufficiency too. Think I can fall back on my stubbornness and ability to learn quickly. Best gift God gave me was something clearly can never do without Him because I need to grapple with it daily.

  4. Yes God is big enough to care about the little thing’s. I took 3 seizures on Friday past. I am person I don’t like to bother people with my health problems. I believe people have enough problems of their own. Especially my husband who is saved and worries about me. I get no warning with mine. I go on. I say to myself I am able to do my 83 year old Dad’s Home Help Monday to Friday for him do the things he can’t do for himself. I do it for the Love of the Lord and the Love of my Dad. My Dad is not saved I pray for his Salvation. He knows I am saved and I pray for him. But you can’t tell him he needs to get saved or he tell you to stop preaching to him. I hear people say Dawn your way to caring for your own good. You do way to much for your Dad and others. I always been like that caring. I say as long as I can and am able to do it for my Dad. I think one day he will not be alive for me to help him. I think why didn’t I do more for him on to the Love of the Lord and the Love of my Dad. But I know sometimes I have to slow down and say no more. Just do what I do for my Dad. But I believe our God is big enough to give me the strength to do my Dad’s. Do no more just do all I do for my Dad and no more. Think of myself at the same time and my health also. As if I don’t it’s going to affect my health and I will end up being no good to my Dad. As tiredness will set in. Then seizures and that no good for me and my Dad as I then can’t do his Home Help. Which I enjoy and my Dad enjoy me doing his Home Help for him. God is good. God gives me strength to do it. Thank you Jennifer for what you shared by what you wrote it spoke to me. The little things really do speak to you. God cares about the little things in your life too. For example me over doing it and then being no good to my Dad my health suffering. Because then I take seizures and am no good to help my Dad. I have to slow down Love Dawn xx

    • Oh Dawn, You’ve been through it, haven’t you? I am terribly sorry to hear about those seizures, and coming at a time when you are trying to help your Dad. That’s a LOT. Pausing to pray for you right now.

  5. This is just what I needed today, Jennifer! In the last few days, I have “lost” a couple of items. One, a precious gold bracelet given to me years ago by my husband and a key on key chain I can see so vividly in my mind. After hours of searching and no sleep over the lost bracelet, I finally prayed about finding it. Why would God care about my bracelet? He did instill in me the thought that I would eventually find it, so I kept searching. It had fallen off of my wrist at work. There it was behind a counter. For the key, I still know I will find it. For now, I will keep praying and will rejoice when I stumble upon it in the pocket of a jacket or at the bottom of a purse. Thanks for the reminders that God can do anything and hears all of our prayers because he cares about every little detail of our lives even lost bracelets and keys.

  6. Hallelujah

    Thank You Lord for caring about all aspects of my life no matter what is going on everywhere else. Even at home and around Your World.

    I love how God Has His Plan For My Life. I don’t know the details but I am learning to trust Him more and more and trying to leave the consequences up to Him.

    I still make mistakes and I still worry sometimes even though I know it is wrong to worry. I repent and accept my forgiveness and start again.

    When I was a child. I thought I had control over my own actions. Then I realized I would still make mistakes and wrong decisions. I needed God to Help Me.

    As I grew up, I thought I was going to get to a point in life where I would not do wrong things or tell lies. But I still did some wrong things and I even told lies (mostly small). A lie is a lie.

    I kept waiting to arrive and so far I am 65 years wise and I still need God To Help Me. The truth is that we will never arrive. We will need our Lord and Savior always. When we put on immortality, then we will have arrived and we’ll be Heaven bound !

    Glory to the name of Jesus.


  7. Guilty on all counts! Right now I’m just feeling out of sorts and a little heart broken about something. While my prayer list is very long with people struggling with much greater traumas, I will remember that God cares for my heart too. Thank you for this reminder.

  8. I love this, Jennifer! I have friends going through insanely difficult times. So I don’t want to burden them with my little problems. I just carry them around with me. Alone. But God has room in His big heart for my tiny problems! I will give them to Him. Or at least share them with Him.

  9. Thank you Jennifer. This is a good one!!! I always think my “stuff” is a grade D. ( I love that analogy by the way) Luckily, God has given me the courage to share what I’m going through. When I finally spoke up, my sisters in Christ reminded me that God has plenty of resources for all of us going through the hard stuff, the small stuff, the family stuff and the health stuff.
    Prayer is so powerful!!!!
    Thank you Jesus \0/ Prayers for everyone. Friend, family, foe. \0/

  10. Thank you! This brought me to tears… I never thought about Paul’s request that way. God cares about all our concerns. How good He is!

  11. Thank You Jennifer. I too try to minimize what I’m going through looking at those who have it worse. I needed to hear your message today because I spent the morning with my mom helping her wade through probate paperwork issues upon my dad’s passing. I have no legal background so it’s a learning curve for me. Ugh…but the sun is shining and its so beautifully warm for a February day in the midwest. Thank you for helping to brighten my day with your words of Biblical encouragement.

  12. I didn’t start praying until I found myself crying uncontrollably in church. And everyone was praying FOR me. Anxiety is one of those low grade problems until it’s not.

  13. Jennifer,

    Thank you for your vulnerability. I readily pray for others no matter the situation. Usually don’t ask for prayers for myself. I have a sweet retired pastor’s wife who knows me well. She prays for me weekly. Why is it that we can’t get it through our heads that God cares for every aspect of our lives. Even the grade D stuff. My grade D item is trigger fingers. Just had 4 injections. Praying they work this time or it will be surgery.

    Blessings 🙂