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  1. Praying for the lost souls we encountered at our church food pantry yesterday. Those we prayed with and for. For the lost loved ones in our families.. children and grandchildren to know the saving grace of our God. For our sisters and brothers globally being persecuted and for their mission to share the gospel with all the world, He is with them and for all of us ❤️bless!

    • Dear Father, I pray for deep healing, please come set her completely free from this pain and discomfort and give her a new song to sing of joy and hope in You. May it be a beautiful testimony. In Jesus Name, Amen.

    • Lord healing prayer for Sharon’s back pain.., radiant warmth and strength of your power in her

    • Sharon,

      Father you are Jehovah Rapha the God who heals. Please send your healing touch to Sharon. Take away the back discomfort. Help her to live pain free. Give her peace & comfort in the mean time. AMEN

      Blessings 🙂

    • Lord I pray for Sharon today and ask that you provide her with the wisdom to navigate the challenges of that relationship. Help her to honor you in her decisions. Help her to lean on the fruits of the Holy Spirit and know that you are with her always. Provide grace when she is tired, confused, and lonely, so that she can represent you and practice self-care. Amen

  2. Pray for me as I start my private therapy practice. I need a start up capital and wisdom to navigate my plans. Maryland US.

    • Dear Father, please provide all Anne-Marie needs, come bless this new endeavor greatly and give her great joy in the process. In Jesus Name, Amen.

    • Anne-Marie,

      Father you have given Anne-Marie the courage to start her own private therapy practice. Now please bless her with the funds wisdom to navigate your will in this situation. AMEN

      Blessings 🙂

  3. Please pray for my grandson and others who are joining the military.
    Lord please bless Sharon and ease her back pain so she can get the relief she seeks. In Jesus holy name amen.

  4. Please pray for Matt and Tiffanie a pastor couple working with child evangelism fellowship . Tiffanie was unexpectedly diagnosed with stage 4 aggressive and very advanced lung cancer this week. They have three children between ages 12 and 8. They are a lovely godly family who want people praying from coast to coast and around the world for them!

    • Dear Father, please be with Matt and Tiffany and their children in this difficult time. May this trial be a beautiful testimony of Your goodness and grace and healing. I pray for healing for Tiffanie in Your good timing. Protect them from fear and hopelessness, give them a deep trust and joy in You. Protect their ministry, may it bear much fruit. In Jesus Name, Amen.

    • Praying for Tiffanie and her family. Please bless her with healing, Father God. Please let her children to not be afraid. Please comfort her spouse and her children in this journey. In Jesus’ Holy and Blessed Name, Amen.

    • Father God I lift up Tiffanie and Matt father please heal her and from all cancer from her body. Please father give her children comfort right now please wrap your loving arms around them and please give this beautiful a healing ! In Jesus Name Amen

    • Father God, please hear our prayers for Matt and Tiffanie. They are serving You by working with the children through c.e.f. and the enemy is attacking Tiffanie’s health. Please heal her, Lord. Astound the doctors that they won’t be able to find signs of cancer, because You, Lord, have healed her. We thank You and Praise You for being Our Creator!! We give You thanks in advance for Tiffanie’s healing…allow her to continue to raise her own children and minister to those children you bring into their cef groups

  5. I am dealing with a season of loneliness and difficult friendships, I would like to ask for prayer for that.

    • Our Father, comfort Barbara in her time of loneliness and place friends in her life who will uplift her and encourage her.

    • Father, would you wrapped your arms around Barbara and let her know, as only she would know that You love her? Ease her loneliness and help her as she navigates difficult friendships. Give her wisdom and discernment as to what to do in these situations. Thank you, Father.

  6. Prayers for my family (husband and kids) and myself as I am a caregiver for my adult son with special needs, and recently to my older sister who’s had some strokes. I am overwhelmed with taking on full responsibility for her. I am struggling with depression right now and praying the Lord would lead me to a therapist that’s a believer of Christ. I needs wisdom and guidance as to how I need to go about helping her ( income and housing).

    • Father would you strengthen Arnesia and give her wisdom and discernment as she cares for her family members, two of which are very demanding in meeting their immediate needs daily? Would you find support – both physically, emotionally and spiritually as she strives to provide care for her family? And grant her the grace to ask for help – especially in finding a Christian councillor who would meet her needs emotionally and financially. And finally let her know that she’s not alone and wrap your loving arms around her and grant her Your peace.

    • My heart goes out to you. I know being a full time care giver for your sister and trying to do all and everything for your son and your own family is overwhelming. I pray God will make a way, lift your depression, and help you through all that you are dealing with. Take it all to the Lord in prayer…I am so very sorry you are going through all this. God, please be with her and give her strength and courage to get through this journey. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

    • Father God please send a faith based therapist to Arnesia and complete comfort for her and family and her kids please give her peace In Jesus Name Amen

  7. Awaiting the results of three breast needle core biopsies and liver bloodwork results (no I don’t drink). For my bestie who is recovering from cataract surgery in both eyes – the results are good, but not optimal yet. Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

    • Heavenly father, we lift up Cathy and her test results. You already know them and ask for your favor, good healthcare and peace for Cathy. We also lift up her friend and healing for her eyes. Thank you for their friendship and may they encourage each other during this season. Amen.

  8. Please pray for Kevin and his family as he fell off a high ladder this week and has spinal injuries. He is in a lot of pain. God please heal Kevin and provide for his family, let them all experience your peace and comfort during this uncertain time.

    It feels like there is an attack on many families I know – several deaths of loved ones and illness and injury this week. May we cover each other in prayer and love.

    Allentown, Pennsylvania, US

    • Andrea, I’m lifting Kevin in prayer, asking God for healing and relief from the pain. We know God is the Ultimate physician. I pray for peace and comfort for Kevin, his family, and those grieving loss, or battling illness. I pray they feel the presence of our loving God all around them.


    • Heavenly Father we trust you to heal Kevin from his pain and injuries. Please help his family get through this. Please comfort Andrea and all these families she know who are being attacked. Please help them to remember that greater is Him that is in you than him that is not n the world, 1 John 4:4

      Sharon A
      Huntsville, Alabama

  9. Pray for heart healing. I’m walking through Holley Gerth’s “Heal After You’re Hurt” and it’s opening my eyes to some things that I had not considered before. It’s bringing a lot of new emotions to the surface, like anger.

  10. Prayers for those who hold such anger in their hearts and take it out on others with their mean spirited words and actions …. May God show them the way to kindness, love, and patience! May the speak words that are gentle to hear and bring joy and happiness!

  11. Pray for my brother Brandon for his protection, while he’s in jail for his mind, and his heart and his faith, and for his lawyers, to get all the truth, they need evidence for his trial in May for the truth to come delight for him to trust more in God for him to be able to see his kids before they move And for his kids never forget about him . I’m Andrea and I’m from Las Vegas NV

  12. Thank you, Lord, for this community and for the reminder to pray. I lift up my prayers for physical healing for my mom and spiritual healing for my daughter. Thank you.

  13. Praying from Phoenix, Arizona this morning. Father God, help me to trust you completely no matter what. Holy Spirit, help me to make connections in my small church group and make deeper connections in Pure Heart church. Thank you for being my Abba Father and I your beloved child. Amen.

  14. Praying from Philadelphia, PA! God bless you all. I am so grateful for InCourage and all of you! Thank You God for another day of life. Please help me and all of Your children do Your will. May we love and honor You with our thoughts and actions. Thank You for Your Holy Spirit in us. In Jesus’ Name, amen

    • I will be praying alongside you this week, to always do God’s will first, versus seeking our own wants/desires. He is in charge, not us. I pray that we continue to deeply know and abide by this.

  15. I am grappling with a stressful situation at work. I know it shall pass but I sit here struggling to let go and lot God lead me forward. I am asking for prayer for a peaceful, God-centered mindset going into the work week. Rather than worrying and stressing, I need to lean in hard on my faith in Him, who will guide me, always. Thank you for the prayer.

    • Jess, I will join the many prayers going up on your behalf. May the Holy Spirit give you the strength you need, clarity of mind and wisdom. God goes with you (Deuteronomy 30:6). He also goes before you (Deuteronomy 30:8) and will be your rear guard (Isaiah 52:12 the very lasat part of the verse). From Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

  16. Lord has given me Psalm 103 v 3 for all those of you that need a healing in your body. I stand of God’s promises for my healing. If I don’t get it this side of earth. From God or God don’t use a doctor to heal me or meditation that I am on. I know I get it when I get to Glory. When my time up on earth one day. I trust God no matter what. I not seriously ill but do stuffer now again without worrying I could take a seizure out of no where. I thank God for everyday I am alive and every day he wakes me up to enjoy another day in his beautiful world. I don’t get seizures every day. Days I am ok. I know there are people worse of than me. I thank God most days I am ok. With my Seizures when I take them yes not nice. I can go weeks and days not take any. But then take one with out any warring. I trust God every day. I glad to pray for you all the other side of the world. Love to all my sister’s in Christ. Dawn Ferguson-Little Enniskillen Co.Fermanagh N.Ireland xx ❤️

  17. Jess God has given me Joshua 1 verse 9. For you To remember. To do as it says that the Lord your God is is with you wherever you go. To be strong and of good courage not be afraid. In the middle of your stress. God will do as that verse says. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little. Xx

  18. In Courage,

    Please pray for Kathy. She is a volunteer at local food bank & is in hospital. She has had 3 surgeries to alleviate the pain & on a lot of meds.

    Praise report!! My step mother-in-law (who turned 89 today) came to church finally after a long absence. She has had multiple health issues including bad back, shoulder, trouble walking. She made it thanks to her son. We made her feel welcome!!

    Prayers for Loaves Fishes Food Bank. That we can be the hands & feet of Christ for those we serve. Also that we can get all the food supplies we need to provide food boxes & meals 4 nights a week.

    Blessings 🙂

  19. When I was in Grammar School, we said students who talked to themselves were not all there in their minds. Now I admit that I see benefits in rehearsing what I plan to say to another person out loud. Why does it take a lifetime to learn valuable lessons about maturity.

    Prayer is talking with our Creator about any and all my concerns. I really enjoy knowing that God and I have a pleasant relationship. I Pray for my immediate family almost daily. I’m not trying to remind God not to forget but it makes me feel very secure (with Faith) and comfortable. I like saying out loud, “thank You Lord” for Blessing my Mother and Restoring Her Strength. Thank You Lord for Your Favor on my Children’s lives. Help my Husband with our Business and send us reliable customers.

    Global Prayer is a necessity and Local Prayer is a necessity. That’s why we are commanded to Pray always without ceasing, keep an attitude of Prayer.

    I am sending up petitions for the Mothers on In(Courage) where I am commenting now and those in the Administration of In(Courage).

    I live in Clinton, MS and I was Teacher Assistant and Secretary for Special Education before Rheumatoid Arthritis became a challenge for my life.

    With Gratitude,

    Brenda M. Russell
    A Sister in Christ

  20. I want to pray for the person ahead of me with their needs.
    I also ask for some prayers for some upcoming appointments and training I have for driving. I have a disability and I’m learning how to best get over my fear of driving and ask for peace and support as I start this new journey of driving.

  21. Please pray that we can get our roof and house fixed after a tree fell on it last night. Pray that we do not run into any issues with insurance. PLease pray we get our house note back on track after difficulties. Thank you.

  22. Good morning I’m texting you from South Africa in Gauteng province in a suburb called winterveldt, please pray for my son to have courage to go to school so that he can have a better future his name is keabetswe Ashley Masina he’s 20 years of age, pray also for the two girls one in in grade 3 and the other grade 9 thank you.

  23. Please pray for Andre who is in prison and was stabbed.

    Pray for God to sanctify him in this and that God use him in prison. He’s and protect him.

    Please pray for our family and other families.

    Thank you.


  24. Struggling to stay faithful to the assignment God has given me due to the opinions of others and the lack of participation .
    This was something I felt led by the Spirit to receive the baton from the former leader. Lots of the people who joined with the former leader does not embrace my leadership as valid. Pray strength for me to finish this assignment with excellence.