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Alicia Hamilton and her husband Jack live in New Hampshire where she spends her days discipling college students and serving the youth at her church. She loves good literature, spiritual friendships, and chai lattes. Alicia writes about spiritual formation and discipleship and is the author of Eternity in Our Hearts.

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  1. You never know who you’re writing to out there. Today, you were writing to me…and many others as well.
    Thank you!


  2. I’living a seazon like that you described in your post. Please, pray for me. That God, in His infinite love and mercy , may heal my soul and my emotional life. That He, whit His unmensaruble wisdom, may provide resources for all my needs.

    • Michele,

      Abba Father please send your healing touch to Michele. You alone know what she is facing. Bring peace & calm to her emotional life. Direct people to come assist her in any way she needs. In Jesus Name AMEN

      Blessings 🙂

  3. Alicia-You write beautifully and your story touched my heart. During one of the coldest spurts in the history of Kansas City, I buried my father. God is writing my story and SPRING is coming. I feel it and am hopeful.

    Thank you for your uplifting, poetic words that brought beauty to my heart this morning.

    Lisa Wilt

  4. I absolutely loved these truths you shared this morning. Thank you, for it was also for me who needed to hear them. We are in a health crisis with my husband and have been since the pandemic hit in 2020. I am still homebound and not able to venture out anywhere. I’m not able to go to church, grocery store, visit family, or interact with others. I’m not complaining, because I have become accustomed to watching church online, doing a Bible study on zoom, ordering groceries online, and working in my flower gardens when weather permits. I’m very thankful for technology that allows me to keep in touch with others.

    But I have to admit, I grow weary of isolation and loneliness. I long to hug my grandkids and my own children. I daydream of worshipping with my church family. But I also know God sees every tear I cry and shares my day to day struggles. Thank you for reminding me the love that our Heavenly Father has for me and that He is always with me, even when no one else is!

  5. My daughter has been battling an unknown illness for 4 months now that is attacking her muscles. She has 2 young boys and our family has been turned upside down. Although I know that God is with us it is getting harder and harder not to lose hope. Watching your daughter deteriorate for the past four months is depressing and scary so I can’t even imagine what it’s like for these two young boys to watch this unfold. Doctors don’t have any answers and so treatments are not an option. Please pray for us as a family

  6. How awesome that God works righteousness into our struggles and is able to show us impurities we could not see without the waiting and suffering. His ways are higher! Our adversary hates when we turn to God instead of cursing God (Job). You put it into words beautifully!

  7. BEAUTIFULLY PUT! I feel you have touch many lives right in the hard season of their lives with this post. I know you have touched mine to the very core and so thankful God hears my silent cries and that He will work all things for good! Thank you!❤️

  8. ……in the sea of snow but still seeing the sparkle?…. Yep
    Thank you Alicia for sharing. Visually, spot on. God talks to me through nature and you did just that. Thank you \0/

    “Join me in giving the shovel to God. You can rest in His strong arms; you can trust Him with your life.”

  9. Thanks so much for sharing!!! Truly inspirational and helps me look at my life from a different perspective

  10. What a beautiful analogy…as I look at today’s snow…and prepare to go shovel. Thank you for sharing!

  11. Thank you Alicia for these encouraging words. I needed them more than I can say! I suffer seasons of depression and anxiety. I am weary of it all. We had to leave our church where we had served faithfully for 25 years because it became condemning and discouraging. We would enter with hope but leave with our heads down and very condemned and fearful. We fled to escape and try to live again. We have not found another church home yet. We have tried but to no avail. It is so hard to trust again, but we trust the Lord in all things and know He that He is worthy of our trust and has a purpose in all these things. My husband and I are 77. So we push through each day and look forward to His coming. He is faithful always! And we know that He hears and sees us and will never leave us nor forsake us. I have debilitating conditions in my back and unable to stand for very long, but He is our healer and strong deliverer. And we love him and believe that He works all things for our good. God’s richest blessings to you all!!!

    • May I encourage you “Dawn” …. God will make a way! Even if you have left feeling condemned in the church you had been in for so long. My husband and I too with me being VERY sick seemed like we were left high and dry. After a year almost we did end up leaving and God is Good as we entered after searching and praying “where do you want us Lord” ? We were led to a small church filled with so much LOVE that we have been able to love again ourselves and trust God to continue to lead us. And we are rebuilding some relationships with our previous church members which is of course healing as well. We are now 79 and 71 so don’t give up as God is a God of hope and will place you in a church that is where you are to be. Gentle Hugs and love from Canada. Kathryn & Jack

  12. Words like that speak in so many ways. To our spiritual soul and the weather of God’s world. One minute the weather of God’s world can be just perfect the way we want it nice sunny and dry for us to get where we want. Then the next it can be snowing windy or wet. Like our spiritual souls. We can be in brilliant form reading God word saying our prayers and walking well with God. We are on as the saying goes cloud nine. Until something like the weather stops all that. We take like a stormy boat ride with our souls. We being to wonder where God is. Why he not helping us get through what we are going through. Like the weather in our world where we live. We long for the dry sunny not to over hot days just nice dry days to come back. So as we can get out and about to enjoy the weather and enjoy God’s beautiful world again where we live. Like our spiritual souls we get down and say why this weather again. We then say why God am I faced with this problem in our life and our spiritual souls. This where we need to trust God go him in prayer and stand on the promises in his word. Ask him to guide us show us what to do get our spiritual souls nice dry and sunny again and back on track. Do as the Lord say to help us through what we are going through in this storm. Love today’s reading. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little Enniskillen Co.Fermanagh N.Ireland

  13. Bless you! I see you! I too have been suffering for some time now and know for certain that with our doubt that God is good and walks with me daily! I have debilitating arthritis, it runs in my family. Three of my older sisters had it and many of my older relatives did as well! I watched them when I was younger and never gave it a thought. Now at 74, I know how they felt. I am thankful that they were Godly women and that our Lord walked with them, Amen! If we give it all to Him, allow Him to lead the way, count the numerous blessings that we receive everyday and share His grace with others, the pain fades and the glory shines! Thank you so much for your loving message today!

  14. I am too in a season of anxiety and depression. I am thankful God is in my life. Some days are very tough. I am grieving past and present traumas and the passing of loved ones. Thank you, Dawn, for your encouraging and uplifting words. It’s so important that we lift each other up and pray. I pray for all those struggling right now. Our Father does see us and want us to cry out to Him. I pray for God’s healing, peace, hope and love to surround us during this time.

  15. Thank you for allowing God to use you in posting this article.. I am there as we speak, So again, Thank you for the encouragement that God used you to help me with. God Bless you and yours. In Jesus name Amen

  16. Amen! Thank you for sharing the Truth from God’s Word and sharing how He is working in your life! I have seen in my own seasons of challenges and difficulties that God sees around the corners of my life and uses those times to sharpen and refine me and draw me closer to Him.

  17. Thank you, Alicia for sharing this today. You write so eloquently and touched the hearts of many . Our god is an awesome God!

  18. This was so beautiful Alicia and so able to be identified with by myself and many I am positive.
    Going into 2024 I am thankful….. 8 years ago I had shingles on the brain, 4 months later a major concussion from falling on ice. 2 years later suffered a heart attack BUT here I am today because of God’s marvelous healing and his training me and teaching me to Trust Him More. I feel so spoiled to have relearned so very much and function at what “I” think is a normal level most times. He led me on paths that I would not have taken and meeting people I otherwise would not have. Continue to in-courage students as you are, it is so needed and the love you give despite what is happening will be Him worth it. Sending love. Kathryn

  19. I receive this message as a Reminder that God is For His Children. We do not all have the same journey. The end result is Eternity. We do not know what God will allow except His Love is Sufficient for His Children. We can never be separated from His Love for us. The enemy cannot snatch us out of God’s Hands.

    We are in the “middle” of our lives and we have to walk by Faith. We have to deny ourselves daily and take up our cross daily and follow Jesus.

    I thought, as a child, there would come a time in my life when I would not have anymore troubles. But no one told me that, I just believed it. We can deceive ourselves into believing lies and that’s just what the enemy wants. He wants us to doubt the love and Salvation of God through Christ Jesus. The enemy influences others to agitate us or confuse our thinking pattern or to become desperate for answers from the “world” instead of our Creator from the Bible. Get a version you can understand and enjoy learning about the manual that can prepare us for sone of the ups and downs of this Christian Journey.

    Marriage is the most precious example of love at work. It’s the most desired way the enemy wants to cause fear, stress, financial lack, and anxiety. The next area of conflict and confusion comes with our offspring because we are not from the same generations. We are not going to truly understand our children but God does understand our children. It will take Faith, Prayers, Fasts, Bible Study, and Patience to even start the process of parenting your children.

    Thank You Jesus for Redeeming my life.

    Thank You Holy Spirit for Teaching me Truth and Guiding me daily. I need Your Help. Thank You for the Comfort You Bring to my Heart.

    Thank You God for Grafting me into the wild olive tree. Now I am not undone or without hope.

    I’m so Blessed.

    With Gratitude,

    God’s Beloved Daughter

  20. Alicia,

    Loved the analogy of a snow storm overstaying its welcome. It’s hard at times but we have to hand the shovel (our cares, trials, etc.) over to God. He cares for us & His yoke is light. Let Him carry all those burdens. Praying for all who are going through any type of crisis, trial. God never said we wouldn’t have trials down here, but take heart He has overcome this world.

    Blessings 🙂

  21. Alicia, Thank you for sharing your heart. Life indeed can feel like and eternity of shoveling dirty snow.
    I lost my husband in the winter of 2023. It’s been a season of hard. Yet I know God is good.
    I know God will show me my purpose as a widow, whatever that looks like. Would appreciate your prayers.

  22. Thank you for sharing, it reminded me of a song I connected with when I was first saved and I was able to look it up and find. A great reminder that God is always our shield and our portion. I pray that God continues to fill you with His Holy Spirit as he brings you out of your winter into many beautiful, warmer days!

  23. I’m keeping this email. Chronic back trouble has changed my life and I’ve often wondered “How do I live now with meaning.”

    Though you do not know me, I feel heard and understood. Thank you.