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  1. Please can you pray for my health. For us to sell our house in order to renovate and for my husband, kids to know Jesus as their saviour. I would love to deepen my faith and put old habits to death. May I be so strong in Christ that I am an example as best as I can be.

    • Lord Jesus, be especially near to Jas today. Hold her in Your arms, give her strong support and encouragement, and fill her with Your Spirit and Your peace.

    • Jas, it sounds like you are carrying a lot. I’m so sorry for all you are going through. I pray for God’s touch on your life, for healing and for His wisdom and guidance in all of your decisions. I am asking for a buyer for your home and favor for the best outcome. But, most of all, for His will. I pray for your family’s salvation and for new hope and faith in your life.
      Keep trusting God, and hold onto Him and His promises.

  2. I am asking for your prayers for my husband who is experiencing kidney failure. And for myself as his caregiver as we face big life changes. We trust in you Jesus.

    Sherrie Carroll, Virginia

    • Abba, Father,
      I pray that You will draw Sherrie and her husband nearer to You daily through this trial. Provide for their needs and shower them with blessings abundant as they travel this road.
      In Jesus name, Amen.

    • Hi Sherrie I’m new around here. I saw your prayer request and wanted you to know that I truly understand what you are walking through. My husband just celebrated 5 years the 5th of February being double transplanted (kidney,pancreas). I remember home dialysis and all the emotions that went with it. God is faithful and I’m speaking from experience, he will carry you through and give you courage and strength. I praised God and declared over him Everytime I put him on the machine and God did it. Be encouraged, he sees, hears and loves you guys so much. I’m lifting both of you in my prayers.

  3. Please pray for God’s guidance for my grandaughter who is in nursing school, my daughter and me. To know and do God’s will. Shalom for my family. Thank you.

    • Nancy, I’m praying that your granddaughter has a blessed and safe time in nursing school. May Jesus help in her times of need and have nice students and teachers . Praying for you and your daughter as you go through this time in life and will feel His presence in your life. In Jesus name, Amen

  4. Hi please pray for my health and future. Just had a shoulder replacement and it has made me realize how I have not honored my body and am now suffering for it. I would like to get healthier and see what God can use me for in his Kingdom here on earth.

    • Hi, Beverly. I am praying for you today and asking God for healing in your body and for His tender mercies. He loves us so much, and even when we feel convicted about the circumstances, He offers grace and love.

  5. Please pray for my family today and for God’s healing for my son. We need a miracle and God’s divine intervention.
    Thank you so much.

    • I am praying for your family, Rhonda, and especially for God’s healing hand on your son. He is the God of miracles and His will be done. I pray that His peace will surround you and your family, and that you will rest in His loving arms.

      • Thank you so much, Susan. I appreciate your prayers and am praying for you today! I’m asking God to hold you close and work in your life, and in the lives of your family and friends.

  6. Please pray for my sons’ hearts to be healed and to experience a spirit of forgiveness and renewed sense of love. Thank you.

    • Loving God, I ask that you hear Kathleen’s heart concerning her precious son O God. Bring about healing through forgiveness. Help him to love you O God. In Jesus name, Amen.

  7. I’m requesting prayer for my mother in law Liz as she continues the dying process – currently on hospice- ready to meet Jesus. I request prayer for my own health issues. Thank you.

    • Sandy, I’ll lift you and Liz in prayer. Knowing that she is ready to meet Jesus must be comforting in some ways, but losing a family member is never easy. I pray for comfort and peace for you both, that God would be merciful and you would feel his nearness. I also pray that He works in your health issues and meets your needs whether it be for answers or healing or endurance.

  8. I need prayer as I start my therapy practice business. Pray for Godly vision, clients, start-up capital and that lives would be transformed through this market place ministry.

  9. Lord Jesus I pray for Sandra today that she will receive your peace, and strength to support her family during this difficult time of transition for her mother in law. Let there be joy in celebrating her legacy. Help them to treasure the rest of their time with her. Provide grace and your healing to Sandra’s body as she trusts you in every difficult and challenging situation. You are her healer, you promised healing and wholeness so we thank you for doing it for her and family. AMEN

  10. My husband was laid off work last year September
    Had some severance; praying for John for a job that would suit him
    – praying for all my family
    To come back to The Lord
    -my Dads in hospital mobility issues
    – right knee healing
    Thank you

    • Holy Father, I pray for Carol and her husband John. I thank you for being their Provider and Protector. You know every worry, concern, detail of their lives. I pray that today they would know You more intimately and Your nearness would be tangible. Encourage and strength their hearts and bring healing in all aspects, Holy & most gracious Lord. We thank you for what you’ve done and what you’re going to do. Amaze them I pray in Jesus holy name. Amen

  11. I’m struggle with debilitating fatigue, muscle pain/weakness and general autoimmunity stuff. It’s defeating and deflating and I need prayer for miraculous healing, thank you!

  12. I am so grateful for this online community. Please pray for my son who has big dreams he is attempting to make a reality. I’m praying for a financial miracle to be able to assist him. God bless you all and thank you for this prayerful community.

  13. Lord Jesus, I pray that you be with Rebecca in her time of struggle and help her feel your healing and peace. Lord please bring strength and health and comfort in her times of struggle. I pray in Jesus holy name. Amen,

    • Dear Lord, we lift up Robyn and her son. We pray that you guide their heart, their thoughts and their actions as her son works his way toward his dreams. I pray that you show up in big ways along this journey, show them that you are in the thick of it with them. Allow her son to trust in you, that even when set backs may happen, to trust that you know his future and that you will lead him where he needs to be. Please provide in ways that are needed to support his journey. We’ve heard of ways that you supply and provide in the most impossible situations and we pray that you would do so now. You know their heart and their needs (spiritually, physically and financially) – please support them and provide for them by your will and mercy. Amen.

  14. Please pray for my mom and family. She was diagnosed with stage iv colon cancer last October, a particularly nasty type that has limited her treatment options (braff e600k). There are still many options ahead (fda approved chemos and trials) and we are grateful for that but the setbacks have taken a toll and the uphill battle has gotten all the more difficult. Please pray for her heart and wisdom, she has big decisions coming up, ones that we want to honor. Please pray for our family that we can seek wisdom ourselves and that God will lead us through this, guiding our steps. She has great support, we’ve been connected to amazing resources, her treatment team has been amazing – we have felt God’s hand in this in so many ways. We just need guidance on the balance of quality vs quantity of life, wisdom to not force our hand for solutions but to be open to what God has in store. Thank you!

    • Abba Father,
      We lift up Cathy, her Mum and family as they journey with You, Lord Jesus In Your Grace and merciful healing as they as a family goes through decision on best treatment for Cathy’s Mum. May Your wisdom lead them under the sound advise of the medical experts to the best therapies able to provide best options for Cathy’s Mum. Most of all Lord, may You keep this family under the shadow of your wings, and that they can be assured by the love of Jesus in their lives. Amen.

  15. Pray for Ron and protect him and may God guide him on this difficult journey ahead of him. Please pray for positive outcomes.

  16. Please pray for my daughter who is a young mother dealing with an undiagnosed disease that is eating away at her muscles. My other daughter who is a single mother working two jobs and trying to deal with my grandson who has ADHD, anxiety, low self esteem and is verbally abusive to her. I am overcome with sadness watching my daughters lives deteriorate in such a manner

  17. Our daughter in law is stuck in Vancouver on her way back from Japan. Please pray her flight home today doesn’t get cancelled again due to snow.

    Also my sister in law is on her second round of ovarian cancer. Please pray for complete healing. We need a miracle!


  18. I was recently diagnosed w obstructional sleep apnea, which connected the dots for many past and ongoing health issues. Dr. said I should’ve died in my sleep within last 5 years. Also clearly said someone is watching over me. I took that opportunity to tell him about my faith in Christ. Even though the CPAP shows I’m having far less apneas an hour (down from 84 to 5-8) I personally don’t feel better. Actually breathing w small mask is like trying to breath through a screen and far less air. There will still be adjustments to make. I need prayer for going through the sensations of congestion and suffocating while trying to breathe. It’s not very restful at this time and I work a full-time job. Thank you for your prayers. He’s kept me alive foe His plans and purposes.

    • Dear Heavenly Father,
      Your rest is addressed in your word to us … “Come unto me all you who are heavy laden and I will give you rest” … oh Jesus how we need your rest. I lift up Karen’s need for rest and healing to you dear. Jesus. I ask that you intervene in her moment by moment experience of sleep to end all disturbances in her breathing, to open the air passages, to strengthen and heal this pressing problem. You ask us to gather in your name and promise to be in our midst and answer our requests when two or more are present. May your divine healing power and presence hover over her and within her to bring complete healing of these issues with sleep. We trust you to provide open airways and the very capacity to sustain with life giving air to breathe even in sleep. You created rest for our good and we thank you for this original design to give us needed restoration each evening throughout the night. I ask that you end all suffering and difficulty with sleep and that Karen will experience a miracle that she can share of your profound and perfect help to give peaceful rest and restored health as only you can intricately orchestrate even in sleep, Thank you Jesus for your ever present help in times of trouble. We love you so and put our trust in you this day and thank you for the opportunity to share our concerns with you, our dearest friend.

  19. Immense job stress
    Spiritual companionship
    Efficiency/task completion
    Health and well being

    • Praying for you, Kim. Thank You God for hearing our every prayer and thank You for helping and blessing Kim. Thy will be done. In Jesus’ Name, amen ❤️

  20. Please pray for the salvation of my dad, Ralphs soul. May he love You Lord and do Your will. In Jesus’ Name, amen

  21. What beautiful prayers are being prayed this morning, to the ones who requested. I am praying for everyone. May God’s blessings be poured out on everyone and may our faith in His love and answers to our prayers never waver. In Jesus’ Holy and Perfect Name, Amen. Pray for peace in Jerusalem. And pray that our nation will turn back to God.

  22. Be in prayer for the Davis family, at loss of their mother. Also be prayer for my family at the loss of my Aunt. The Sullivan and Tubbs family.

  23. Hello, and thank you for your prayers! God is Good and this little devotion is sooo very timely.
    9 months ago a strange person “abducted”?, brainwashed, intimidated and Moved our daughter who lived on her, who also happened to have Down Syndrome. Life with our daughter was not without its challenges but at 41 we are/were still involved in support and life. Whooooosh, the unthinkable happened (talk about not knowing what is coming) So after it seemed No One including Police could do anything since she was an Adult we finally reconciled that “we will see what comes. ” People /church have been praying and God put people we know seemingly 🙂 inadvertently where our daughter was so then we knew she was still ok. (Believe me there were lots of tears and stress at first) Then because we were so tired and believed God would work in His time, we felt for the first time in years WE had respite. So we lived and moved in Him. Now we just rec’d an email from this person saying our daughter NEEDS US! She is losing her mental abilities…. Thank you for those praying that this will have a good outcome for all involved and that we can be good listeners to what God is asking us to do. We are not young but will try and Go in the Strength we have (He Gives) Also that we can have the energy to care for our daughter, whatever that may mean at the right time. Love, love you all for your prayers. May He continue to work also in your lives!! Kathryn & Jack

  24. I am 69 yrs old, my husband passed away 5 years ago, and now I sold my home and am moving and starting again. Please pray that I lean on God, that He walks with me, along side me during this time of transition. I want to feel His presence in all my decisions.

    • I’m so sorry to hear that you lost your husband. I will pray for God to give you comfort & wisdom as you make these difficult decisions. We pray for you in Jesus name. Your sister in Christ,

  25. Pray for my friend James Etta. She is having severe memory problems and extreme paranoia.

  26. Lord, I just pray for the person ahead of me and behind me in these comments. I pray that you be with them and meet their needs.
    Also, for me, I ask for prayers for my health. I have been sick for the past week with some type of cold or sinus issue. I think I may have laryngitis. I’m not sure though. Regardless, a barely have a voice at the moment. So I pray for restoration and healing there.
    Also, I pray that my driving training continues to go well. It has been a long journey for me in working up the courage to drive and hopefully even with my disability I will go stronger and get better at driving.

    • Lord, I pray that you would provide Courtney with a healthy body and voice. Let your Grace cover her. Additionally, I pray you would let your peace engulf her, especially as she is driving and learning, and you will continue to strengthen her. Amen.

  27. Please pray for me & my family. We have been in a very dark, bad place for a very long time and I pray God would bring us through this and we could start to see His Glory in our pain.

  28. I would like prayers for our adult
    daughter to continue to heal from her surgery she had last Thursday that had her uterus including her ovaries due to ♋️ cancer removed
    She had some cancer in her colon but it was dead. Thank you Jesus. Two more chemo infusions. She is feeling better daily but tired. Since I’m retired I need to spend less money and get bills paid off. Life is a bit different now but thankful we’ve got through tough, upset times.
    Husband still works. I’m thankful for (in)courage posts as it inspires me including scripture verses.

  29. Gilda Ramos
    Prayers for a Bradley Jones met a friend 7 months ago now diagnosed
    With blood cancer .lymphoma . Being positive for him. Just turned 70 in September. A man of god attends church. Blood test ever 3 months and later a bone marrow biopsy. In 2003 I lost my sister Christina to leukemia . She lasted 8 months only . I do not want to say why me lord. I just want to minister faith and comfort to Bradley . I read courage daily. The Two I love dearly. Yes I cried sat in my bed tossing billows crying . But I know he needs me to be stronger. Ask me to be in his medical making decisions if he cannot or unable to make a decision and to over seen his cremation . I agreed. Thank you for all prayers and bible verses. I study them. I find comfort too.

  30. I would appreciate prayer for my husband’s cousin David. He is wheelchair bound and is ready to give up. He has heart trouble and can’t walk but he’s not that old. He says he’s ready to go and he is just waiting. We try to encourage him but we feel he’s given up. We are praying for him. Please pray for him we, ask God’s will be done.

  31. I would love some prayers, support and encouragement.

    After much spiritual thought, I’m making a mid-life career change, but it’s very scary. I’m stepping into the unknown with new subjects, so much school ahead.

    I just have to remain faithful and trust God that this is what and where he wants me to be.

  32. I am worried about upcoming dental work. The extent of what I require, the cost, the pain, time away from work, what will I eat? The negative and nervous thoughts can be overwhelming.

  33. please pray for me I am having a follow up appointment with my doctor for the results of a breast biospy. I know that God will be with me thru it all. Just remember me

    • Lord, You are the Creator of this universe, I come together with LeFan to believe you the ultimate Healer for a Godly outcome of no evidence of anything negative with her results In Jesus name amen ❤️

  34. I asked that you come together with me in asking & believing God to allow my approval for my disability claim to come thru, to altogether bless my finances to not have to depend on other to assist me with financial obligations In Jesus name Amen

  35. Praying for a favorable outcome for grandson, Chris in a serious situation. May the Lord guide his steps and may he be at peace as God goes before him to make his path straight.

  36. In Courage,

    Abba Father you are our rock, helper in times of trials & our healer. Please send the needed assistance to the women here. Give them a discerning heart & mind to know your will in all situations. Guide & direct their steps as they journey along the path you have them on. AMEN