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Heather is a joy-filled, Bible-believing journaler bent on the restoration of hearts. She and her husband Chris are raising five adventurous children (along with wildflowers and sheep) in the Ozark foothills. Heather leads journaling workshops and volunteers at her local prayer room. She writes about journaling, motherhood and homeschooling.

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  1. Such wonderful, wise words Heather. And something I needed to read. No matter how many times I try to tell myself that I have been forgiven, that guilt creeps up.

  2. Love the ‘imagining’ part of your post. Funny, because just before I hopped over here to read my daily (in)courage email I wrote in my journal. My journal entry today was about leaving my cares at the feet of Jesus. Literally, seeing Jesus and me kneeling down at His feet and leaving my cares with Him as I said the words, “Heart of Jesus, help me.” A prayer line from the Prayer of the Sacred Heart. It can truly make a difference to draw a picture and imagine it in our minds.

  3. That visual of Jesus throwing the dirty water out without discussing it— that’s powerful. Thank you!

  4. I love this! “Jesus is longing with longing to be very near you.”

    You brought this passage to life. I too can remember the most random things from my past that I wish I wouldn’t have said, wishing I could redo them.

    Thank YOU! Have a blessed Saturday!

  5. Heather, your Holy Spirit inspired words have spoken to me in the depth of my being. THIS is exactly why Jesus came, died and rose again. To set us free! Free from the fate of hell when we die and free to an overcoming life here on earth. It is ALL Him—oh how I will lean in, seek HIM and walk in victory as He reveals to my spirit just as He has to yours. Thank you♥️

  6. Heather, thank you so much for such a good word and for being so vulnerable. This was a really powerful message, one so many of us need to hear and listen to. Praise God for his forgiving and his dumping!

  7. Love this! Especially love the insight around His “longing with longing”. That’s so beautiful! And the idea about dumping out the dirty water definitely resonates. Thanks for using your gift of writing to share these truths and encouragements!

  8. Thanks for this encouraging word, never thought of Jesus sitting at the table not judging me. I am ashamed of so many mistakes I made in the past. Mostly ashamed of the abuse I have endured for years by my narcissistic husband. Please keep me and my kids in your prayer. Even pray that my husband get delivered by the Holy Ghost.

    • Lord, bless Simoya and her family today. Show her the depths of your love and tell her anew of how very much you treasure her and want to cradle her in both her past and present. Amen.

    • Simoiya,

      Father God help Simoiya know that she did nothing wrong to deserve the abuse she received from her husband. Guide her steps & give her a discerning heart to know your will for her. Help her to know deep in her soul how much you love & care for her. AMEN

      Blessings 🙂

  9. God spoke to me in your message, guilt has had a hold on me for so long but this message was so timely. Thank you for reminding us that Jesus has washed away our sins.


  10. Heather,

    It has taken me many years to realize that Jesus wants a relationship with me. Then I went through trials with my aging parents’ dementia. God graciously & patiently got me through those tumultuous years. Now I find it easy to have a conversation with Him. I feel no condemnation just love from Him.

    Great post.

    Blessings 🙂