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Laura Kelly Fanucci is an author, speaker, and founder of Mothering Spirit, an online space on parenting and spirituality. She has written 7 books on faith, motherhood, & grief. Laura lives with her husband & 5 sons in MN, where she earned her master of divinity-and hates winter.

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  1. Welcome Laura! But did you have to crush my toes right out of the gate?! I literally was laying in bed praying for few interruptions today when your post arrived. The mountain on my desk is intimidating & needs steady focus. You’ve challenged me to be willing to be interrupted & to see the needs Christ can meet thru me in those interruptions rather than the building irritation of my mountain not becoming a molehill. Thank you for the challenge & encouragement! Blessings (((0)))

    • Right there with you, Ruth! I have been interrupted ALL DAY LONG today & I think God might be chuckling a little at the timing of my own words coming back to me. Praying for both of us – all of us – to let ourselves be interrupted by Christ with grace & know this is always the way he wants to meet us.

  2. Laura, I am thrilled to see you over here writing at In Courage, but dismayed to learn of your current cross. Praying that you encounter Christ’s healing presence during this Easter season.

    • Claire, what a joy to reconnect with you here! Thank you so much for your prayers. I am grateful to be cancer-free right now and praying for full healing through the rest of my treatment this year. Hoping things are well with your & yours, too.

  3. Laura, this story touched my heart so deeply. Yes, Jesus is so faithful to meet us in our fear, AND He’s so kind to often do so with flesh and blood people. May we be conduits of His compassion today!

    What a JOY to have you with us at (in)courage.

  4. Speaking of showing up . . . I’m grateful for the way *you* show up in the world. Welcome to (in)courage, beautiful friend. We love you so much (and have been formed by your words) already <33

  5. This article brings me back to the day my bilateral mastectomy was scheduled (January 3, 2019) and performed by Dr. Richard Yelverton, Jr. At Woman’s Hospital.

    Two of my daughters and a very close friend started my morning off to a good start. My Associate Pastor came to the hospital to pray with me before the surgery and my heart was truly touched.

    Yes. Not many people asked me how I was doing emotionally. I just soldiered through. I didn’t cry at the hospital. I only cried when I told a dear friend about the diagnosis. She had the same problem some years back and she felt sympathy for me.

    Even now, I don’t really think about it a lot. But I believe God just helped me through it all. I’m not angry at the outcome. I didn’t choose cosmetic surgery. I’m alright and I did talk with all three of my daughters about their health and wellness options.

    God is a Good, Good Father.


    • Thank you for sharing your story with us, Brenda. What a gift to have your associate pastor come pray with you! But the emotional side of healing is just as hard as the physical, isn’t it? So grateful you felt God’s faithful presence through it all – and giving thanks for your healing!

  6. Laura,

    Welcome to the In Courage family. Prayers for continued healing.

    I work as an ICU step down clerical. My unit has 10 patients. One day last week I saw that a patient was put on hospice. Some of the family was taking it hard. I gently told them we were there for them. The next day the patient died. His son came up to me crying. We hugged for a minute & I spoke words of affirmation to him. Sometimes that’s all they need.

    I have another patient in a rough situation. His mom has had a stroke & step dad is caring for her. When the son was in isolation I would take the time to help her gown up & put on gloves. She said sorry. I said don’t worry about it. You cant help what happens. These are my ways of showing Christ’s love to this hurting world.

    Blessings 🙂

    • Beth, thank you so much for this important, holy work you are doing with your patients and families. I am in awe of those who bring Christ’s light to those who are hurting and healing. We need people like you!

  7. One line in this article really struck home with me. That was to see Christ’s face in every person before you that needs help. I think that is what makes it real and important. Very good article.

  8. My kids get off the bus at 2:20. I work a corporate job, from home, until 5pm… it usually goes about as you’d think (ha!). I’m going to try and imprint your words about interruptions into my thinking for those few hours especially! Thanks for sharing. So glad you’re here.

  9. “I try to remember that our most important, loving actions on any given day are often when we let ourselves get interrupted by God.”

    Your words will ring in my ears the next time I face interruption (I hope every time 🙂 ). With this same diagnosis hitting very close to my world, what you’ve shared is especially timely. So thankful *this* is what you decided to share on your first (in)couragement! A beautiful perspective. xo

  10. Thank you for writing this devotional. Your words spoke to me about the importance of taking the time to really see other people, listen to them and give the care and comfort that God gives to us.

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