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Kendra Y. Mims is an award-winning writer and storyteller on a mission to pen words that encourage others. She holds a BA in Journalism and an MFA in Creative Writing. Her writing has appeared in literary journals and medical publications. She loves jazz, coffee + tea (equally), books, and all...

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  1. This is beautiful ! Reminds me to never give up with God by my side …always persevere!

    • Amen, Karen! God is always on our side and will help us. Thanks for reading. 🙂

  2. This is a good reminder for me. I have a tendency to be bothered that I can’t do things as quickly or efficiently as I once did, if at all. I need to accept my age and look at what I can do to honor God, not myself.

    • I can so relate Madeline! For my size, I used to be pretty strong! Now I have a hard time opening screw on lids…but my heart for God has grown stronger than ever! There is still great strengths we can use for God, even though my hands, elbows, and knees won’t let me climb the ladder to clean out my gutters anymore! Go in the “strength of the Lord” dear sister!!

  3. I was literally struggling with this not only today but for a very long time…longer than I want to admit. I was all set to run the Key West Half Marathon in 2017. I even went there, checked in my hotel, grabbed a bite to eat…then I drank too much and slept through the race. I never went back to that level of running or training since. I’m now sober and I toy with the idea of starting over but of course…perfectionism…this is what I needed to see today. Praise to Jesus and thank you God! I’m going for a run after work today.

    • That’s great news, Cate! Perfectionism can prevent us from starting again or tries to make us feel inadequate. I felt the same way, but glad I tried again anyway. I hope you had a great run. 🙂

  4. WOW! What a great devo for the end of a bad week, I needed this! Thank you!!!!!

  5. I love grace. I say it out loud when I need it. When I flub a pickle ball serve… when I spill Diet Dr. Pepper on my computer as I just did minutes ago.

    I couldn’t live without grace.

    And Kym – you go girl – I’ll cheer you on as you run.

    I walk and feel good when I get my steps in.

    • Listen! Grace is everything! And I thank God for it.
      Thank you, Lisa. Keep getting your steps in. 🙂

  6. Yes!! Our self is the last person we usually show grace to. When someone I know is berating themselves, I tell them to offer themselves some grace because you wouldn’t beat up a friend like that. You offer a friend grace and forgiveness and that is what we should offer ourselves as well.

    • Love this advice, Molli! I can be hard on myself too. But it’s important to be kind and extend grace to ourselves. Your words are a great reminder.

  7. I’m reading this a few days after it was originally posted; it’s timing couldn’t be more perfect for me this Monday morning.

  8. Thank you for your inspiring words. Hope springs eternal. It is renewed each morning, really with each breath we take.

  9. Kendra,

    Asking God to assist you in your running goals. I am a harsh critic of myself. Make a mistake, do the wrong thing, etc. all I will hear is “stupid, not good enough”. Like Jesus I need to give myself grace to have a redo. Thankful God loves us no matter what.

    Blessings 🙂