I’m Holley Gerth–God-sized dreamer, cofounder of (in)courage, life coach and a friend who cheers wildly for you and all God has created you to do. I’m so glad I get to be here with you this week on Bloom. I wish we could have coffee so let’s make this the next best thing. XO


We started our journey together on Monday talking about how we all long for more in our lives. Finding it seems like something mysterious. We wait for “more” to come to us. But here’s the reality: most of the time we discover it along the way as we’re saying “yes” to God.

The “more” we long for isn’t something we can produce—instead it’s something we receive. It’s not found inside our comfort zones but instead just beyond them in the wild and glorious adventures God invites us to take with him.

You won’t find “more” on your couch.

You won’t find it in long hours at the office.

You won’t find it in the new car parked in the driveway.

You won’t even find it in your friends and family.

You’ll only find it in the arms of Jesus.

Behind every “more” we dream of, he is what our hearts really want most. And they will never be satisfied with settling for anything less.

Consider the God-sized dreams in your heart as invitations to a fuller life. A life with more joy, passion, and growth. A life that makes you rejoice on the good days and push through the hard days because you know it’s worth it.

You only get one shot at this world. And we only get one you. Make the most of your time here. Dare to dream. Dare to do. Dare to find out just how much God has in store for you.

I’ve loved sharing this journey with you. I wish we could end with a real life conversation. I’d ask you all about what your heart has heard and your God-sized dream. I’d lean in and let you tell me all about it. I’d smile, nod and cheer you on through every word.

Before we left, I would pray for you too.

And until we get to have that face-to-face chat here or in heaven, I’m going to pray for you anyway…starting right now, right here as I type these words.


Thank you for the one who is on this page right now. You know her name, her needs, her dreams. I thank you that she is a woman of faith and courage—a Joshua or Caleb in her generation. I thank you that even though she may feel some fear, she is saying “yes” to what you have placed in her heart to do.

As she goes about her day, I pray that you would continue the work that you’ve started here. Guide her into the next step of her journey with you. Show her more of what you have in store for her. Provide what she needs all along the way.

I’m so glad you’re with her the way I wish I could be today. Give her heart a hug for me. Help her with her dream. Thank you that it’s going to change the world, her life and eternity too.


As we walked out the door of that little café where we had coffee I’d say the four words we use in the South, when we’re feeling happy and want to encourage someone. Yes, here’s a little send-off just for you…

“Go get ‘em, friend!”

–Holley Gerth, You’re Made for a God-sized Dream

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  • http://www.arock4him.blogspot.com Amy Hunt

    ADOPTION! And . . . managing a sports foundation for youth. And . . . publishing the blessed book He’s charged me with writing. And . . . being a part of a magazine. #Crazy #GodSizedDreams

    • http://www.themagicbrushinc.blogspot.com Jennifer Allwood

      Adoption is our dream too Amy!

  • http://withallmyheart-blogspot.com Sandie Luck

    OH! WOW, Holley! Your words of encouragement…”You only get one shot at this world. And we only get one you. Make the most of your time here. Dare to dream. Dare to do. Dare to find out just how much God has in store for you.”, have touched my heart so deeply! THANK YOU for having coffee with me today!! *smile*
    With this encouragement my heart is uplifted and I KNOW that my Savior is with me in all that I do and dream.
    Again, THANK YOU for taking the time to write what was on your heart!
    Joyfully…..~Sandie Luck

  • http://Marinaskitchentable@blogspot.com Marina

    Oh Holley, were you listening in on our conversation yesterday afternoon over at the GO Center?
    We were talking about the lies that the enemy whispers to us, because we don’t have the right degrees and credentials…and how one sister was led to a study on the disciples, and how their credentials were lacking too. No degrees from the temple. Only a few professionals at all, but not in the areas to do what Jesus called them to do. We all lack on our own to accomplish anything…except what God inspires, equips, leads us to do…that whole GOD sized dream thing! :)
    Love your heart! Thanks for continually pointing us to Him!

  • carol l

    Absolutely love this – the first random thought was, do I want to be ‘wrapped up’ in the world, or, in the arms of Jesus? Then, of course, I had to go and start recalling the lyrics to “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms” – my favorite childhood hymn (even though it was “Weaning”, then). Go get ‘em for Him, girlfriend! ;^D

  • Jessica C

    To be a missionary teaching kindergarten in the Philippines. I am raising financial and prayer support to be able to go by July of next yr. (2014). Its a lofty goal but if God’s in it, He’ll make it possible. Thank u for your encouraging words and the prayer u prayed for us, Holley. Wow-it’s so ironic that you would mention Joshua and Caleb in your post today because I taught about Rahab hiding the 2 spies and I began with talking about Joshua! :) It’s funny….but I have run into some naysayers along the way, much like the ten spies who brought back that evil report to the children of Israel and discouraged them from entering and conquering the land God had promised to them. There’s going to be people who tell u that “it can’t be done.” But your encouragement has been so timely Holley. Thank u for doing what God has called you to do! It’s a Blessing to us All!

    • John B


      This seems random, but God might be in it, so I had to reply:

      Are you committed to the Philippines or would you consider Seoul, Korea? I pastor in English at a Korean church here in the States and know of an opening (teaching Kindergarten in English in Seoul) that you probably wouldn’t need to raise financial support for; however, the job starts this summer, not in 2014. God bless.

  • Sheila

    I am so encouraged by you, Holley. Thanking God for the dream He put in your heart to encourage so many. Your words were timely, and Hope jumped around in my heart as I read. Hope-resusitated. Thank you.

  • Sheila

    Oh, God-sized dream is to inspire through words…don’t have the details, yet, but I know who does:)

  • Carmen Hulbert

    Thank you Holly for your encouraging words. Getting ready to be uprooted from family and a great church body but God has a God sized dream for us and I’m stepping out in faith.

  • Sky

    Hi Holley!
    I am just in awe of your heart for Our Father and the obedience to fall into the precious gifts He has entrusted to you. Amazing. I am actually devouring your book at the moment (taking it in small morsels because every sentence is a balm to my heart’s desires and the wounds my fear has caused)…I’m not kidding, if I underline one more thing the book will be just one HUGE underscore!! It’s as if God is talking face to face with me…as He knows all about the inner workings of my dreams and weaknesses.

    I LOVE books and could always make room for one more…but the Lord impressed me to give this one away if I should win. I am surrounded by beautiful women with HIGE dreams and I will just wait to see who He wants me to bless with your book. Thanks for the chance. Blessings sister:)

  • W

    My dream is to encourage other women and help them overcome their “identity crisis” by knowing who they are in Christ in book form or speaking.

  • http://empoweringlives4him.wordpress.com/ Melissa

    Love this – we find our more in the arms of Jesus!
    He has called me to step out of my comfort zone…to open up and share with others…to encourage others. My BIG dream is to start a non-profit for women and girls in my county. I feel like he is calling me to have a women’s conference first. If I stop and think about my dreams it scares me to death. He is teaching me to do a little at a time and to trust completely in Him. What a journey!!

  • http://www.frontporchramblings.com Lesley

    I have spent plenty of time trying to find “more” in every place besides Jesus. It amazes me all the time that He wants me, not for me to be doing a certain job or task. I’m in a transition phase where I don’t know what exactly the big dream is or what it will look like when it comes, but I’m excited for the journey ahead.

  • http://87mustang1@optonline.net tammy cordery

    the book sounds great I can’t wait to read it and get inspired. god is great.

  • viviane

    I m a teacher and i want to teach children in hospital.

  • http://thedizzymom.blogspot.com Mel

    I love that when I come here, I leave with a warm, uplifted heart. This post really spoke to me. This world is so focused on more. I’m tired of wanting more, it’s exhausting and unrewarding. Last December, when I finally opened up my heart to the Lord, I had a feeling of peace wash over me. That IS the “more” that I needed, it’s the “more” I was looking for but didn’t know it.

  • http://www.holleygerth.com Holley Gerth

    Thanks so much for hanging out with me here and sharing your hearts! XO

  • http://saratay.blogspot.co.nz/ Sara

    Thank you for your insights, encouragement and prayer, Holley. I always love your posts!

  • Terry

    Blessed is She that comes in the name of Lord!
    Kindness and encouragement ….Gifts of the Spirit!

  • Kalpana

    Thanks Holley for the wonderful post and also for the prayer that you prayed for me I feel blessed and full of hope to go and get them.

  • Jeannie

    Thank you for the encouragement, I have been walking my God sized dream now for nearly a year. After trying to make things happen I finally had to let go of how I wanted things to go and let God do what he wanted with me and through me. There have been many twists and turns but I can now see so clearly that I had to step out of the way. I had become my own worst enemy. In the process I have met so many wonderful people and have some new friends. Don’t give up on your God Sized Dream, it will happen. I am now working with our local hospital to help moms that have lost babies, miscarriage, stillbirth, SIDS, and infant loss. It has been a truly incredible journey and it has only just begun.

  • Catherine

    I cried at your prayer. I needed it so badly. Thank you for writing down the words the Lord whispers to you and which reached deep in my heart today.

  • Susan Yarbro

    Thanks for the encouragement! You are doing a great job!

  • Beth Williams

    Loved this post! I want to be a “changed attitude person”–more Christ like!

  • http://nancyaruegg.com nancy ruegg

    Thank You, Lord, for Holley, for her tender heart and mature wisdom, for her ability to encourage and build up. Thank You today for the prayer You inspired her to write. Indeed, may we (In)Courage readers be the Joshuas and Calebs of this generation, proclaiming in our circles of influence that, with you, we can accomplish anything that has your stamp of approval. And, oh, the anticipation of changing the world and impacting eternity is almost too glorious to fathom. But I want to try!

  • http://eph2810.com Iris

    I am currently reading your book, Holley. It is wonderfully writing; it is the best book I have read in a very long time. Thank you.

  • http://walkingwellwithgod.blogspot.com Bev Duncan@ Walking Well With God

    For my birthday, my good friend got me the “Encouragement Block” artwork that you designed. It is sitting close by to the place where I do most of my writing. It encourages me to keep longing after Christ, to know that I am loved and to keep pursuing my God-sized dream!!

  • Bianca

    to become a teacher, and I feel so close and a few years ago it seemed so far away and thank God for patience and for this article because it was what I needed to hear today. Thanks!!

  • karyn

    Yeah. Go get ‘em. All of us together as one in Christ JESUS.

  • amber allen

    Thank you Holley for being here on my email this morning…..!!!! just what you talked about today….is what I was praying to God about…..you are one of my guardian angels today….. as we say here on the beautiful island of St.Kitts…..have a ”bless up” day…..

  • http://fitnessfromhere.blogspot.com/ Judith C Evans

    I so needed to read this! My dream is to have an online health and wellness ministry, and I get hung up on whether my idea is practical or profitable. Thank you for this reminder that God equips me for my purpose!

  • Priscilla Joel

    Hi Holley and Dayspring,
    Your book is just awesome !!!!
    Thank you Dayspring for letting me know about this awesome book and amazing author.
    Please keep writing and God Bless !!!! :)

  • Betty Mossburg

    Dear Holley I just recieved your email,I was out walking felling a little sad because this week a year ago my dear husband went home to be with the Lord.it was unexpected. a week befor leaving rehab. he had canser of the blood im blessed with your website in christian love

  • Debbie

    Holly when I read your prayer it was as if the Lord was speaking directly through your words. I have been struggling with a God sized Dream for some time now. I have struggled at work and I have brought my burdens to the Lord asking him to speak to my heart to tell me what to do. I have faith and know he will give me the answer very clearly
    I do have a Caleb in my generation! My son’s name is Caleb!
    Pray with me, so that I will see clearly the dream and plans that God has for my life..

  • Karen

    Dear Holley,
    I have truly enjoyed reading your love and compassion about truly finding out what God has in store for our life and truly searching our hearts and praying to find out. As I sit here each day in my lazy boy chair I hardly ever leave my home. I know in my heart that God has a plan for me. My heart has been troubled with this huge void and I keep trying to fill it with everything other than what God would prefer. I think it its because I finally have realized why I am so lonely and bored and I feel like God is calling me to make a difference in this world. I am married to a wonderful man of God who loves me dearly but he works all the time and I am retired and all I do each day is keep the house clean, try to exercise, and make dinner. We both love God with all our heart, soul, and mind. We don’t have any kids either. My husband would like to retire in 3 to 5 years. The problem is that I need to be doing more with my life other than sitting in this house each day. My heart yearns to know Gods direction and plan for my life and/or my husbands life. I know there has to be more to life than this!! :-)
    Please help me pray for this and please help me pray for discernment from God and know when he is speaking to me. I am sure he brought me here to your site for this reason. :-)

  • katarina smisek

    Hi Holley this time came home from church I have planed to do some call to encurege people in need but somthing hold me back , I came to open my e-mail when reading I was tuch ,in church was pritching about Joshuas & Caebs ! now reading your e-mail and your prayer was just like for me relize need for that lord is in speakin to me .thank you even seen other testemoni hove God working with one prayer many people has ben tuch God bless u like to reading your e-mail.

  • http://www.encourage.me Orlean Jones

    This site is so encouraging . I just found it tonight

  • ANNE


  • Cecilia

    “The “more” we long for isn’t something we can produce—instead it’s something we receive.”
    On the verge of “retirement age” after a 30-plus year employment at work I love & a now empty nest, these words struck me–struggling to receive what the Lord has next in mind. I know it is God-sized & that’s a bit scary–comfort zones are so comfortable. :)

  • Kristen

    Missions in Africa!

  • Sharon Ann

    Hello Holly

    Thank you for the words of encouragement. I needed it so badly..:).

  • http://www.onevoiceworship.com Heather Hitchcock

    Holley, what a blessing you are! Truly an inspiration to my heart! My dream is to publish the book my husband and I have been writing, and to be full time in ministry. Our challenge is trying to reconcile where we are in life (both of us working, one job being our own business) with pursuing full-time vocational ministry. We know we were created to serve in worship and speaking ministry (into which we invest unlimited hours outside of our full-time jobs), but how we get “there” from “here” is the question! We’re claiming Galatians 6:9 and trusting that God has a plan in mind. There’s just so many unknowns, and so many pieces to the puzzle that seem to need to fit. Yet the thought of us investing our days into that which isn’t part of our calling seems like such poor stewardship of our time and talents – oh the things we could accomplish for the Lord with that time! We do only have one shot at this, and we want to leave a legacy, especially through our life story (visit http://www.onevoiceworship.com to learn more). May God be gracious to us, and bless us, and may the nations hear about the Lord Jesus Christ – Psalm 67!

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  • http://www.sharonsharinggod.blogspot.com Sharon

    Oh, thank you for this blessed word of encouragement! I teared up at the prayer as I felt your words wash over me. A big HUG back to you.

    And yes, as we seek to honor and glorify God in all we do…let’s go get ‘em!