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Anjuli grew up as a missionary kid secretly wondering, “Why does everyone else understand what a relationship with Jesus is, but me?” It wasn’t until she ran into her fears instead of from them, that Anjuli found her voice and the love of God meeting her there. She is a...

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  1. I love this. Thank you. As a white girl who grew up in Asia, surrounded by beautiful brown faces who loved me and who I loved, deeply, I too am throwing all my hope on Jesus.

  2. This is so beautiful I have tears streaming down my face. I want to be your mum to my children. What an inspiration and what a beautiful way you stand along side each other. Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. What a beautiful offering you have given to us all, Anjuli. Your Mom lived out, before you and the world around her, Jesus’ Gospel of love. Oh that we all, no matter the colour of our skin, would ask God to give us the grace and courage to offer that kind of love to our own neighbours, right where we are. Lord, please open my eyes to how I can do that here and now.

  4. I read an editorial written by our Salvation Army leader. He wrote about this current topic of different races, and concluded by saying “we all bleed red blood, and we all started from one man and one woman in the garden”. Jesus may have had brown skin because of where he lived. We have turned him into the race that we wanted him to be, but it never was a topic of the Bible. I remember the song that I sung in Sunday School: Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world, red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight, Jesus loves the little children of the world”. We all have the same needs of clean water, clean air, healthy food, and a clean environment. Today is Earth Day, so do something today in that regard too.

  5. Beautiful words at a time when we all need to be reminded of the perfect love of Jesus. We are one in His eyes.

  6. A deep, long, beautiful sigh! Thank you, Mom and thank you for sharing your story. This really touched my soul!

  7. What a beautiful letter to us all. Thank you for reminding us that God created us to be diverse, to see and love all the gorgeous skin tones that He loves.

  8. Anjuli,
    Your mom truly loved the way Jesus did/does — with grace and truth. Jesus was not a social justice warrior; He was a lover of individuals — no matter the color of their skin, where they were from, or what they’d done. He was about building individual relationships with sinners and inspiring their spirits to seek His Truth and obey it. We could all take a page from your Mom’s playbook which is obviously gleaned from scripture. Beautiful!
    Bev xx

  9. Today I am grieving the loss of my dad. He passed away a week ago. We are having his funeral this weekend. My mom passed last year during this time and that was sad enough. Now I feel lost, lost as if my history is being wiped out. Praying for healing.

    • When my mother passed first, I still had my Dad, exactly like you. But when he passed, I felt like an orphan. I remembered I am now the grandmother and the matriarch of my family. Keep that in mind as you grieve, loss is the hardest part of life.

    • I Maylee, I am praying that God our Heavenly Father will cradle you in His arm and love on you like no other can. Praying Father God will provide you with communities of women, friend and families to stand with you during this time of deep grief. You’re not alone, even when you may fell you are. May His words come alive in your heart and gives you comfort. Ps. 23…He is your comforter Ps 91 He is your refuge and your strength…..Grace and Peace Sis

    • Maylee,

      Sweet sister prayers for comfort & peace. Asking God to send His healing touch to your wounded, weary soul. Listen to “On Heaven’s Shore” by David Phelps. Heard it at a funeral & it speaks volumes to me. May you feel His loving arms surround you always.

      Sending ((((((((((Hugs)))))))))) from Watauga, TN

      Blessings 🙂

  10. Maylee sorry for your loss. You will see both your parents again if saved. One day. You might not have them on Earth anymore. But look at it this way yes you will miss them. But you have good memories of days and times spent together. Know in your heart if they are saved they are with Jesus. You will be together again with Jesus. Said a prayer for you. We all when on earth have to do what Jesus would want us to do is love people of all walks of life. No matter what skin colour they have. I love the fact in today’s reading Aujuli you had Mum that taught you to do that. From a the very day she brought you into the world. You are so blessed. When there are kids out there with parents not saved. Who don’t even take them to Church. Sometimes don’t tell them that often they are beautiful or they love them because they have problems of their own. That sad. So you had Mum that lived for Jesus and showed you in her love for you. She didn’t care what skin colour you had or what you look like. She just loved you like Jesus. That is just so beautiful and lovely. You have that to treasure all the days of your life. Like me I am glad to be saved even though the only one in my family saved. I had mum who always told me I was beautiful with loved in her eyes. Things like this mean alot to us kids and as Adult. My Mum sent me and my sister’s to Sunday School. Even though she was not saved. One song that I remember from my Sunday School years. Now big. Is “Jesus Loves All The Children Of The World Red And Yellow Black and White” How true that is Jesus does no matter what are skin colour Love us all. We are to do the same to everyone. From kids to Adult. I thank my Mum for along with my Dad for sending me to Sunday School. Thought not saved. Still not saved. Even though my Mum not here today. I did pray for her Salvation. I pray today for my Dad’s. Through them sending me to Sunday School. I got to learn that song. “Jesus Loves All The Children Of The World” We the saved are to do the same. Even as Adults. I have always done that. As was Registered Childminder. I used to look are a we boy with light brown skin. His parents and I got on so so well. We are friends today. That is way things in life should be. We should love all people and kids no matter what their skin colour. As mine is white. Love today’s reading. Love you all incourage. Keeping you all in Prayer Love Dawn Ferguson-Little xx

  11. Anjuli,

    Thank you for writing this! It is beautifully written and such an important message in our hate-filled world today! Your mother sounds like an amazing woman and a great role model.

  12. Thank you, Anjuli. You are beautiful! You have written a beautiful love letter of hope and pointed all to God’s amazing love which brings healing to our hurting world. May God’s tender love enfold all who need His “Welcome to the Family” embrace!
    I’m so glad to be your mom.
    I love you. Let’s keep loving all who God brings into our lives. Love- Mom

  13. Awww love these words! So well spoken and yes that song was always the best feeling when we all just hugged everyone! A huge part of my Friday nights growing up. Thank you for speaking words for others to see His amazing love. Love you!

  14. So beautifully written and it truly touched my heart. Thank you for sharing part of your heart and faith to enrich/inspire us.Praying we all stay well and safe. God Bless you and all your readers.

  15. Thank you for giving this letter a name.
    Being called white myself, I have
    encountered many racial situations. I was born In Missouri, in the 50’s lived one time in the projects. So many people held a lot of hate & love. I had always decided people were people, not by color but by their hearts.

  16. Thank you so much for sharing your letter and your heartfelt words of love, encouragement and hope. As the mom of an Asian American daughter born in China I was touched beyond words. God bless.

  17. Anjuli,

    Such a poignant letter. I agree wholeheartedly with the words written here. We need to love lavishly like Jesus & your mom did. Don’t judge others based on their skin color, looks, etc. Look deep within & see their hearts. Get to know them on a personal level, if possible. The only way we can heal this cultural divide in our nation & world is by showering God’s love mightily on it. Being an encourager I always thank my co-workers, especially evs(housekeeping) & supply. They have a thankless job & I know what it means for someone to appreciate you. Often times I help our dietary aide hand out food & pick up trays afterward. You will most likely see me out in the hallways cheering patients on when they sit in chair, stand or take a walk. My way of trying to boost their morale & quicken their healing. Plus it makes them smile. Have also helped patients get their belongings down to their vehicles. What ever it takes to make someone’s day I will try to do it & bring some happiness to our hall (hospital).

    Blessings 🙂

  18. Praise God for your mother and others like her who demonstrate how to be welcoming and gracious to all, just as our Heavenly Father opens his arms to us all. Thank you, Anjuli, for sharing your memories with us, for showing us “a love that bends into what feels uncomfortable.” Lord, help us follow her example!

  19. This letter is stunningly-beautiful, my friend. In so many ways, it is the heart-song and letter I could write to my own white mom. Grateful for the ways you speak truth and experiences that resonate.