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Anjuli grew up as a missionary kid secretly wondering, “Why does everyone else understand what a relationship with Jesus is, but me?” It wasn’t until she ran into her fears instead of from them, that Anjuli found her voice and the love of God meeting her there. She is a...

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  1. What a beautiful example your mom was to you & in your telling to all of us! A tangible example of Christ’s grace to us forwarded to others. Thank you for sharing & encouraging us to be backward sharing grace as Christ.

  2. I have been awake since 2 am because of a situation where I live. I can’t even begin to describe what is going on. I read this and it all becomes clear- I need to forgive. Just thinking about it has made it easier to breathe. Thank you for these words.

  3. That is so great. A lesson for all of us. I will say in order to do it cheerfully we need to be fully emotionally healed which we all have something to be healed from. Now I fully trust God and feel trust to try things that seem backwards.

  4. I came from a family that was very self-righteous. They measured their worth by measuring the worth of others and could only feel good when others were found wanting. For years I did the very same thing until Christ and others showed me what grace and finding worth in Him was all about. I still find it hard not to judge but I catch myself and go down a different, more fruitful path knowing He loves me despite my flaws, and I can do the same.

  5. Madeline, I’m praying for God’s grace and peace to surround you. Forgiveness may not change the situation, but it will change your heart and allow hope and healing to come.
    Anjuli, thanks so much for this story— it’s one thing to be able to extend grace, but to seek it out and look for ways to give grace to those that have hurt us is not only a great testimony, but also a great challenge! I pray that we would all embrace this practice.

  6. Your Mom’s example of grace is so beautiful and I long to have that same spirit towards others. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Anjuli,

    Extending grace to others-especially those who’ve hurt or wronged you is hard. Yet that is exactly what Jesus did on the cross & continues to do each day. It takes a God’s supernatural power & a loving relationship with Christ for us to do the same. There are people who rub me the wrong way or that I judge (yes I do it). Lately God has been putting some of them on my mind & I pray for them. Asking God to bless them however He sees fit. We have to realize that His ways are higher & mightier than our ways. By extending grace to others we may just lead someone to Christ.

    Blessings 🙂

  8. Grace shown to one can lead them to pass on that grace. What a beautiful ripple effect that could have in a world so desperate for God’s grace.

  9. Anjali thank you for what you wrote. It has really spoken to my heart. To do with my in Dad who is not saved. 81 next month. I have to have grace for my Dad keep on praying for him. Even when he can I don’t think he realises he has done it. He can my Dad come out with things that hurt. If you say anything to him. He will always my Dad defend himself. By saying you picked me up wrong. He argue his part. It not worth saying anything. Like one Christmas I was at my Sister house. I have a hearing problem. I didn’t have my hearing aids yet. As I was waiting for the appointment to get them after I had my hearing checked. I couldn’t hear what they my family were saying. I get left out. I know my Dad Loves me. I love him. But my Dad said Dawn your very quiet. I said no point joining in I can’t hear right what you are all saying. That is why I am quite. My Dad perks up said don’t be silly your hearing not that bad. You can hear more than you want or let on. At that moment I wanted the world to swallow me up. I was so hurt at his commitment. I thought yo myself. You live in my world. You know what it like not being able to hear probably. It not nice as you feel left out. I left the kitchen were we just had dinner. I felt like crying. I went into the living room were my sister’s to youngest boys were building Lego the got for Christmas. One asked me Dawn are you all right. I said I am just tired. But it hurt. God said to me. Dawn you live for me. You remember your Dad not saved. Keep praying for him and forgive him. Which I did to the Lord. Your Dad will always be like that at times. Live life to please him. Nothing will change until he get saved. I pray for his salvation. So I want you to remember that. I took on board. As God later went on to show me most people not saved. Live to please themselves. As long their world and family ok. Nothing else matters. Se do care. Even if not saved for all people. You keep living for me. Keep on loving your Dad. I do that. God gave me the grave to not let what my Dad said get to me or annoy me. Stop me being there for him. Keep on loving him. Thank you again for what you shared. Keeping you all incourage in my prayers. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little xx

    • Made a we mistake. Please forgive me should have said. Nor stop caring for him. Is what I was meant to say. I do still care for my Dad. He knows I pray for him as I have told him. Love Dawn xx

  10. Wow, this really hit me. I have a mental list of who deserves grace and who doesn’t (even though I don’t like to admit it). If anything, 2022 shows me that we all need grace. Thanks so much for sharing friend! How amazing is your mom ❤️


  11. Hello!

    What a wonderful example your
    Mother is to all of us!!!
    You All at in courage are leading
    The way!!!

  12. Thanks for the reminder I struggle with this often but I do believe the hardest folks to pray for probably need it the most!

  13. This is a lovely story. I want to be the type of person that shows grace to those who wish me ill.

  14. This was so timely today..I had friend hurt me deeply & has before. (She is often angry & won’t can’t? apologize) Earlier I prayed to forgive & felt peace to work via email on a friend’s tribute. It was not in my power but the Lord’s to give grace.

  15. Anjuli, thank you for exposing what is so true of us all. And for sharing this story of you mom who was/is a picture of Jesus! He gave His platform to those who had abandoned Him, denied Him, and disappointed Him. He entrusted them with His life knowing they would let Him down. Amazing grace!

  16. You blessed me as I read this. It took me 65years to forgive the man that molested me when I was only a child. It lasted for 6 long and agonizing years. Now I’m an old lady and I make sure all the children I meet know about the danger of even relatives and friends of the family wanting to take you for a ride. I love your stories they always keep me entertained.

    Sorry for the misspelled word and otjer. I have MS and my fingets
    Don’t do wha t I want them to.

    Love, Jeanne Jeanne7056@gmail.com

  17. First of all, I love when I see you’ve written for this ministry! Second, I love this story! Third, I love your mama! Fourth, I love your grace-filled message! Finally, l love you.

    The Christmas Coordinator ❤️

  18. My sister and I are estranged. I used to cringe when I would see a card or a plaque bearing the word “Sister”. Now, when I see “Sister,” I stop and pray for her. It is softening my heart toward her. Things won’t ever be the same between us, but I can feel better because I am praying for her.