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Anjuli grew up as a missionary kid secretly wondering, “Why does everyone else understand what a relationship with Jesus is, but me?” It wasn’t until she ran into her fears instead of from them, that Anjuli found her voice and the love of God meeting her there. She is a...

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  1. This spoke to me in such a deep level. Thank you so much as it was just what I needed to read this morning. Home is the person of Christ and even when we don’t feel He’s there, he is and always has been. Reflecting this morning on all Hes gotten me through in order to remember that He’ll get me through my current struggles as well.

  2. Anjuli,
    Thanks for your relatable insights, vulnerability, and taking us with you on your route of reflection. I found such connectedness and truth in your words. I agree our true home is in Jesus.


  3. Spoke to my heart! I am a missionary kid who grew up overseas (left the mission field at age 19), and I often get so lonely for my childhood home! Thanks for the reminder that Jesus is my home and He is with me always!

  4. This one hit it. I have often wondered how, in my past, when I was scurrying around “looking for anything or anyone to fill the gap inside of me” I ever made it out alive…”but now I know I wasn’t alone at all. God was with me, but I just wasn’t with Him.” Thank you for putting it in words and thank you for reminding me that we are never alone, even when the lie is whispered over and over that we are.

  5. We all can in times in our life feel so lonely. I been that way Anjuli even when had company around me. I felt like wall flower drooping looking for a drink of water. If you heard the saying. Especially with my Sister’s. Yes they can be kind so to me at times. They invite me to meet them for coffee. But they are not saved. I am the only saved in my family along with my Husband. They start talking among either about their kids or work or this person or that person they know or something else important to them. See I don’t have that many friends. I don’t know why people don’t want to be my friend at one time it did annoy me that people didn’t want to be my friend. Now it doesn’t get to me. They my sister’s say after spending so long taking to either Dawn are you ok. I say yes I fine as it nice to see them but it would be nice for them to talk to me more often. I when they are in their own world talking to themselves. I am sitting there saying to myself why am here if they are not going to spend more time with me and talk to me. I feel so lonely and like a wall flower waiting for a drink or water. I just think why did I come. I should have stayed at home. But then I hear God say Dawn just pray for them quitely to yourself when they are taking among themselves and not paying you much attention. At least you made the effort to be in their company to see your sisters. I hear the Lord also say he is beside me that I am not on my own even if feels like it. Then the Lord says too me I am here for you talk to me. I hear the Lord says also to me know it not nice they talk among themselves and not to you as much as they should. They ask you along for to join them for coffee so as they can spend time with you their sister I am here God say. But they don’t realise they are not spending time with you by talking to you as much as they should. That is why you feel so lonely God says to me. Do what I told you quitely pray for them. When they do include you be happy. Be happy also God says to me your in their company even know they don’t see they should talk to you more. Your not really lonely I am beside you God says I will never leave you. That changes the lonely feeling for me anytime I meet up with my sister’s and they chat away to themselves. Give me a little of my time to pray quitely for them say I pray and let me remind myself I have God besides me for company so I am not lonely anymore. Love today’s reading. Keeping you all in prayer incourage. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little

    • Dawn, I am so moved by your vulnerability. Thank you for inviting us into your story of loneliness. It is hard to be with people who SHOULD know us, but don’t… especially family. Even in your pain the Lord has been good to you. He sits with you as you listen to your sisters chat. He reminds you of His presence. He sees you. What a gift.

      • Thank you for your reply for what I wrote to your message. It has been hard. But God when he spoke to me that I am not alone he with me. Especially when my sister’s in my loneliness. When they seem to do not realise they leave me out. Not meaning to. As God has said I with you. So that has told me I not alone. As I said in my reply that has helped alot. Plus doing what God told me that is praying quitely for my sister’s. Thank you again for your lovely reply Ajuli. Yes my sister’s should know better as you said not leave me talk to me more. As I go to spend time with them. I think it just as said all along they don’t realise they are leaving me out so much. What God told me to do in those times has helped lots when with my sister’s and that he told me he there with me. He will never leave me nor forsake me has helped me alot. So when I met them I don’t feel the loneliness as much times I don’t feel it at all. When they talk among themselves. I am praying quitely for them. Thank you again for everything. I love you all incourage in the Lord if don’t see you any of you this side of earth see you one day in Glory. What chatting we will do then. Thank you so much for theses reading. They have helped me so much in my walk with God. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little Enniskillen Co.Fermanagh N.Ireland xx in my prayers

  6. Anjuli,
    Even though I accepted Christ at a young age, it took me many years of attempting to fill the gaping hole of sadness, loneliness, and emptiness with activities, human relationships, accomplishments, stuff…until I realized I needed to plug into a genuine relationship with God. That Ah-ha moment so often comes in the midst of trials. All the surface stuff disappears and you realize Christ is all you/I need, because right now He’s all you/I have. Thanks for your vulnerability in sharing.

  7. Anjuli, Thank you for sharing this! A reminder of reflection on God’s goodness is most welcomed and refreshing. Saving some of your notes if you don’t mind

  8. My mom used to always tell me I was wishing my life away. I try to stop myself but I’m not always successful. Thank you for the pause.

  9. Anjuli,

    When I start to feel down or depressed I reflect on all the trials/tribulations God has gotten me through. Remembering when & how He put my hubby & I together. Reflection is such a wonderful tool. It helps me to realize that God has been there with me through it all–the good & bad! I can see His fingerprints all over my life.

    Blessings 🙂

  10. “Thank You” for your article and one that I truly related to. As we know there is a big difference between being alone, and loneliness. And for the most part of my life I have to say that I’ve had no problem being alone. As a matter of fact I do enjoy it and am very comfortable with myself. For as long as I can remember I have always Reflected, and sometimes laugh at myself and wonder if I was born reflecting! (I know, crazy). But for the past few months, I’ve been struggling with loneliness which for me is a little odd, and even at times uncomfortable. But I also had the opportunity to go back and visit my own school but it was a little different, for me. I never had more of a sense of belonging as I felt while there and.. never since. But what I can say is that I know that God IS wherever I am, and not a place that I need to go find, or need to go back to. And that wherever I am, so too Is He, and His Peace. I still don’t understand why I’ve been suddenly struggling with these feelings of loneliness and only because that’s never been like me. What I do know is, that there’s no question that I’m Not alone, In it. And just maybe.. God is trying to draw me closer, to Him, in this place of what feels like, solitude and/or desolation. Lastly, there was something that drew me to read ‘your’ article and I’m so glad that I did. I haven’t been having the desire to read much lately and so I almost kind of felt that I was lead to Yours. Anyway, I want to thank you again for your article, I hope one day you’ll be sharing again, and God bless You!!

  11. What advice would you give to someone experiencing loneliness? Pray? Read the Bible?